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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your 1st year and my 1st entry


Assalamualaikum and good day...

This will be my first entry which after a year enjoy reading blogs.
Intially, I don't came across to involve in blogging or to be more specific to have my own blog.
Can I write ? What I'm gonna write ? Will it be bored ?
I do have lots of things to share but knowing myself, I'm not soo internet literacy ( can I say that ) person. And I dont practice writing diary ( I left it quite some time )

But I would like to thank all my dear virtual friends who inspired me to start blogging

and my beloved husband being so encouraging and supportive

and of coz my lil' SHUKRINA IMTIYAZ who always be my sweetheart, show me on how I should manage my day-to-day activities and in future will help me a lot in giving idea on what should I write in this blog. Right sayang..??

Do excuse my language . I'm still learning to improve in both language and writting skill.and always welcome any advise

If not a daily post, perhaps can be a weekly/monthly/ ...... :)

I foresee there will be more and more coming out to share with u out there

Just check it out..

and tomorrow 31 Dec will be Shukrina 's 1st birthday. so ummi like to wish u Happy Birthday Sayang.. and I want u to know, Ummi luvs u sooo much and 31 Dec 2008 will be a history where Imtiyaz's blog is launching ...

Ummu Imtiyaz

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4 sharing:

Mummy HnH@arnie said...

Hai Dayah,

Let me be the 1st person to congratulate u, about the launching of this new sparkling blog! Rajin2 update yer...

And, Happy 1st Birthday, Shukrina Imtiyaz cayang! *hugs*

p/s : Post laa gamba birthday gurl... :)

Dayah said...

wahhh..ingat ke tadak org masuk lagi...sbb takde la officially publish..kekek..ni pun malas dah nak update..bukan apa..tak sempat..sbb tu risau je buleh ke aku memblogging nih ..??

btw..thanks Arnie

IbuKauthar@Salwa said...

sedap nama anak Dayah perfectly matched..
happy belated birthday imtiyaz :)

Dayah said...

syukran Salwa..sempat jugak drop komen kat sini ye..