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Monday, July 27, 2009

Buzy Bee

I am the busy mother bee this 2 weeks !! Is quite some time I do not update any new entry and only able to bloghop during weekend. Apologize to my dear friends if there is no babble from me on your page .

What make me so buzy.. ( Bunyi sibok mengalahkan PM.) . The foremost reason is because SI’s abi is not around. So I have to handle everything by myself ( again bunyi macam handle byk keja) . Doing housechores, cooking, fetching SI from babysitter’s house . The most hardship that I have to face is when fetching her back from babysitter’s house.

Normally, abi is the one who fetch her. While me rushing back home to cook. With abi is not around, I have to take it up. And SI is growing wise and wiser. ( Ummi nak bebel sikit ni ) Sekarang dah pandai takmau balik…jenoh nak pujuk… kekadang ummi terawal SI tak mandi lagi..dok p jalan2, main dengan anak jiran..kadang2 tengah tidor…. Tanak pakai diaper lepas mandi…itu semua ragam anak yang tengah membesar.. memang menguiji kesabaran sungguh
Then I know the challenge that faced by abi everyday.That is why both of them come home late But abi and ummi is different. Ummi has to rush back home cooking. And dinner has to be ready before maghrib . Other house chore can be done with SI except cooking…memang surrender. Everysince ummi has to fetch her back, sometimes we reached after 7 and ummi skip cooking dinner.As a result, paksu has to buy dinner .

And now since she started to talk ..she always mention t*t*k when she want nenen..ayoo.yoo..nak tidor t*t*k, bagun pagi t*t*k… am not sure from where she got the words. I knew that the babysitter taught her about parts of body. She know all parts including t*t*k…now she direct feeding frequency is increase..ait, ingat ka semakin hampir nak wean off dah, tapi makin laju…

Now I am entering a phase of facing a smart & active toddler. She is cheeky though. I can sense the difficulty when both of us go for outing. I thought she is still small baby . Quietly behave. Now..jenoh kepong., jenoh ajak balik, jenoh tegur jangan pegang, usik barang……

All these are reason for a smile on my face when I reflect it back yet sometimes she drive me mad and exhausted. My tiredness gone when look at her face. She keep silence when I am mad, she persuade and wipe my tears me when I cry and laugh when I am happy

Tu baru anak sorang.. pun rasa tunggang langgang dah .Macamna anak 2-3 noo..?? Now I understand and appreciate the life of a mother. Is not easy . I pray hard for Allah to grant me with big patience in nurturing my kids and in my role as a mother and wife.

I am handicap without abi. Abi..cepatla balik… We both miss u.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week Events in Penang

I would like to inform few events will be held in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week ( 1st to 7th Aug 2009) in Penang.


First event will be at

Venue : USM
Date : 1st Aug ( Saturday)
Time 9.30 am to 1.30pm
Organizer : Penang Mother to Mother Peer Support collaboration with Kampus Sejahtera USM
**Pre-registration is required**

2.Venue : Queensbay Mall
Date : 2nd Aug 2009 ( Sunday)
Time : 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Organizer: Kangaroo Club , Hospital Adventist, Penang

3.Venue : AEON Seberang Perai ( Jusco Perda)
Date : 7th -8th Aug 2009
Time : 9.00am to 5.00pm
Organizer: Hospital Bukit Mertajam dengan Kerjasaman UMNO Bahagian

InsyaAllah, I will be at all venue stated above. Marilah meramaikan umat Muhammad sebabnya kalau apa2 event ilmiah kat Penang ni, orang kita jadi minority group. No matter who you are. BF mom, ex-BF mom, expecting mom, supporters and families. Just come and have fun.See you there.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Bertemu geng utara m.com

Akhirnya hajat Elly untuk bertemu denganku tercapai jua….heheheh. perasan sungguh macam glamer sangat..tapi diri ini betul2 terharu bila Elly asyik bersungguh-sunnguh ajak kami geng m.com versi utara untuk berjumpa…

