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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Audit

Whether we aware or not, we do perform audit at home. Is just something informal goes on and repetitively happen. Is no standard to follow no element/ clause to log if any Non –Compliance Issue except following the al-Quran and As-Sunnah.. Everything we settle in as a family.

I am not sure if there is people who carry out a formal and serious home audit. Scary !

To simplify it, I shall categorized in into :

1) Objective/Policy/Mission/Vission

2) People- Authority/ Responsibility

3) Process/ Activity

4) Environment/ Infrastructure.

I may or may not do this. Is just something I think about and if good/practical , I shall initiate for my family 1st.

1) How many of us come out with our FAMILY MISSION ? I am sure, we came across talking husband and wife about what we want for future. How should we navigate our family and where should we heading? Is good to have discussion , better to complete it and set a mission and best to write it down as FAMILY MISSION and STANDARD , keep it nicely and always refer and update for changes. Am I too ambitious, or ridiculous..??

2) A family is an organizational unit. Let me take a basic family , let say consist of a father, a mom, and a child. Each of us knows our responsibility without concerning to jot it somewhere. How should we audit this ?? Some of us need to be reminded for certain thing .. for instant remind husband to pay bills, or just check out whether has he paid or not ? Asking whether has our kids perform solah ? then continue, when ? ( This is real inspector I tell u) . Reminding or checking out must be in a situation where is not to picture us ( auditor) always right and look at other’s people( husband / kids) weaknesses/mistake . Do it with love. Just as check and balance .

3) Process/ activity. This will be lengthy point. But let’s us KISS it ( keep it simple and short ). Have you ever experience when u was a school kids or u have a kid in school, when u get home , there must be some question posted by parent to you. Eg. What did u learn today? How’ school ? Got any homework ? Are u going to tuition after this ? and etc.. and especially for busy parents..keep asking ( to show u also concern even don’t have time to spend) and sometimes children know what are the question again tomorrow and just prepare a ‘ standard’ answer. This is also audit. But audit without closure. My opinion for process audit, ya..as a parent, you should know what your kids are doing , at school/at home . Don’t ask for the sake of asking but asking to create emotion /love / care. And when at 1st place , they admit their mistake…don’t directly scold them . audit trail is you will continue asking without assuming and make your own judgment .

For instant, when you ask your child whether have they done their homework or not? Let say the answer is not yet? I believe some of us will straight away yell and say p la buat.awat malas sgt ni..? ( macam cerita drama TV ). But I also know that some parent will continue to probe . Why u haven’t start ? any prob or any topic that u don’t understand ? and varies your intonation. Do not use the same intonation .Intonation when asking will give a n impression to your kids.. mak aku ni marah atau mmg caring nak Tanya… what I mean is not that u totally cannot scold the kid but look for answer and make a wise judgment. If they are obviously wrong then up to you.

4) A house and the content is an infrastructure. Some of us having their own schedule, when to do laundry, mopping the house,cooking, change bedsheet and etc.

For me, I determine the schedule , I set my days & activity . I don’t do laundry everyday. I have my certain day ( but sometimes not follow the schedule for certain activity eg balik holiday and bring back load of laundry to do)

So, how we audit infrastructure. Is more to maintain the infrastructure and cleanliness Sometimes we do miss to do something and usually ( for me ) I will saya. Baju tak basuh lagi.. or dah 2 hari tak mop lantai ni. This is also an audit. We ask ourselves on the chore that usually or suppose to do.Check on it.

There are many more examples that I believe u will know better. They key words in auiot is PDCA. Plan Do Act Check. Whenever we plan, we do , if something goes wrong, we Act, and we check on the effectiveness of the corrective action

And I would like to remind myself. The most important AUDIT will be in hereafter.. with Munkar and Nakir and u are answerable for all that u have done in front of Allah the Al-Mighty..

