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Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st tagging

I hope that I'm not gonna involve in any tag but somehowe, I received my 1st tag from a very nice - never seen , virtual fren
Here u go Nas..

The Rules:- Use ur mouse to write:
1. name or username
2. left handed or right handed

3. fav letter to write
4. least letter to write 5. buat exercise nih " The quick green alien jumps over the lazy blue turtle "
6. kene kan yg lain pulak

Good news- nobody will receive tag from me...

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Breastfeeding Journey- Part 1

Better late than never. While other mommies sharing their experiences in breastfeeding ( BF) their lil one since day 1 but I only started to jot down my BF journey after Shukrina turns 1. Appreciate Mummy HnH in guiding me what to write in this blog. This can be a reference/memory for my future child

My BF journey begun during my confinement period . Confinement time is luxury time , the only time I can relax, been treated like a princess , watching TV, surf net and most important NO HOUSE Chores J

Since my main reference ( my late mama) is not with me to guide me how, what , when , why ~ all sort of motherhood adventure , I only depends to my relatives/ friends/ net.

I would say I was a bit late to be introduced to SI which really change my paradigm, way of thinking in nurturing/ BF my daughter and of coz be friend with lots supermommies out there.

My first aim was to exclusive BF Shukrina for the 1st 2 months then only think about feeding her FM when I started work.

Even I found SI, but still I don’t go and study all the topic ( now I realizes why SI new comer started to post new question without bother/ know she need to browse and search for related topic). I know, I should pump the milk out, keep it in fridge for how long bla bla bla…but still I din’t keep much stock during confinement.

As a result, I supplied Shukrina with 2 bottle of EBM+ standby FM first day of work ( 2 EBM is not enough OK!). I can clearly remember, she refused to drink from bottle bcoz I taught her at very late stage ( 1 week b4 work) . What to do. Need to take half day off on my 1st day working . ( this was planned leave bcoz I need to settle some stuff at Land Office on the same day ) .

I admitted , the 1st workweek is the bz time for me to receive update /passdown from colleague ( after 2 month away and big changes happened at my office) , and I only pumped milk once per day.
But this was also the moment I spent time to really digest all important topic in SI and with help from someone who really lend me her hand in consulting & advising & introducing me to lactation world..

I shall put a full stop here. Will introduce who is my lactation counselor in next entry… till then.

Ummu Imtiyaz
Bayan Lepas

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For the first time Shukrina was admitted to hospital on Monday, 19 Jan 2008. And I have to take full day leave ( initially only half day, later in the afternoon, sms boss informing continue another half day )

The admission is solely on MMR injection. Before she could take the vaccination, I was told by nurse in Klinik Desa, to let her try eating egg. So last 2 months, I gave her a try eating telur rebus kenduri. Less than 1 hour, big red rashes came out, slowly became a lot and made her very uncomfortable… And that’s the sign that she has to take her vaccine at hosp.

The only reason is to observe if any unusual / rashes coming out after vaccinated ( since MMR contain small % of albumin ) and if it happen, doctor is available to give treatment immediately compare if u had it at normal Klinik desa and still u need to see doctor for rashes treatment later on. . 6 hours observation.. what a longggg day..

Alhamdulillah, Shukrina did not face any rash / any medical problem. How were we waiting for 6 hours at the hosp?? Luckily got TV, newspaper, lunch provided for me and few new friend to talk to…Silly me, did not bring any books to read and Shukrina difficult to sleep due to no ‘ndoi’/ cradle ..

And this morning, I found out that her body temperature was so high 39.5°C and she kept crying and felt very uncomfortable . Abi gave her medicine ( I only know this ubat call as ubat cucuk punggung ). Demah all around the body and bath her in warm water.We brought her to 24hrs clinic nearby and during that time , the temperature started to drop to 38°C.

This afternoon when I called up BS, the body still feel warm like her normal fever but appetite is still OK, just like she is stay healthy.

Today after a week++, she is healthy yet with mild flue an cough . but whining (merengek)/ ‘meghap’ is the most part that I cannot tahan ( oppss as a mother I should ban myself from grumbling anything related in rising my child ) but as normal human being.. I do make mistake / unconsciously nagging but that’s normal a child who just recovered from her illness, tend to be with mom all the time and whining for no reason.