Seingat saya , jemputan ni yang kali ke-3 dari Elly. First masa nak buat gath kat Batu Ferringhi, tak jadi..2nd open house umah Kak Ira, Yul kat Kulim ari jumaat, saya balik keja lewat tambahan jem atas bridge, tak p jugak..dan jemputan kali ni..tak dapat nak tolak sebab memang nak sangat jumpa depa2 ni.. muka2 depa ni semua familiar dari zaman ada fotopage sampai ke blog..depa rajin menempek gambaq..so memang boleh kenai yang mana satu Ely, Syafa, Kak Ira, Neena..tapi saya ni…kalau selisih bahu dengan Elly pun tak tentu dia kenai ni la wijdan …

Tapi akhirnya, dengan izin Allah..kami bertemu juga di kenduri sepupu Sya Ahad lepas.
Saya mengheret SI memandangkan abi tak dapat join. Dan Syafa menyambut kami dengan riuh sekali….Thanks Sya selaku tuan rumah yang melayan kami dengan baik sekali, lauk pauk sungguh sedap sbb hidangan pengantin. goody bags sampai 2

Dan utk Elly, Kak Ira, Nina...best sgt dapat jumpa hangpa.. len kali insyaAllah, ada kelapangan , kita jumpa lagi..

Ni gambaq kenangan kami kat sana.. pssttt..saya tengah meriba Shukrina..leh cam kot no...

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A poem for Sis Suealeen

thanks to pics from Google

KakSue dearie,

After I read a poem written in your blog today, straight away I remember this poem. It was given to me by a very close friend about 7 years ago and it is still posted at my cubicle until today. Whenever I feel down or demotivated , I will recite this. I am happy to share it with you and all my dear friends.

ALLAH knows what is best for us
So why should we complain
We always want the sunshine
But He knows there must be rain.

We always want laughter
and the merriment of cheer
but our heart will lose
their tenderness
If we never shed a tear.

ALLAH tests us often
with suffering and sorrow
He tests us not to punish us
but to help us meet tomorrow.

For growing trees are strenghtened
if they can withstand the storm
and the sharpness of the chisel
gave the marble its grace and form.

ALLAH tests us often
and for every pain
He gives us
provided we are patient
Is followed by rich gain
So whenever we feel that
everything is going wrong
It is just ALLAH's way to make our spirit strong.

Author Unknown

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

H1N1-Vaccine is available by year end

Horrayyy !!

Glad to hear even though after 772 were infected.Govt baru booking..hopefully booking belum penuh

read more here thestar.

I have 3 colleagues just come back from
1. US ( business trip) and his cubicle is just next to mine.huhu
2. Australia ( family vacation)
3. Bangkok ( 29th honeymoon) -this is my lunchmate. Haven't go out with her yet after her return..bukan takut just dia sibok dgn keja yg ditinggalkan

Up today 3 of them are at good condition. And regularly visit our in-house clinic for check-up.

my 1st colleague getting mad when one after another came and aski him bout his health. We thought we were just joking but he take it seriously . that's it. nobody dare to ask him

Our in-house clinic also busy receiving calls from employee asking
" Nurse, kalau nak p Sabah boleh tak ?" , " Nurse, kalau nak p Bali la ni bahaya tak?"

Memo on rules , procedures, awareness is out to give info to employee. And visitor have to go tru several procedure and check-up before entering our premise.

p/s: Harap2 semua pekerja sihat la ye..jgn bagi ada 1 kes pun..

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Precious Moment Contest by BabyKiko

Hari ini saya terlebih rajin,post 2 entry dalam satu hari..heheh.
cuma nak menwar-warkan satu la contest.

Precious Moment Contest by BabyKiko

All children are beautiful and cute, but it's not always so easy to capture that in photos. If you have a photo of a precious moment shared by you and your child, you could win a prize sponsored by Baby Kiko.

All you have to do is log in, upload a photo of you and your child (sharing a precious moment) and complete the slogan “You are amazing because ...” (in not more than 15 words).