Ummu Imtiyaz

Permatang Pauh

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Monday, February 23, 2009

ISO Audit

This 2 weeks is Internal Quality Audit for ISO 9000:2008 ( new standard that just released end 2008 ) activity in my company . And will going for recertification for ~15th year this April by externaI body. I would say most people at my place ‘hate’/’afraid’ this so much. People think that Audit is for Auditor to find wrong (policeman inspect you) but actually when all the works/ procedure is carried out as per plan/per documented procedure , data is record and keep properly ,should be no worries. Even if there is something wrong, it must be supported with justification. At least, when the person in charge left, new comer knows how to operate or continue rather than the resignee bring along with him all the info

When we try to beat system, skip procedure , ignorance, non-compliance and think that nobody will find out.Ha ! This is the time you will get trapped . Provided the Auditor is smart enough to dig..dig..dig until root.

This round I will be involved again as one of internal auditor and still buddy –up with senior auditor ( the most powerful & experience auditor in my com) . This is 3rd time me partner with her. Even sometimes feel cannot get along, but she taught me lots of tips in auditing ( I had never been audited before, just now how to audit people..hahah )

So when audit time everybody will be preparing their own area. Try to housekeep and update document, make sure all procedure compliance , get some data ready, prepare answer for predicted question and so on. Me as an auditor, learn and polish my auditing skill so that they will reveal whatever should be ( especially if something goes wrong ) .

This is about workplace. Sometimes I just wonder, why during audit time everybody keep busy preparing and feel afraid. Why ? There are many reasons that I’m not in favor to note here. And is not my main discussion

How about audit at home … ?? have you ever thinking of perform audit for your own house ? Will it be important as much as our organization concerns to get certification with ISO 9000 la, 14000 la… ??

I shall stop here because time/condition constraint . I have lots of document/procedure to read /digest before perform audit this Wed. Will continue with Home Internal Audit soon

Ummu Imtiyaz
Bayan Lepas

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tag about 1st pregancy

Thanks Nas bcoz this tag help me to remember all those memories.

1. Was
your 1st pregnancy planned?
Yes, I do hope that I will get baby ASAP that time posible in the same year.

2. What was your 2nd choice name for your opposite gender's name
I did prepare both name bcoz case"baby malu, nyorok die nyer... " tapi lupa la. for sure got Muhammad in front

3. What were ur reaction?
Alhamdulillah....becoz I just lost my mom in the same year

4. How old were u
25 years old

Feel uncomfortable..sakit kat abdomen, lenguh2, nak demam..then test UPT, it's +ve
6.Who did u tell 1st ?
Of Course la husband.. He was waiitng outside the toilet while I'm doing the test

7. Did u want to find out the sex?
At 1st yes..abih asyik tak nampak..tak kisah la.Afterall is the 1st one.

8. Due date
Jan, 5 2008

9. Didi u ahve morning sickness
Sikit2. tak teruk. muntah 2-3 x per week

10.What didi u crave
Nasi minyak kenduri, teh ais..

11. Who/what iritated u the most
Smell from one of my neighbour kitchen. I guess is a sambal tumis .she cooked every morning.whenever I passed by to work, mesti smell dia tengah dok tumih..tak buleh tahan
She 's a girl

Tak la..sbb ramai 'tukang tilik tak bertauliah ' kata I'm carryingg a girl. Muka kembang la.. apa la..

From 50kg to 69 kg..wahhh 19kg!!


Baby kat bawah, air ketuban skit. but alhamdulillah ..apfetr few weeks, dah ok.Masa nak
deliver all normal nurses and doc check me but stil kata tak bukak. and when my 'air
became hijau kekuningan..then kelam kabut. specialist, check..dah 4cm tuhh !!

Hospital Seberang Jaya ( where arwah mama last workplace )

Me+ 2 senior midwife..a few arwah mama's student - kes nak belajar mcmna nak sambut baby


The midwifes and practical nurses

NAtural birth

nope execpt the gas ( i do not what's the name )


31 Dec 2007, 3.34pm on Monday

Shukrina Imtiyaz

1 year 1 month and 22 days

yes, definitely

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Rubbish vs Janitor

Each of us contributes, working hand in hand to meet our organization’s goal. Regardless you are CEO, MD, Director to normal employee, Janitor. And do not think that you are in the high position that even a small rubbish you create, other people has to responsible.

