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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New phase in my life

I'm grumbling /complaining/nagging /name it ...is quite difficult to manage ur own blog.. up to today, I've changed my blog template bout 3 times...add in here n there, whatever relevant gadgets, change font/ color ( at last tak mengancam tara mana pun )..

with help from Mummy HnH for bcome my sifu, sharing knowledge bout blog and etc…

If happened any visitor/ reader out there( I haven’t officially announce it to public ) read this Imtiyaz Blog, hope that u don’t expect much..I’m afraid, I’m not a daily blogger… weekly/monthly blogger..?? I’m trying hard to reach that level..

And worry posting will be merapu meraban . try to share as much info about surrounding and myworld but sometimes it might defeat the purpose of why am I blogging…

Thanks to all blogger that listed in my blog list. These are blogs I enjoy reading even some of them don’t early know me or not aware my existing as their blog reader.hehe

To me....Welcome to new phase ..blogging world

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4 sharing:

Mummy HnH@arnie said...

Hai Dayah,

Kiter pon xdela terel blogging nie... just blog ikut sesedap raser... heheh... if u need any help, just buzz me... Insya Allah, kalau boleh tolong kiter tolong...

btw, kalau xde idea kan, just update perkembangan baby pon ok... nnt later on, Ummi boleh tengok balek, utk kenangan... ;)

Dayah said...

thnks Arnie..mmg nak update tntg prkembgn anak tapi kkdg masa nak taip panjang2tu kurang skit..nak pikir lagi apa nak tulih..

insyaAllah, saya akan trus memblogging...

NaDiaH said...

baru tahu dayah ada blog=).

byk input yg kite dpt dr blog dayah ni terutama yg berkaitan dgn ibu. nnt update lg ek=)

Dayah said...

dayah ni bukannya rajin sgt tulih, tapi la ni baru nak berjinak2..nak merapu buleh la..klu nak ilmiah sgt, payah la skit..

balik penang tak ..??