The contest is only open to parents whose children are aged four years old and below. All photos will be uploaded at ParenThots for public viewing.

3 winners will be chosen every month.

Closing Date for the current contest: July 19.

Rules & Regulations:

  • 1.This contest is open to all residents of Malaysia only
  • 2.To qualify for a prize, however, a contestant must be a registered MyStar user who has provided valid personal information. (ie. New IC number and name as appears on the IC)
  • 3.All photographs submitted must be taken by the parents submitting them and must not have been published elsewhere.
  • 4.Copyright of all images submitted for this competition remain with the respective participants. However, in consideration of their providing the image for the contest, each participant grants a worldwide, irrevocable and perpetual license to Star Publications and Baby Kiko to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, websites and/or in any promotional materials connected to this contest.
  • 5.Entries must be submitted in JPEG formats (max size: width 640px, height 480px)
  • 6.Contestants may submit as many entries as possible. One prize is allowed per contestant only.
  • 7.Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and the organiser reserves the right to exchange the prize with that of a similar value without prior notice.
  • 8.Staff of Star Publications (M) Berhad and their immediate family are not allowed to participate.
  • 9.Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  • 10.Judges will be from Baby Kiko.
  • 11.The list of names will be published in Parenthots.
  • 12.Outstation winners to collect their prizes from the nearest advised Baby Kiko counter.
  • Winners from Klang Valley to collect from Baby Kiko's premises.
Baru tersedar, ia adalah contest bulanan..Junn dah ada pemenang..so utk July tarikh tutup adalah 19 July. Kalau tak smepat check out for next month punya pulak lah.

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Lagi isu Bahasa

Saya berharap tidak terlalu lewat untuk memperkatakan tentang Pemansuhan PPSMI baru-baru ini.

Ramai orang yang gembira dan meyokong keputusan kerajaan ini. Keputusan berani yang disifatkan oleh YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Yalah..berani satu kerana menukar sistem yang telah dilaksana diperingkat kebangsaan selama 6 tahun dan kedua berani kerana ‘engkar’ pada Tun M. hehehe. Pandangan saya mengatakan Tun M agak ‘kiciwa’ dengan keputusan ini.

Walaupun secara peribadi saya saya menyokong pelaksanaan PPSMi ini , (saya bukanlah golongan yang berada dalam kelompok murid, guru, alam pendidikan tapi sokongan saya adalah kerana merasakan ia adalah satu idea yang baik ) tapi hakikat yang saya sedar bahawa kita dan anak-anak kita belum bersedia untuk itu. Malah ada pendapat mengatakan seolah-olah kita meminggirkan bahasa kebangsaan sendiri. PPSMI adalah satu usaha yang baik, yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai perancangan jangka masa panjang tapi tidak ada gunanya jika kajian membuktikan ia belum lagi relevan buat masa ini.

Saya sedar tidak semua pelajar kita dilahirkan genius dan dari latar belakang keluarga yang berpendidikan tinggi, maka ini adalah salah satu faktor mengapa system ini tidak berjalan dengan baik dan hasil keputusan yang tidak seperti yang diharapkan. Selain itu factor persedian guru juga perlu diambil kira. Walaupun telah banyak program diaturkan oleh kementerian untuk guru yang khusus mengajar Sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Ingeeris ini, namun masih ada kesukarannya. Insentif yang diberikan mungkin sebagai pemangkin namun jika hati tidak diletakkan sepenuhnya kerana beberapa sebab (e.g factor murid yang kurang faham), mana mungkin pengajaran dan pembelajaran berjalan dengan efektif. Saya tidak menyalahkan guru kerana kita masing-masing cuba untuk menjalankan amanah ini namun kita juga sedih apabila anak murid tidak faham disamping kita juga ‘struggle’ menuturkannya dalam bahasa inggeris dan keputusan semakin merosot.

Banyak lagi faktor mengapa ia tidak perlu diteruskan.