There is one janitor working in my company. Our janitor varies from local Malays, Chinese , Indians, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Myanmar. This one Malay guy janitor is well known because his size, his unique name and among all, he is the one ‘special’. In Bahasa we address as “kurang cerdik”. I don’t think he is down syndrome patient, but he looks like one. Actually he is from well-to-do family. His father own a business but insisted him to work with other people to gain experience, be independent and grow mature

But he is a nice guy, hardworking and always say hi to people whenever he passes by. His main job is to clear all rubbish and throw into main bin .

One day while I was sitting waiting for shuttle , I saw him as usual pushing a big cart full of rubbish bags. I intentionally teased him, just to create a conversation.

“ Banyak sampah noo..hari hari pun kena buang banyak sampah”- me

“ tu lah..hari hari sampah”, he replied

From there on, everytime he sees me, he will say

“ Sampah..sampah..tiap2 hari pun banyak”

Until last week, I saw him talking to another janitor. He looked at me and expressed the same sentence. I was about to go and suddenly I changed my mind and turn back to him. He was grumbling about the sampah thing..

“banyak sampah la Kak Long ".( Kak Long referring to me )

“Takpa..lagi banyak sampah ada lagi byk …. Dapat pahala. Allah sayang kat orang yg tolong clear sampah2 ni..besaq pahala tau” -me

I stopped there. He is kind of shocked, why suddenly me talking to him like that. Actually is just came out from my mouth. I never think of/ prepare my words

But this is one of Influence I can work on. Rather than sympathizing to him because clearing the sampah ( sampah is a concern) , nothing much you can do to reduce it. So better to work on Circle of Influence ( I’m in the mood of elaborating the previous topic ). Give him some motivation that can re-direct his perception to his work.

After talking him, I remember when the time arwah mama is still around. She knows that I am not in favor for cooking. I rather clean toilet and will try all sort of detergent in store to satisfy me while she cooking alone. ( sekali panggil takmau mai, 2 kali panggil, mama malas dah nak soh..but not all the time la) .I love cleaning toilet because I remember there is one tazkirah from one ustaz…Allah likes people who clean their toilet because this people love cleanliness, hygiene. And Allah much much more love people who likes stay hygienic .

"Innallaha yuhibbut tawwabin wa yuhibbul mutatohirin"
Sesungguhnya Allah suka kepada org yang bertaubat dan suka kepada org yang menyucikan diri.

Ummu Imtiyaz
Permatang PAuh

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Circle of Concerns, Circle of Influence Part II

After we identified what are those concerns on BF, now let us discuss on what can we do to enlarge our circle of influence size. And again all points below is my personal opinion and experience . People ways are varies . But with the same goal- To Exclusive BF Our Baby

Remember, Circle of Influence is for proactive people who work on their influence rather than wasting time on concerns which we have no real control .

Our first concern previous entry was


1. I’m a career woman, busy, no time to BF and exhausted !

willingness & determination – “Inna a’malu biniiat
this is the 1st thing u need to have. You must have willpower to BF. Your niat and willpower will drive to success

time management- arrange your work and time. So that it will not jeopardous everything and show bad example to other colleagues

3. inform superior - courtesy, to let our boss now and try to explain so that he will get the whole picture ( My boss’s wife has been influence by our pumping team activity, she will join us very soon * my boss is counting days to be a daddy*)

4. motivation – always think that u wanna give the best to your beloved lil’ baby and increase your motivation day by day


1. No support from husband /parent/relatives/peer


1. Start with next of kin = YOUR HUSBAND. Explain to him and educate him on important of BF, giving the best to your child and cost saving . Get some article for him to read and understand and show him how much he can save on FM. If possible to get him involve in any lactation / BF event. This should start when baby is still in the womb so both of you will have more time to prepare . By him understand and appreciate BF, he can be one of your defense when other people bombard you.