Ummu Imtiyaz
Bayan Lepas

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Cervix Cancer Vaccination

I just receive an sms last few days from BP Diagnostic Center regading cervix cancer vaccination promotion. It trgigger me to surf for some info. I did heard bout this when I read one of magazine . The topic is not about this vaccine but talking bout this one ' Datin celebrity' who is very healthy concious just get vaccinated. and during that time I was talking to myself..'eleh org kaya..apa je vaksin, of coz dia afford' without taking an effort to get some info on this particular vaccine.

might be outdated on health info . But with this promotion I think I will grab the opportunity. RM500 for 3 doses !! (original price will be RM450-500 per dose). After discussing with Mr Abi and afterall using my health plan benefit from my company ( b4 they announce any revision on health plan with this global reccession that trigger my company to revise whatever scheme they offered to employee.

So, just visit or call in BP Lab nearest to u for info . am not sure whethre this promo in only for Penang area or nationalwide.

Just some info from Mr Google

Vaksin kanser pangkal rahim kini di Malaysia

Kaum wanita di Malaysia kini sudah boleh mula mendapatkan vaksin mencegah kanser pangkal rahim/serviks, kanser pembunuh kedua yang paling digeruni kaum Hawa selepas kanser payudara.

Dikeluarkan oleh firma farmaseutikal terkemuka di dunia, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), vaksin yang dikenali sebagai Gardasil itu telah pun berada di pasaran tempatan setelah mendapat kelulusan Pihak Berkuasa Kawalan Dadah Malaysia pada Oktober lalu.

Vaksin Rekombinan Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Kuadrivalen itu dihasilkan khususnya untuk mencegah kanser serviks, prakanser vagina/faraj dan prakanser vulva yang disebabkan oleh HPV jenis 16 dan 18.

Vaksin tersebut turut diluluskan untuk mencegah ketuat genital/alat kelamin dan lesi (zona tisu rosak) serviks gred rendah yang disebabkan oleh HPV jenis 6, 11, 16 dan 18.

‘‘HPV jenis 16 dan 18 merupakan punca bagi hampir 70 peratus kes kanser serviks, kanser vulva dan kanser faraj, dan merupakan punca bagi 50 peratus lesi.

‘‘Sementara itu, HPV 6 dan 11 menyebabkan kira-kira 90 peratus ketuat alat sulit. Empat jenis HPV ini menyebabkan kira-kira 35 hingga 50 peratus lesi gred rendah serviks, faraj dan vulva,’’ ujar Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kecil Onkologi Ginekologi, Persatuan Obstetrik dan Ginekologi Malaysia (OGSM), Dr. Suresh Kumarasamy.

Beliau berkata demikian pada majlis pelancaran media, Gardasil di ibu negara, baru-baru ini. Hadir sama Presiden OGSM, Dr. Abdul Aziz Yahya.

Dr. Suresh yang menyifatkan Gardasil sebagai suatu kejayaan besar dalam bidang kesihatan berkata, penggunaan vaksin ini diluluskan bagi gadis dan wanita yang berusia antara 9 hingga 26 tahun.

Tambahnya: ‘‘Vaksin diberikan menerusi tiga dos suntikan dengan selang dua bulan antara dos pertama dengan kedua, dan selang empat bulan antara dos kedua dengan ketiga.

‘‘Pemvaksinan ini tidak akan melindungi pesakit daripada jenis HPV yang tidak terangkum dalam vaksin ini. Vaksin ini tidak dimaksudkan sebagai rawatan bagi ketuat alat kelamin yang aktif, kanser serviks atau neoplasia intraepitelium vulva dan faraj.’’

Sementara itu, Dr. Abdul Aziz memberitahu, kanser serviks adalah jenis kanser yang kedua paling lazim dihidapi wanita di seluruh dunia dan juga di Malaysia.

Berdasarkan data Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO), hampir 500,000 kejadian baru kanser serviks dan 274,000 kematian akibat penyakit ini dilaporkan pada tahun 2002.

Pada tahun 2003, Daftar Kanser kebangsaan melaporkan bahawa kadar kasar kejadian kanser serviks di Malaysia ialah 16.5 wanita dalam setiap 100,000 penduduk. Penyakit ini mencakupi 12.9 peratus kanser yang dihidapi wanita.

‘‘Ini bermakna lebih 1,300 wanita didiagnosis menghidapi kanser serviks dan lebih 750 wanita mati akibat penyakit ini setiap hari.

‘‘Wanita perlu bersikap proaktif dalam usaha mengambil langkah untuk melindungi diri mereka daripada penyakit ini,’’ kata beliau.