Profesional dan pakar dalam bidang pendidikan / sastera juga menentang. Lihat saja beberapa siri demonstrasi dijalankan, forum-forum di media yang berhujah tentang isu yang sama, tidak kurang sumbangan blogger yang menulis tentang isu ini . Lebih ramai yang menentang dari menerimanya.Sebab kita tahu tahap mana kemampuan anak-anak kita.

Saya tidaklah berniat untuk mengulas lebih lanjut kerana saya bukanlah wartawan dewan masyrakat mahupun journalist dari mana –mana media. Saya tiada kajian menarik ingn diketengahkan , yang ada hanya adalah pengamatan atas pengalaman guru-guru, ibu bapa yang terlibat secara lansung dengan PPSMI ini. Tapi keputusan telah dibuat. Saya yakin, jemaah menteri dan orang-orang di ‘atas’ sana telah fikir semasak-masaknya tentang perkara ini dan tampil mengumumkan keputusan yang kita harapkan terbaik untuk watan kita.

Walaupu saya antara yang menyokong ppsmi, janganla sidang pembaca sekalian menyisihkan saya walaupun kita berbeza ideologi. Kita masih kawan kan!hehe... Saya juga turut merasa gembira tentang perkhabaran pemansuhan ppsmi ini keraan seperti yang saya katakan tadi, walaupun saya suka idea ini namun ia belum relevan buat masa ini. Saya juga ingin dikenali sebagai antara yang memartabatkan bahasa jiwa bangsa, tapi blog saya yang ditulih kebanyakan dalam bahasa penjajah ini, bukanla saya ingin memartabatkan bahasa mereka, ia lebih kepada "personal language improvement” ..heheh

Saya merasaka seperti aktivis bahasa apabila menulis ‘entry’ kali ini, kalau tidakpun seperti journalis untuk majalah bahasa, kalau tidakpun seperti seorang pelajar yang menyiapkan karangan bahasa….

p/s :apa yang aku merepek nih..??

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogger Award Friendship

1. Copy badge "2009 Cute's Blogger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
Nadiah Sidek, sahabiah ketika di bumi Minden

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya(anda di-tag)-
wah penatnya menjawab fakta tentang diri sendiri. dah banyak kali rasanya..Nadiah , aci tak skip ni.buleh refer tag/award yang dah dibuat sebelum ini ...dayah takde a fakta yang menarik utk dikongsi...n~~geeee~~

4. Anda perlu memilih 6-7 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.The Blogger Award Friendship goes to :

Nas, Bed,Aieza,Ainey,Elly,KakKirr
Kalau hangpa dah mati kutu nak tulih fakta/hobi ..amik ja award ni

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Tag dari Aieza...Layan

Tag dari Aieza...tengah rajin nak layan ni..

1.Berapa umur anda = nak menjejak 27

2. Anda berasal = Penang

3.Berapa adik beradik anda ? anak yang ke ? brp lelaki n perempuan= seri 1-1

4.Sekolah terakhir anda ?= sekolah yang amat saya banggakan, tapi mungkin skolah saya tak bangga pun dengan saya .huhuh

5.Bila terakhir anda memotong rambut = 3 bulan sudah

6. shampoo apa yang anda gunakan sekarang=Safi

7.anda gemar menjahit? kalau tidak nyatakan sebab = suka dan baru berjinak2 utk lebih serius

8.Jika duduk di rumah , adakah anda suka menghias diri = berhias seadanya

9. Apakah kerja rumah yang paling malas anda hendak lakukan? = lipat baju

10.soalan terakhir.. bagi 5 kenangan manis yang tak dapat anda lupakan sampai bila bila
a) dilamar b) kawin c) peknen d) beranak e) dpt keje

next yang akan kena tag..
1) Arnie
2) KakSuealeen
3) Moma-Mia
4) Zuhaini
5) Kikie

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

High Heel

Does Shukrina is going to have a similar habit like me when I was young.??

Look at below photos.