2. Slowly educate your parent/in law. Do be too hasty /obstinacy. As I said in previous entry, you can’t change elderly mindset who believe in FM for ages in one night ! Show your determination to BF your baby , example of other people success and always say positive about it. Tell your parent , their grandchildren will stay health compare to consume FM. And don’t forget to doa

3. Don’t be down when friend always be bad mouth or show –ve reaction to you. Be positive and do not argue back. If still want to argue, be ready with fact and debate with manners. ( Don’t get me wrong, I do not provoke for argument, but sometimes we can’t stand right ). Perhaps your friend do not have knowledge . u can pity them instead.

4. Again inner strength is important whether they support you or not.


1. Lack of knowledge


    1. Go and learn!
    2. Get as much information as you could. From input to output of breastmilk. There are lots of info channel, thru internet, books,seminar,courses,club, forum, hospital etc.
    3. You have to build yourself to be a pro learner. Hunger of information . Try to source it anyway possible. Lack of info is the top pareto of failure to BF
    4. Be-friend with person who BF their baby within your surrounding . I am sure they will share the knowledge for everyone benefits
    5. We have Lactation Counselor to help us. Even more and more ‘Unofficial Lactation Counselor ‘ ready to help you FOC. ( I experienced one )


1. Susu tak banyak


1. First of all, as I said repeatedly, u must have high determination regardless in any circumstances ( only for

situation that advised/prescribed by medical experts that unable you to BF )

2. B size doesn’t matter. Do not set in your mind , you don’t have enough milk. I just love to remind myself and

other friends that God create us, endowed with baby and give us B. Allah is fair enough that each of B can satisfies our baby needs. Don’t us think our ancestor’s time where got FM ? Read my experience in previous entry.

3. if you continue to think that you don’t have adequate milk, there is always a way to increase it. By frequent pumping, drink a lot, watch our diet (which can cause deterioration of supply) , take supplement e.g MilkMaid Tea, pil ASI, dried longan, oat ( just to name few ). Just give a try as as our bodies’s condition also varies from one another.

4. Avoid having stress

5. Remember the rule of thumb ! Demand vs supply ! Keep pumping / direct feeding


1. Difficulty to BF in public


1. Malays quote “ Malu biar bertempat”

2. Is actually your mind setting. Other people not even look at u, or if they see u, is just at first glance. Is not exciting anyway looking at mom bFing. But you

should be proud instead of malu .

3. if still the public stare at u, you can’t change them, but what you can do is by wearing an appropriate nursing attire or use nursing cover. It is very

much helpful. My practice, I don’t use nursing cover ( even I have one gift from Ridz, thanks Ridz! ). I’m comfortable with my tudung which properly cover my aurah even when Shukrina is nursing and I always try to get blouse with button in front. Even my normal baju kurung pesak got button to serve this purpose

4. Now no more worries as more and more public place having their nursing room.


1. FM is available in any stores. It will be there until only Allah knows


1. FM itself is an influence . If FM influence you to buy, you have to influence yourself back to be tough and remember your mission/commitment because you know which is the best , BM or FM ?

2. If you are practicing BF, you won’t bother to buy FM or even to look at FM price during sales

3. Think about how much you can save by not buying FM. You can do some survey on your friends or do some simple calculation

4. Think of FM is a burden to you every time you are away from home. Typical parent to bring ‘bakul penuh perkakasan membancuh susu”

5. You have to wake up between night to prepare FM , sometime even argue to get your spouse to do it. I heard my friend experience, she have dropped and broke the flask due to drowsiness .