Dr. Abdul Aziz mengulas lanjut, perubahan prakanser dan kanser awal serviks pada amnya tidak menyebabkan kesakitan atau gejala lain. Pemeriksaan Pap Smear adalah penting untuk membantu mengesan perubahan ini di dalam serviks.

‘‘Selain pemvaksinan, wanita di Malaysia harus terus menjalani pemeriksaan Pap Smear dengan tetap sebagai sebahagian daripada langkah standard penjagaan sistem pembiakan,” sarannya.

Vaksin kanser serviks MSD telah diluluskan untuk digunakan di lebih 40 negara, dan kegunaan tambahan vaksin ini sedang dikaji oleh agensi kawal atur di kira-kira 50 negara seluruh dunia.

Ujian klinikal

Lebih 27,000 lelaki dan wanita di 33 negara seluruh dunia telah menyertai percubaan klinikal bagi vaksin ini. Dalam analisis asas tergabung bagi kajian-kajian ini, bagi wanita yang belum terdedah kepada jenis HPV yang berkenaan, vaksin ini mencegah:

* 100 peratus prakanser serviks dan kanser serviks tidak invasif yang disebabkan oleh HPV jenis 16 dan 18

* 100 peratus prakanser vulva dan prakanser faraj yang disebabkan oleh HPV jenis 16 dan 18

* 95 peratus displasia serviks gred rendah dan prakanser yang disebabkan oleh HPV jenis 6,11, 16 dan 18

* 99 peratus lesi alat sulit luar yang merangkumi ketuat alat kelamin luar, kanser vulva dan kanser faraj yang disebabkan oleh HPV jenis 6,11,16 dan 18

* Keadaan peserta kajian diikuti sehingga empat tahun selepas penyertaan.

Di manakah Gardasil boleh didapati?

Vaksin kanser serviks MSD boleh didapati dari klinik obstetrik dan ginekologi, klinik pediatrik, klinik amalan am dan hospital swasta pada harga daripada RM450 bagi satu dos, bergantung pada tahap penjagaan masing-masing dan bayaran pentadbiran yang dikenakan oleh setiap pusat perubatan.


Apa itu kanser serviks?

Kanser serviks berlaku di bahagian rahim/uterus berbentuk kon yang menyambungkan bahagian atas rahim dengan faraj.

Ia terjadi apabila sel-sel abnormal di dalam lapisan serviks mula membiak secara tidak terkawal sebagai tindak balas terhadap jangkitan HPV. Sel-sel serviks yang abnormal boleh berkumpul untuk membentuk gumpalan/tumor.

Tumor benigna/tidak berkanser tidak merebak dan biasanya tidak memudaratkan. Tumor malignan/berkanser pula merebak dari puncanya dan membesar sehingga menjadi kanser yang mengancam nyawa.


Hampir kesemua kejadian kanser serviks disebabkan oleh sejenis human papillomavirus (HPV) 6 iaitu virus biasa yang menjangkiti kira-kira separuh manusia pada suatu ketika dalam hidup mereka. Lebih dua pertiga kes kanser serviks disebabkan oleh HPV berisiko tinggi jenis 16 dan 18.

Siapakah yang berisiko?

Kanser serviks selalunya berlaku pada wanita dalam usia 40-an dan 50-an, ketika ramai di antara mereka membesarkan anak-anak dan menyumbang pendapatan keluarga.


Pap Smear atau lumuran Pap adalah suatu ujian saringan ringkas yang biasanya dilakukan di pejabat doktor atau klinik, untuk mengesan sel-sel serviks yang abnormal atau berkanser.

Oleh sebab Pap Smear boleh mengesan perubahan serviks sebelum ia berkembang menjadi kanser, ujian ini berjaya mengurangkan kematian akibat kanser serviks dengan banyaknya sejak ia mula digunakan secara meluas pada dekad 1950-an.

Antara tahun 1950 hingga tahun 1970, bilangan kematian akibat kanser serviks di Amerika Syarikat berkurangan sebanyak 70 peratus.

Walau bagaimanapun, seperti ujian perubatan yang lain, Pap Smear tidak sempurna. Ada kalanya, ia tidak menemui keabnormalan serviks yang memang wujud.

Namun pemeriksaan yang kerap dapat membantu wanita dan penyedia penjagaan kesihatan mereka untuk mengatasi pemeriksaan yang memberikan hasil negatif yang palsu ini.


Perubahan prakanser dan peringkat awal kanser serviks biasanya tidak menyebabkan rasa sakit mahupun menampakkan gejala-gejala lain.