She was wearing my ‘not so high’ heel shoe- not sure how high is the heel. Perhaps 1 and ½ inch. She eagerly put her feet inside but to the fact that the feet is so cute..she was imbalance . I helped her to wear the shoe properly and she walked happily around the compound. Couples of steps, she ‘terpeleot’ ( terpelecok ), stand again and continue walking.

I am not a high heel fan. Just a ‘kemetot’ heel shoe will do for me. And I prefer flat shoes.

When I was kids- I can remember clearly at about 5-9 years old, I like to play’ cikgu-cikgu’. Besides having a mini blackboard , chalk, duster , long ruler, the most significant of me being a ‘cikgu’ is wearing a high heel shoe ! Konon nak tiru gaya cikgu la. Without the contributor , I don’t think that I can fulfill my dream of being a 'pseudo' teacher .

The contributor was of course my dear elder cousin. .She was the one who has variety of high heel shoe. From the one nicely cover your foot to the sexy lace shoe. When she went out to work, I started my play. Took out all her shoe and arrange nicely. I chose which shoe to be wore on Monday, Tues and so on..

I stayed with my aunt during mama went out working. Of course my aunty did not bother me playing with her daughter’s shoe. But when my cousin got to know, I played with her shoes..mmg balik kena la…Everytime she bought a new high heel, I was the one who wanna try eagerly ..padahai kaki terlebih muat…

Since I don’t have students, I played alone. Teaching noboby but as if lots of students in front of me. Only sometimes, my friend came and join me. They would rather play masak-masak than cikgu-cikgu..Me, seret la high heel tu jadi cikgu konon. Why high heel is related to teacher? Does teacher have to wear heel shoe if not high ? I remember my friend who was in Degree of Education during their time going for practical, sebok2 dok beli high heel shoe..

Girls always have enthusiasm of wearing/trying a high heel shoe. They are such a cute little princess wearing an adult high heel shoe. U can clearly see the gap between their heel and the shoe’ sheel.. I am not sure if there is any yang tak pernah teringin walau sekali dalam hidup. At least sekali pakai masa kawin

p/s: teringin nak pakai 6 inch heel…baru la nampak tinggi...tapi tak buleh nak jalan nanti kot.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let it go...

Do you ever experience when the things is actually gonna be yours but eventually you have to let it go or is not your luck to get it .

For example my personal experience .

One day, I went to Pekan Sabtu at my MIL’s place. I stopped by at a stall selling comforter . There is one customer who is in the midst of buying, still choosing and negotiating . There were 2 very nice and cozy comforters. One is abstracted design, the other one is English style design .

I fall in love with the English rose design while the other customer was more interested with the abstract design. Both of us were ‘belek’ –ing the comforter. While the salesperson keep promoting the English design comforter, at last she chose the abstract design. Listening to her word, I am so happy because I know I am gonna get it. The salesperson started to fold and packed it. I was about to say…” saya nak yang bunga ros ni la” but before my first S for Saya came out, she changed her mind to take the bunga ros comforter.. Huarrghhhh….

Some how I became a reserve person that day . I just let her changed her mind and never go and say .” eh kak, saya nak ambik yang ini, sbb kak dah pilih hat tu…”
Don't you think I should react that way..??

When she left, I told the owner that I wanted to but the comforter but looking at the owner busy packing for her, I din’t say anything yet . My type, let the person to finish do whatever they do before I proceed with my order unless, they have more than a person to help the stall, And I just about to say , “ saya nak’, but not my rezeki…

The owner say..”La..ya ka..awat tak habaq awai2…”

Me : “ saya pun tak sangka dia ubah pikiran..sbb dah nak bungkus kan…”

Owner “ Tu la..tadi masa dok promote yang bunga tu, dia yang sungguh2 nak corak abstrak tu…”

Pity me..the owner gave me her outlet address so that I can straight go there because the Pekan Sabtu is only in every Sat.But until now I haven’t go there as is quite far from MIL house

This is one of real case example. But it doesn’t have much impact on my life as I can still buy almost the same design at other places . ( Tapi balik dari Pekan Sabtu tu mmg frust sehari la.. J )

How bout letting go ( either have to OR is not your luck ) something BIG, IMPORTANT, MEANINGFUL things/decision that can bring an impact or change your life?

