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Monday, June 29, 2009

KAFA and tuition

I was talking to a kindy teacher cum KAFA Ustazah one day.Actually I was interested to know how she started her career as Ustazah KAFA and then became a kindy teacher.So, this lady told me about all the courses, test, exam that she has gone thru while showing me all her certificates. She even received an offer to pursue 2 years advance course at Al-Azhar in 2000 but she rejected it due to she has 6 kids to take care of ( of course + a husband). Hehe.

Is not that easy for her and other Ustaz/Ustazah KAFA to be granted for this position ( pentauliahan) . The oral test is damn hard. If they, the guru KAFA said is hard, apatah lagi kita ni.. I remembered one of the test that she mentioned was she were asked to read 6 surah. That one ok la…

Then she needed to spell it out ( mengeja dalam bahasa Arab- Alif Fathah Lam sukun – Al, Ha fathahmim sukum –Ham, dal dommah –Du..Alhamdu…) without any paper to write and just spell it out in the air. Is not stopped there. lots of fardhu ‘ain tricky questions tested . There are only 4 candidates per day. Can you imagine, how long per one interview session ? Some came out from the room in tears, some speechless.

All these procedure is to make sure that our country produce good Ustaz KAFA so that our next generations will be great . My kindy time, we are not exposed to this KAFA class but some states like Selangor and Kedah have started with the class. Since I don’t have very young sibling, I am not aware when actually government emphasize on KAFA class.

Back to this ustazah’s story. She is a very strict yet loving teacher. One day, there was a mother who planned to pull out his son from KAFA class. The reason was, the son’s English score was terrible. She planned to send the son to English tuition.

This Ustazah said , she had no problem with the idea but with ‘
satu syarat’..aisehh..main syarat pulak …

Ustazah : “Satlagi puan balik, tiap2 hari masuk RM10 dalam tabung”

Mother : “Awat pulak nak masuk tabung RM10 Ustazah

Ustazah : “ Ingat pesan saya ni,masuk dalam tabung sepanjang puan hidup”

The mother still blur. Same goes to me. When I listen, I have no idea why

Ustazah: “Bila puan mati esok-esok, suruh anak puan pecah tabung ni,bayar orang mai mengaji utk mayat puan”


Ustazah : “Saya kata ni bukan apa..anak puan tak boleh mengaji elok2 lagi. Kalau stop , sampai bila pun dia tak buleh baca.kalau dia mengaji dah elok, dah pandai..saya pun tak halang

The mother quickly said that she wanted her son to remain in this KAFA class. But Ustazah who already feel ‘ tak syiok’ just informed the mother that she would not accept the son again and asked her to send to another KAFA if she wish to.

Me, totally silence after listening to the story. ……..

Maybe to some parents KAFA is not as important as English, Science and Math subject. Perhaps most of them realize the essential of ‘ilmu agama’ but still taking the school subject more seriously . If the kids failed those subject, chance for them to enter university is slim or no chance at all. Consequently they do not get a better job and do not earn much ( This is Poor Dad’s way of thinking in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” )

But how about KAFA? Is there anybody sending their kids to tuition for subject Pendidikan Islam ? How many of parents do revise and check on our childrens’ amalan .

I am just throwing this idea so we can think about it together . I am neither at Ustazah nor the mother's side and not blaming any parents because each of us know what is the best for our children. But the story I wrote here hopefully is beneficial for us to take a
PAUSE and THINK for the sake of our childrens’ future and our destiny .

I have a long journey to go with my family and I am afraid of doing mistake in between it.
Ya Allah, bantulah daku , bimbinglah daku dalam mengharungi kehidupan ini..

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last Sunday I brought my brother and my girl to RFC ( Radix Fried Chicken ) located at Sungai Petani. This is my 2nd time there while 1st time for my brother who just came back home .

Both of us are K$C fans since kids because papa always brought us to K$C. ( that time the one at KOMTAR is famous-nak makan K$C kena p sana ).When we grow up , we don’t opt for K$C anymore and my brother likes to buy ayam goreng pasar malam ( yang kalau tengok minyak dalam kawah dia, sangat la gelap kalernya ).

So by having another brand similar to it, we wanna try. Not bad.. as good as K$F but of course in 1 year business, there are room for improvement. Overall, 4.5 stars out of 5. The food, the facilities, the worker ( semua tutup aurat , berbaju labuh jingga ke lutut and bertudung ekin J ) . My first visit, I kind a feel, this is an ‘soleh’ restaurant because you able to see customers coming in cover their aurah properly, u can see the fathers with kopiah, mom with tudung labuh/ besaq. I mentioned it to my brother and asked him to observe during our visit this time.