Oleh itu, adalah penting untuk menjalani pemeriksaan Pap Smear dengan kerap bagi mengesan prakanser serviks atau kanser pada peringkat yang boleh dirawat dengan paling berkesan.

Apabila penyakit ini berkembang, wanita mungkin memerhatikan salah satu atau beberapa gejala berikut:

* Pendarahan faraj abnormal

* Pendarahan antara haid

* Pendarahan selepas bersetubuh, menggunakan dus/pancutan atau pemeriksaan pelvis

* Haid yang lebih lama dan lebih banyak daripada selalu

* Pendarahan selepas menopaus/putus haid

* Lelehan yang lebih banyak dari faraj

* Rasa sakit pada pelvis

* Rasa sakit semasa bersetubuh.


Kanser serviks biasanya boleh dicegah sekiranya wanita melakukan pemeriksaan Pap Smear secara berkala/kerap.


Apa itu HPV?

HPV adalah sejenis virus yang biasa. Ada lebih 100 jenis HPV, yang kebanyakannya tidak berapa berbahaya, tidak menampakkan apa-apa gejala dan akan hilang dengan sendirinya. Antara kesemua ini, kira-kira 30 jenis menjangkiti bahagian alat sulit lelaki dan wanita.

Siapakah yang dijangkiti?

Kira-kira 630 juta orang dijangkiti HPV di seluruh dunia. Sekurang-kurangnya separuh daripada kalangan lelaki dan wanita yang aktif seks akan mendapat jangkitan HPV alat sulit pada suatu ketika dalam hidup mereka.

Kira-kira 80 peratus wanita akan terjangkit menjelang usia 50 tahun. Jangkitan HPV paling lazim berlaku di kalangan pemuda-pemudi yang berusia antara 18 hingga 28 tahun.

Kebanyakan jangkitan HPV tidak menampakkan tanda atau gejala, dan virus ini boleh disebarkan walaupun tiada gejala seperti ketuat atau tanda-tanda lain yang boleh dilihat, yang timbul.

Kesan yang ditinggalkan oleh jangkitan HPV

Kebanyakan jangkitan HPV hilang dengan sendirinya dalam masa 24 bulan pertama melalui gerak balas semula jadi keimunan badan.

Jangkitan oleh jenis HPV yang berisiko tinggi iaitu jenis 16, 18, 31 dan 45, jika berlarutan, antara lainnya boleh mengakibatkan kanser serviks dan kanser lain pada kemaluan. HPV 16 dan 18 menyebabkan kira-kira 70 peratus kanser serviks.

Jenis HPV yang berisiko rendah pula boleh menyebabkan terbentuknya ketuat alat kelamin, iaitu ketumbuhan bukan kanser seumpama daging yang muncul pada bahagian alat kelamin dan sekelilingnya. HPV jenis 6 dan 11 adalah punca bagi 90 peratus kes ketuat alat sulit.

Sekali sekala, jangkitan HPV jenis 6 dan 11 oleh si ibu boleh menyebabkan bayi mendapat papilomatosis pernafasan berulang – penyakit dengan lesi-lesi tidak berkanser di dalam saluran pernafasan, menjadikan suara serak, sukar bernafas.


Bagi wanita yang berusia lebih 30 tahun, suatu ujian molekul yang baru dihasilkan dapat mengenal pasti jangkitan HPV dengan lebih pasti dan berguna khususnya bersama-sama hasil ujian Pap Smear yang mendedahkan keabnormalan kecil yang mungkin disebabkan oleh jangkitan HPV.


Buat masa ini, tiada ubat antivirus yang boleh merawat jangkitan HPV. Namun ada pelbagai rawatan bagi penyakit-penyakit yang berkaitan dengan jangkitan HPV.


Lakukan hubungan saling monogami jangka panjang dengan pasangan yang tidak terjangkit atau dengan mengehadkan bilangan pasangan seks.

Jika betul penggunaannya, kondom boleh mengurangkan risiko jangkitan HPV. Ingatlah, bahawa HPV biasanya tidak menampakkan gejala atau tanda, jadi sukar untuk mengetahui sama ada seseorang itu terjangkit ataupun tidak.

Satu-satunya cara yang 100 peratus berkesan untuk mencegah jangkitan HPV adalah dengan mengelakkan sebarang sentuhan alat sulit secara seksual dengan seseorang yang mempunyai virus ini.