E.g very good and high pay job offer OR a right man who is agreed to marry you but last minute cancel due to his parent not agree OR miscarriage for 1st child ( 7 months expecting ) after waiting for 10 years..

And there must be a reason why you have to OR why it near miss to you. OR at times, you have no idea WHAT IS THE REASON . Is just happened.

I do have few but this particular experience hurting me the most if I try to recall it. Most of the times, I want to be a person who accept ( redho) it but at time when I remember or see other people who successfully embrace the same opportunity, I feel so down… and this can drag into few days. Inadvertently, I imagine about my future if I were to accept it. But I rejected it with reason even is very painful to decide .

You may have your own experience with even BIGGER things than mine that is near miss to you. And how you overcome the feeling of loosing it

Is kind of virus to me.. Am afraid it will be infected me for another years and never cure

Saya takut untuk menjadi orang yang tidak redho atas apa yang berlaku ke atas diri saya kerana perkara ini adalah sangat kecil jika dibandingkan apa yang bakal berlaku ke atas saya di alam kekal kelak…

Saya juga tidak mahu menjadi orang yang tidak tahu bersyukur kerana nikmatNya sudah teralu banyak hingga tidak terhitung. Malu rasanya selalu dan terlalu meminta2 sedangkan saya kadang kadang alpa untuk berterima kasih kepada Yang Maha Pemberib ata pemberianNya selama ini

Saya memujuk hati dengan menngingatkan firmanNya… setiap yang kita kira baik utk diri kita mungkin tidak molek pada Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui..begitula sebaliknya

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Tag yang panjang sungguh!!

This is crazy long tag...dapat dari si Bed

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves

3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time :

12.57 am - 06 July 2009

Name : Noor Hidayah MI -Dayah a.k.a WiJDaN

Shoe size :7...besaq kan..kalau tengok orangnya mcm tak pecaya kaki gedaba..hahhaha

height: 152 cm ..berat taknak tanya ke...???

Where do you live : Seberang Perai, Penang

Have you ever been on a plane : Yup, kecik2 bapa bayaq, besaq2 kompeni bayar, harap sendiri nak bayar..tah bila...hehehe

Swam in the ocean : dolu2 masa kecik, Penang kan byk laut...bukan berenang pun, berendam ja

Fallen asleep at school : pernah...tapi usaha kontrol

Broken someone’s heart : pernah....huhuh

Fell off your chair : pernah jugak

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :pernah, dolu2 la..la ni phone pun p mana tah..nak keluaq, baru kelam kabut cari..

Saved e-mails : kat ofis je la..esok baru buat..hari kan cuti..

What is your room like : baru tukaq cadar katil kaler pink gitu..romantis la konon..tapi penuh dgn baju yg seharusnya disimpan di dlm lemari, tapi blum ada kudrat utk berbuat demikian..ooohhh..

What’s right beside you: dinding..heheh

What is the last thing you ate : bihun yang si suami goreng pukul 10mlm tadi..yang sepatutnya digoreng oleh sang isteri ptg tadi..bihun gorang utk minum petang jadi supper meal

Ever had…Chicken pox : dulu masa sekolah rendah

Sore throat : selalu gak bila terlalu minum ais...

Stitches : tak ada...

Broken nose : masih ori &masih kemek tapi perasan mancung

Do you Believe in love at first sight : rasanya macam percaya

Like picnics : Suka bangat

The last person you danced with : SI..lagu iklan kat TV

Last made you smile : en suami... sbb tolong gorengkan bihun utk supper saya ....heheheh

You last yelled at : en suami lagi..kesian dh dpt senyum, kena yell pulak...biasala, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit

Today did you…Talk to someone you like : mesti la..en suami

Kissed anyone : both my prince and my girl

Get sick : baru lega batuk kira2 2 minggu yg sudah

Talk to an ex : No..no..no..