This time the same thing. Is not 100% la..some of them is also bertudung biasa but nobody open their aurah. I can only see 1 Chinese family and a group of tourist from Indonesia ( siap tangkap gambaq kat kaunter sebagai kenang2an). Am not sure about other days. But I believe lots of people from all different races, religions come to taste it.

*Shukrina was eating RFC Kid Delight*

Why is it so ? Why the this fast-food restaurant is different from other fast-food restaurant in town ? From my thinking, one of factor that contribute to this environment is the effort by the Manufacturer/ owner of RFC. U know the tagline of “ Mai secawan’..haaa.. this is the owner of all Radix business network such as RFC, Radix Chicken Rice, Radix Original recipe . All these are their restaurant.

How HPA Management really emphasize on halal, suci. Prior to perform work at their premise ( restaurant or plant ) the worker is ‘berwudhu’ and ‘berdoa’, read mathurat and perform Solat Dhuha. Even the capsule that used for making their pill are also from suci/halal source.

I was exposed to HPA back in 2003. I registered as a member and during that time they don’t have many products like today. Am proud of HPA that grows this far and of course support from customers. The big boss has a clear direction where to bring the company. The modus operandi is also suci, bersih, halal and they really mean it.In achieving their goal, they always look for Allah’ s bless. We can see from the way they run the business. They practice Islam as the way of business life from the material supply, production, output, manpower , sales and marketing.They even rear their own organic chickens in own farm. The most important, they offer us the consumer with halal& suci products so we have alternative in the market.

U can found more info bout HPA in jawiherbshop.blogspot.com and read their story in this July Anis magazine

P/s: can't wait for new RFC branch in Penang.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Kedai Chomel Giveaway

Another Giveaway for you to try your luck. This time is at KedaiChomel. I wish I can meet with the owner because I know, we are just nearby during working hour but we a far away after work. ( she is in island while me swim back to Mainland) .

If I am lucky enough to win this giveaway,I can meet her personally ( takyah pos pos Pn Erny, kan dah jimat) and will have chance to try her nursing poncho.. ( Tak penah pakai ).

I would recommend you to visit her KedaiChomel and look at her creative nursing cover and other handcraft made by her

Handmade by Anasfadilah

Here goes the rule :
* You must be subscribed to KedaiChomel via email

* You must have a blog, and you have to post about this giveaway on it, using the banner above
* After posting about the giveaway, come back here and leave a comment with the link to your blog about the post
* The comment numbers will be shuffled and a lucky winner will get a Jusco Shopping Voucher, and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho


You have until the midnight of July 5th, 2009 to enter this giveaway!!

* The winner will win Jusco Shopping Vouchers (included in the voucher booklet are free make over with Shiseido and RM50 Hush Puppies Voucher) and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho
* the voucher are valid until 31st July 2009

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tag Amal Islami

Kali ni dari kenalan baru UmmiHanie yang muda jelita tapi dah beranak 3+1 coming soon.Sebelum saya lupa, baik saya langsaikan tag Hanie ni..

apa dia ..??

1) Copy gambar di bawah ini.

2) Kemudian pilih 10 sahabat dan wajibkan mereka melakukan perkara yang sama.Dengaq tu WAJIB, tak buat maka hukumnya ....? heheh

Oleh kerana saya suka sangat men 'cut short' kan list 'kepada' maka dari 10 orang tinggai la 5 orang bertuah menerima tag ini. Ok maka saya ingin menyampaikan tag berunsur dakwah ini kepada
1) Kak Suealeen
2) Nas
3) Bed
4) Zura
5) MamaDira the strawberi cake

Kalau sahabat2 sekalian dah buat, tak mengapa..tidak perlu diulang ...

p/s: sekali sekala dapat tag unsur dakwah, mengingatkan diriku yang lalai dari tanggungjawabku sebagai daie'. Syukran Ya UmmiHanie!!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plate #

Do you know anyone that his/her hobby is buying new car ? Ooo..so cool right .

Every single alphabet , he will change his car. For example Penang latest plate is PJF. He just trade in his PHB . From H to J, is a one cycle. Looking at Penang trend from one alphabet to another is about 1 year++. Sometimes if popular # like recent PHD… you able to see lots of “PHD holder” on the road. And the alphabets move faster.

Am not sure about Malacca MBA during its time? Laku jugak ke?

Do you know each of the alphabet represent which state?