Bertanyalah penyedia penjagaan kesihatan anda tentang ujian pemeriksaan Pap Smear yang kerap serta berbincanglah mengenai hasilnya dengan mereka.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New phase in my life

I'm grumbling /complaining/nagging /name it ...is quite difficult to manage ur own blog.. up to today, I've changed my blog template bout 3 times...add in here n there, whatever relevant gadgets, change font/ color ( at last tak mengancam tara mana pun )..

with help from Mummy HnH for bcome my sifu, sharing knowledge bout blog and etc…

If happened any visitor/ reader out there( I haven’t officially announce it to public ) read this Imtiyaz Blog, hope that u don’t expect much..I’m afraid, I’m not a daily blogger… weekly/monthly blogger..?? I’m trying hard to reach that level..

And worry posting will be merapu meraban . try to share as much info about surrounding and myworld but sometimes it might defeat the purpose of why am I blogging…

Thanks to all blogger that listed in my blog list. These are blogs I enjoy reading even some of them don’t early know me or not aware my existing as their blog reader.hehe

To me....Welcome to new phase ..blogging world

Ummu Imtiyaz
Bayan Lepas

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After a year

** This entry was published on 8 Jan 2009, but somehow as a newbie in blogging world , I've unintentionally deleted it off while doing some housekeeping of this blog**

Shukrina is already 1year and 8 days ( the time I wrote this entry ). As passing her 1 year , she started developing and conquering skills. As of today she able to :

1) eat on her own ( with no doubt ummi has to sweep the floor after letting her feed herself and change her cloth –baby bibs all not work for this lil’ girl

2) she cant see cloth folding nicely in cupboard or basket, definitely she will help to rearrange ( or in other words, get ummi to do extra and repeated job- fold back the cloth )

3) same goes to magazine/books in the designated place…

4) among all the books, she prefer Steven Covey 7 habits, she will pull the same book from the shelf and start to( read??)

5) walk..even bit slow but progessing well…from the very first step now until 7steps then jatuh ,.ok la tu..

6) new hobby.. bergayut at craddle…standing and hold the craddle and practice to walk … ( but this one ummi has to watch u out as ur tendency to fell down is high)

7) anything related to pressing- cpu button/ tv/remote/hp

8) chef in the making- helping ummi with all the senduk/spoon/bowl

9) able to catch up few words~ ummi, ba( for tokba), book, when ummi say one, she will continue two,babai

10) know where is nose and mouth

11) comb her hair ( not perfectly done- just put the comb behind her ear as if combing hair)

12) talk thru hp ( same – the hp is not place properly at ear but behind the ear

13) when we say Allahuakbar, she will put both of her palm to the ear-like muazzin perform azan –

14) some more skill that need ummi’s time to figure out…

since this is my first child, I ‘ve no idea whether is her development is ok or bit slow compare to other child .. except can just refer to some guideline. ummi doesn’t want to compare bcoz ummi believe in you..soner or later, u will just like other kids …can eat , can run, can read, bla..bla..bla…insyaAllah.

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Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration !!

My niat to organize a small kenduri when Shukrina reach 1. and Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, with the Rezk, time and energy…we had a birthday celebration on 3rd Jan 2009 ( a week ago ) but it’s more to majlis kesyukuran .. not to forget to have cake, cupcakes ( from and variety of menu prepared by ummi’s deares aunties, preparation & d├ęcor by uncle and cousins

Friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors were my honorable guests

But Shukrina was not in a good mood . fall asleep when the party just about to start . Ummi hoped that she could hold for a while but with the cry, scream and abi advised to let her sleep. ( She might tired doing preparation as well J )

Eventually, Ummi la has to cut the cake.. bcoz lot of kids were around waiting for the cake. It’s ok….furthermore singing a birthday song and candle is not in our plan

After bout 45minutes, then only Shukrina woke up and still able to do the cake cutting

Let the pic tell the stories..

For all my dearest, husband , papa, aunties, uncles and cousin ..thank you so much for helping tp organize this kenduri for Lil’ Shukrina

Ummu Imtiyaz

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Goodbye 2008 and Welcome 2009..

With the economic status that give a very big impact to most of US base company in M'sia and a new that I heard ( or they try to hide it from me) from the mtg this afternoon, make me scared..

to find a new cheese in 2009?? is not that easy. I'm just still love the current cheese ' taste but it is almost finish...

Rezki is from Allah, anywhere yet I have to work harder, put extra effort, let Him determine.InsyaAllah...

Do want to start the 2009 wt 'bad' feeling.

I do have Imtiyaz that strenghten me to go thru all this.. and all the determination listed.

Ummu Imtiyaz

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