Miss someone : Arwah mama

Who do you really hate: Jeng..jeng..jeng..

Do you like your hand-writing : Sangat sbb saya rasa ia unik..buleh tak jwb gitu !!

Are your toe nails painted : tak , berdaki ade la..huaarrghhhh

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My brother which is actually mine masa bujang dulu...

What is the color of shirt you are wearing now : Putih...

Are you a friendly person : Ya...

Do you have any pets : Masa kecik2 dulu..

Do you sleep with the TV on : no, pantang tok nenek. heheh

What are you doing right now : Tengah update blog..

Can you handle the truth : boleh..boleh..

Are you closer to your mother or father : Mama

Do you eat healthy : makan segala..healthy ke tak ke..

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : Aci tak kalau saya kata gambar kelas masa sekolah rendah tangkap ramai2 ..huhuh

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : En. suami

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Very d' vocal...heheh

Are you confident : yup

5 of my bad habits : Suka berangan..suka lengah2, suka bising2/ berleter..suka tensen..kurang rajin..


Selesai sudah..panjang giler..skrg masa nya utk meng tag org lain..

1. Imah

2. Farah (mylildream)

3. UmmiKhayra

4. Mamadira

5. Zuradenso

Kalau korang tak buat lagi..rajin2 kanla..

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Tag tentang Anakku

Dapat tag ni dari Arnie.Semua perihal tentang anak ...

. Anda sudah mempunyai berapa orang anak & nyatakan Girl or Boy?

Seorang puteri

2. Bila perancangan anda untuk menambah anak?

Unit Perancangan Keluarga kata tahun depan…Jika ada rezeki

3. Nyatakan nama anak anda & ape makna nama anak anda dalam islam?

Shukrina Imtiyaz (SI)

Shukrina – Kesyukuran Kami

Imtiyaz – Cemerlang

4. Siapakah yang memberikan nama anak anda?

Saya & suami.

5. Dari mana tercetus idea memberikan nama anak anda?

Abi suka nama Shukrina selepas buat pertama kalinya abi mendengar

Dan nama ini diinspirasikan dari nama junior ummi kat sekolah dulu..

6. Sekiranya anda dikurniakan seorang lagi cahaya mata...apakah nama yang akan anda beri?

Belum difikirkan

7. Bagi yang sudah mempunyai anak lebih dari seorang...nyatakan berapa jarak beza umur anak anda?


8. Untuk kelahiran anak anda yang akan datang....anda nak girl @ boy? nyatakan sebabnyer?

Tak kisah laki ke pompuan..Kalau laki lagi baik sbb dah ada girl

9. Ape ciri2 persamaan anda & anak anda?

Cara tido ( bak kata abi),kurang penyabar, kalau nak tu nak jugak… heheh

10. Upload gambar anak anda untuk tontotan semua rakan blogger.

Gelak bukan main anak dara sorang ni

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am sorry

Dear friends… ( aceehh baik pulak permulaan entry kali ini)

This entry written deeply from bottom of my heart. Is about me and you…knowing thru blogging world.

Initially I quite doubt, why do I have a blog..writing about my self and family…not really..to tell my day-to-day routine…no…is it a trend??..…?? To be famous…?? Lagi la tak. Do read my first entry why am I blogging intially .
Sometimes I just feel I am not able to commit having a blog. BUt allhamdulillah, there is always ilham from Allah for me to express my thought here.

I just wanna express my sincere apologize to anybody that drop by here. Mesti bosan baca blog saya kan… I really do not know how to produce a good write-up. And you cannot find much here. Ya..I have my do and don’t , can and cannot ….