During small, I like to list down, which state using what plate # and if found any odd plate # starting with other than P in Penang, I like to guess from which state they are from.

Let’s see whether my list correct or not (Kalau tak betui, haabaq noo... )

A- Perak

B- Selangor

C- Pahang

D- Kelantan

H- Taxi

J- Johor

K- Kedah

L- Labuan

M- Melaka

N- Nogori

P- Penang

Q- Sabah

R – Perlis

S- Sarawak

T- Tganu



Some people likes to buy the number too. I once thought about carry forward my previous plate # to my current car but I have to add some amount of money. So I just let it go. ( for me cantek la.. 1969. I got this by chance , not special order) . Now my plate # is sangat2 la tak menarik, but for me ok la..the special # does not have any impact to me why should I bother. But for some other people, they really care.

If u see developed states, their plate # run faster compare to other stated. I give some example. Between Penang and Kedah.Penang now is PJF and Kedah now is KCx. C and J..what a big gap. From what I observe, people living in Sg Petani or Kulim which border to Penang will get a Penang plate # for their vehicle. Orang Penang also ‘kalah’ with KL which KL now ( if I’m not mistaken , correct me if I’m wrong ) WSx

One of the reason I may think , before people live for instant in metropolitan city are richer. I mean with the development that happen is an opportunity for people making money.

So , these people afford to buy new car or keep changing vehicle. And you can see the plate# move faster. I think now KL is leading follow by Selangor, Johor and Penang. Perlis is still with 2 alphabets eg RK 1234.- Imah, betui ka tekaan chek ni ?

I just wonder what is next plate number if KL reach to WYY… ?

If you don’t mind, can I know what is the latest plate # at your place ?

P/S : Entry diinspirasikan dari pengalaman naik keta baru kawan yang setiap abjad dia tukar keta..heheh

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Model Bertudung

Nak join satu lagi contest la..alamak, skrg mak giler bercontest pulak..menangnyer idak..takpala..seronok sbb join contest, kalah menang letak sebelah , itu kan adat bertanding.

Gambar model bertudung anjuran blog ummi_mirahaziq .Bagi anak ja la jadi model.maknya kalau masuk, kalah Amber Chia..( amboi perasan nya la chek ni..)

Gambaq ni disnap 3 bulan yang lalu ( 1 tahun 2 bulan++), tu pun nasib dapat sbb Shukrina dgn tudung ni tak lekat lama..pakai sat ja dah nak buang..Doa ummi agar bila dah sampai masanya, jangan dok buat perangai masa kecik ni, pakai sat nak cabut...moga terus istiqomah dalam menunaikan syariatNya. Kecik2 ni ummi kasi can lagi...

So, here goes the picture.

Syarat2nya adalah seperti berikut:
1. Add blog ummie_mirahaziq di bloglist anda dan menjadi FOLLOWER ummie_mirahaziq
2.Upload banner contest kat sidebar anda
3.Buat entry khas ngan tajuk " Model Bertudung" & upload gmbr anda.
- model boleh sesiapa sahaja..anda sendiri..anak...suami..adik..kakak..ibu..ayah..nenek..
- Jenis tudung yang boleh di modelkan adalah tudung ekin,selendang,ariani,selendang siffon,munawarah,syiria,shawal,tudung aziha n latest tudung bawal ler...
4. Dalam entry itu pastikan anda link kan ke ummie_mirahaziq..Bila dah siap..tinggalkan komen di entry ini.
5. Pemenang akan dipilih berdasar kan dan gambar yang kreatif dan menarik..
6. Hadiah untuk pemenang..adalah koleksi tudung...

PERINGATAN : Pastikan hanya satu gambar sahaja ntuk satu penyertaan..

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am in the midst of 'renovating' my page ( bunyi macam nak renovate rumah ja..saja tukaq angin tukaq template) but somehow, I am lost . Since I'm not so IT literate, whatever that I can do manually e.g ad in bloglist again,profile,ticker, logo and etc I will try to update later. The problem here is I lost my 'follower'. how came? Can I trace it anywhere ? or I dare not putting follower again as whoever that already ' followed' might be angry.

And when i enter the page, I can't see icon for me to sign in/ new post. What I did right now is to go to google..sign in from there and look my for my account, click on blogger

Or should I just remain with cutestblog background as this newly added is not from cutestblog as per my previous blog design

My recent update also doesn't appear in my blogger friend's bloglist . * I wonder how, I wonder why?*

Expert out there, please help me !

