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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Year Older, A Year Wiser

Today mark another year added to my age. I turn 27 today. Alhamdulilah, praise to Allah for the nikmat Iman & Islam for the past 27 years

Time flies so fast. What I have been doing for 27 years in earth? Do I really make use of the years wisely ?

There are lots of questions suddenly pop-up in my mind when it comes to 16 Sep

1. I am 27 today, am I behave like one?

2. What have I achieve by the age of 27 vs what should I achieve by the age of 27?

3. Have I done a good job in my career, where am I in my career life?

4. How bout nurturing my beloved girl? Am I a good mother to her and a good wife to my husband ? Is the service to my husband is getting better as our marriage year grows

5. The most important question that I should ask myself is, how about my preparation to hereafter. Am I getting nearer or farther from Allah. My amal ibadah is getting more or lesser? How many have I helped around. Does my charity works continues..??

At this age,no hard feeling if no cake cutting, party and receive gifts to speak of. I just want to take a little time to look insight of my life,my future

My 27th birth day is only today but I have another 364 days to determine what/where would I be on my next 28th birthday. I want my next 28th birthday is more meaningful whereby I may get a good answers for all the questions that I posted above.

Am I ‘celebrating’ my birthday today seriously with heavy thought ??. Do you think so..?? Heyy, am I suppose to be happy, enjoy this day. Happy Birthday to me!! :)

Thanks abang for the lovely and meaningful present. Can I ask more next year??

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12 sharing:

Sitisifir10 said...

27 is still young...insya ALLAH moga ALLAH berikanlah lebih kesempatan untuk menjadi yang terbaik dari yang sebelum ini...amin

HAppy besday anyway..

ar.nie said...

Happy 27th Birthday Dayah!

Semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki selalu... ;)

Bed said...

selamat hari jadi dayah..semoga dipanjangkan umur dimurahkan rezeki & diberkati allah ke atas setiap pekerjaan / ibadah yg ko lakukan...amin....

el said...

hepi besday dayah
semoga dimurahkan rezeki
semoga berbahagai bersama keluarga tercinta....

Rozy said...

Selamat Hari Jadi Dayah..
May All your wish comes true (sound cliche ehh)..
Apa2 pun nice knowing you!

Farah said...

happy birthday dayah!! tak sangka kan byk plak blogger yang i kenal sebaya rupenye..

semoga di murahkan rezeki selalu!

mirah said...

moga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. Moga sentiasa juga dalam rahmat kasih sayang Allah.. :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

happy birthday dayah! smg diberkati Allah & dipanjangkan umo dlm keimanan dan ketaatan pdNya..

kakyong said...

heheheee.. teringat resolusi kakyong semasa sambut besday yg ke 37 last Jan 2009.. sama jer soklan2 yg termain2 di pikiran...

semoga bertambah matang meniti usia..

Dayah said...

buat semua sahabat2 yang sudi wish saya..terima kasih banyak2..saya juga mendoakan kesejahteraan sahabat2 dan keluarga semua..

Lady Qay said...

dayah, happy bsday beb..aku lupa nak wish hang ritu kalut nak cuti..hahaha..anyway, moga thun ni akan lbih bmkna dr thun lps..slt ari raya..takdan nak p rmh hang tahun ni..blik sat ja..

Dayah said...

Qay..thks..takpa ..lain kali kita jumpa lagi...selamat hari raya..balik lenggong leklok