I feel glad, honour ( terharu semua ada ) that I have followers and friends that still coming back to check out. But I seek for your understanding, I can’t spend much time visiting / bloghopping . This is because I totally cannot access any blog from my office. Here is very strict . They are in the midst of programming a system that once you surf, immediately trigger your boss ( chart can appear on your boss screen,dasatnye depa). I do read your comment ( at office ) thru my gmail but still I can’t reply anything. So can you imagine how hardworking employee I am at office for 9.33hours totally without any distracted to blog/FB/Friendster..hahahahah

Thus, I only have roughly 20 minutes after work while waiting for my girl to reach home and the 20 minutes is to update blog, reply to your comment & surfing while cooking ! When she reach home, that’s it. I have to pay attention to her while continue cooking. She is very clingy. At nite, depends on situation. Load of housechore to be done and lately my girl sleep late. Time constraint make me feel that I need to update quality entry that is beneficial to all readers.

I am making more and more friends thru blogging . Thanks all for this friendship .I love to read all your stories as I am not good at telling interesting story via blog. But to some that actively update their blog ( 2-3 entry per day ), I may miss some of the entry. I wish I could drop a comment to each of blog I visited . but of course “ Orang berbudi Kita Berbahasa”, siapa yang berbudi komen kat sini, pasti saya berbahasa di blognya…hehe

If any blog that I rarely visit , my bad and sorry for that. Just let me know and I’ll try to kerap2 singgah. Have to take turns kot…

p/s: ini baru 33 followers, belum lagi macam KakYong yang dah cecah 200 followers gamaknya.Siap ada jadual..sungguh komit kakak sorang ni.Hari penuh emosi nampaknya sebab tu entry pun ala2..but seriously I mean it !

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

His 1st working day

Today 1 July is my brother’s 1st working day …After ‘tanam anggur’ about a month ++...heheh... But, between a month, I believe he really enjoyed the honeymoon moment ( tido lepas subuh sampai tengahari, main heli ,ronda2 kotaraya, layan game ,lepak masjid batu)..My brother needs time to adjust his body clock as he has been like ‘burung hantu’ during his study time.Just enjoy it bro..because you won’t get this precious time anymore when you start working…

Certain people urgently looking for a job after graduate or even before they finish their study while some want to relax first… As per my bro’s story, girls are more concern about getting job and started to apply when they were in final year. Good one has been offered a job right after their final exam. While the boys some prefer to relax first. ( read relax as : completing viva/ thesis, packing &go back hometown). Not all, there are some boys who eagerly to start their career. Knowing the economic condition, some have set in their mind, is hard to find a job that suits their qualification . Some decide to pursue to Master

Me too, anxious for my brother. Since arwah mama left us, I am next person to worry about him. Of course papa does but he doesn’t show much compare to me ( yang mewarisi sifat mama ) But Alhamdulillah, he knows what to do. Within a month, he attended 5 interviews, ( walaupun nampak macam dok relax ja) that is an achievement compared my time when I just finished study. And he got 3 offers ( pening pulak mana nak pilih ).

Who says no offer for fresh graduates. Up to day, about 60% of his coursemates received an offer. Ahamdulillah..praise to Allah

I would say the industry they are entering or the course they took during study is one of main factor. Is not like me, belajaq lain, keja lain, 100% -sebab tu susah dapat keja awai2 kot. Like doctors, pharmacist, dentist, teacher ( purely Degree in Education ), at least they know, they will be posted somewhere. The job is in hand.

Compare to other courses where need to seek for job ( hantar resume sana sini, register Jobstreet,Manpower etc , p career fair ), they need to go thru all this before getting any job. Some lucky, one time try, hit! As for my brother and his coursemate, the job is there, so they have to compete among them to grab the opportunity by presented well during interview and of course their CGPA contribute to their success.

Each of u must have own memory during our ‘tenure’ seeking for a job. And first year struggling to prove that we are as what we have told the interviewer during interview. –hardworking employee, can work with less supervision, able to work longer hour and under pressure , multiskill and resourcefulness , able to work in fast pace environment, bla..bla..bla..). Mind to share with me here?

To my dear brother, good luck, work smart, be a good QS.. nanti first gaji jangan lupa belanja ..heheh

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