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Happy Father's Day

A very quick entry in the morning. Just wanna wish Happy Father's Day to :

My beloved husband , abi to Shukrina

and my papa

Abi is not around this whole week, so I managed to get a gift for him last Friday and presented earlier before he depart. This morning I've called him to wish again . Abi siap tanya, hari ni ka..?? not really sure when is the actual date :)

For papa, I 'll go out today with my bro to get something for him. haven't decide yet

Not to forget to all abi/abah/ayah/papa/daddy/walid/appa in the world, wish u all

Happy Father's Day too !

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Award lagi..

Better late than never. To receive the award and post it here. Thanks to dearest Kak Suealeen for this award. The more delay, I may not know how to trace it back as KakSue is blogger 'tegar'. The entry moves and 'expired' very fast. Unlike me, you can see the same entry for a week ! Memang ghajin kakak seorang ni.

Here goes the rules :
The rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

15 other blogger !. Aci dak kalau kurang dari itew,Saya ni baru dok build rapport.Hehehe
Here is the list. The list stop when I cannot think my newly blogging frens.

1) I granted it back to Kak Sue la..aci nooo..
2) Munirah - yet to know her well.
3) UmmiHanie - ibu muda yang menetap senegeri, bila leh jumpa ek
4)MamaDira - ni mmg real baru kenai
5) US-ummiAufa yg both anak dgn mak sgt la comeiii
6) Bed- dah lama kenai tapi sbb msg2 baru dlm dunia blogging, Bed baru 5 entry ,so kire newly discovered la tuh...

Saya rasa sampai setakat itu sajalah. memandangkan bloglist pun tak habis update lagi, so tak dpt nak teruskan...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TuTu For Shukrina

Another contest. This time again hosted by MSK collaboration with TutuWorkshop. Is about getting a 'tutu' for my girl. Sounds good and to participate in this kind of contest really fun and make friends too.

Ok, straight to the point. If for the first timer, what is tutu, you can refer to pic below. So cute right. Hey come on and dream your girl is wearing this!

pic from Tutuworkshop

Here are some pictures of Shukrina in a gown with short hair.

During 1 year-old birthday bash. Shukrina in pink head wreath

Shukrina at 1 year-old smiling in head band

Shukrina deserves the tutu because... here we go with the story…

One fine evening ..

Ummi : “Abi, look at Shukrina’s hair. Is just like you. short and curly”

Abi : “Well, like father like daughter”

Ummi : “Ummi just can’t wait to see her hair grow long rather than curling around . Is difficult for ummi to tie her hair. Nak dapat sejem

put pun susah tau ! If we rebond it, surely the hair is long by now . So jealous looking at other little girl with long hair”

Abi : "Be patient, One day it will grow longer"

Ummi is wondering ,how can ummi dress her up so that she still looks cute with short curly hair.

Ummi : "Abi, what about getting a tutu for Shukrina,She looks like little- princess

then." (Ummi explain to Abi what is tutu and show him some examples from

tutuworkshop )

Abi : "Tutu in a short hair..??"

Ummi : "Why not. We can pair up with hair accessories like headband, head wreath, colourful hair clips. She must be cuter" ( Ummi daydreaming on Shukrina in tutu )

Abi : " Okey then. Since she is still little kid, abi allows it. Remember, by the time she should be taught on aurah, we should explain"

Ummi : "Thanks abi..Shukrina definitely will loves it !"

How can ummi get a tutu for Shukrina ?

a) By purchasing a tutu that worth more than hundred

s ringgit ?

b) Ummi sew it myself ?( this idea totally cannot ‘pakai’but good thought for starting )

c) Participate in MSK & Tutuworkshop Contest. If Shukrina’s rezeki, she will win one.?

Hey, Ummi think c) is the best option. Who knows people’s luck.

Shukrina should get one for herself because ummi really want her to look girlish and sweet in tutu despite her short curly hair. Am sure if she able to express her thoughts, certainly she will sing the same song as ummi.

Hello…Tutu is not only for ‘princess with long shiny hair.. all little girls deserve it. Hey, give my girl a

the latest Shukrina

** the hair still short**

1. Describe about the contest with link back to http://mysuperkids.net and http://tutuworkshop.blogspot.com.

Come on mommies out there! Let’s participate on the latest contest organize by MySuperKids and TutuWorkshop. Dress up your girl and make her dream of being a princess comes true .You’ll see her smile and cheeriness . And u’ll touch when she express

“ Thank You Mummy. I really love this !”

Look at those beautiful tutus here. Absolutely it suits your girl nicely . Tutu will make her day rejoice . Get her one by participating in this contest. Who knows, it will be hers ……

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