This will be my thought. Actually, there are more concerns and influence. Am neither a good writer nor knowledgeable person for above topic. Not much reference that I can note here. I just try to say something so that I can improve my analytical thinking skill and language

I started to realize blogging world is not easy especially when I try to write noteworthy, give me a feeling of ‘zuk’ ( Word ZUK is a famous terminology during my old school time) within
short tim

Ummu Imtiyaz
Bayan Lepas

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Circle of Concerns, Circle of Influence Part 1

Since I’m still in the mood of writing about BreastFeeding ( BF), so this entry will discuss on BF , concern and influence.

After few entries about my BF journey, hereby I try to discuss on how BF influence us or do we have any influence on BF. This is only my points of view solely base on my experience. There might have some argument/disagreement and I am open for any discussion.

According to concept introduced by Steven Covey in his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We each have a wide range of concerns and now let me take BF as the whole idea and existed since day 1. As we look at those points that I’m going to discuss what are those concerns and influence in BFing

Circle of Concerns
When the world begin to embrace technology, environment become challenging and demanding, people are more sophisticated and moving in dynamic pace .Higher education is essential to determine future . As a result , more and more women, mothers excel with flying colors and go out with men working.

This is a good phenomenon. We are proud of women who can hold a very high title in an organization at the same time playing role as a mother especially in bfing their baby . But as the day goes, this mom start to concern on her duty as bfeeder. As a career woman, she cant escape from busyness , long working day, tiring and lack of time. End up beloved baby is supplied with FM as an alternative way.

I’m here is not to blame the mother who FMed their baby . Lots of factors contribute to unable to BF. Circle of Concern is something that we have no real control and nothing much that we can do about it/ change it. U can’t change your working hour 8-5.(unless u set up ur one company). U can’t say to your boss, don’t give me too much load bcoz I am exhausting and busy .

Non –supporting family/ relatives/peer/employer is also another significant factor. As new mom, we tend to follow what elderly say or sort of respect. Do u think our elderly can just change their mindset after years believing in FM ? is not as easy as an abc. This is another concern!

“Susu tak banyak”. How do u know ? is the B size matters ? I had experience with one Mak Bidan who massaged me on my 4th day of confinement . Confidently she claimed that I don’t have much milk by looking at my B and performed massage . I felt so depressed and foresee the failure to BF . But now I’ve proved her wrong. ( Is not a big deal for me anyway, she just expressed what she experienced). Again, inadequacy of milk and B size is a concern that u can’t change. U never know your capacity to store/produce milk without looking at ‘inner tank’ and even it is small, can you change the size, can’t u ??

Do not much information / knowledge in BF. This is concerns that we can change . I’ll talk more in BF Circle of Influence later on.

FM is available in any stores. Just go and grab it. That is the reality. Of course as FM manufacturer I’m gonna double my effort just to make sure I’m making profit over the situation . U are not powerful enough to get these manufacturer to stop production in order to get everybody BF

Feel shy to BF in public.? People are staring at you ? Or you might have 18SX scene inadvertently .Another concern to think of. U can’t change those people who is staring at u ( if any ) . After all is in public what ! If the place do not have appropriate place for you to BF the baby . Can you build it one inside immediately or else the baby is starving ..?? Your are not there to be an architect to re-design the building . Below link is recent opinion discussed in our local newspaper discussing on BF in public

The Star Feb 8 2009
The Star Feb 10 2009
The Star Feb 12 2009

And some more concerns on BF that I don’t think to continue listing here.

According to Covey, reactive people , focus their effort in Circle of Concerns. They focus on the weakness, the problem in environment and circumstances over which they have no control.

As long as we are working in our Circle Of Concern, we empower the thing within it to control us. We aren’t taking the proactive initiative necessary to effect positive change . The –ve energy generated by focusing on the concerns which difficult to tackle, combined with neglect in areas they could do something about, causes their Circle of Influence to shrink.

While proactive people focus their efforts in the Circle of Influence. They work on the things they can do something about it. The nature of their energy is +ve, enlarging and magnifying, causing their Circle of Influence to increase.

I should take a rest and have a fresh mind next day to discuss on Circle of Influence

Till then..

Ummu Imtiyaz
Permatang Pauh

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