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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Breastfeeding Journey- Part 1

Better late than never. While other mommies sharing their experiences in breastfeeding ( BF) their lil one since day 1 but I only started to jot down my BF journey after Shukrina turns 1. Appreciate Mummy HnH in guiding me what to write in this blog. This can be a reference/memory for my future child

My BF journey begun during my confinement period . Confinement time is luxury time , the only time I can relax, been treated like a princess , watching TV, surf net and most important NO HOUSE Chores J

Since my main reference ( my late mama) is not with me to guide me how, what , when , why ~ all sort of motherhood adventure , I only depends to my relatives/ friends/ net.

I would say I was a bit late to be introduced to SI which really change my paradigm, way of thinking in nurturing/ BF my daughter and of coz be friend with lots supermommies out there.

My first aim was to exclusive BF Shukrina for the 1st 2 months then only think about feeding her FM when I started work.

Even I found SI, but still I don’t go and study all the topic ( now I realizes why SI new comer started to post new question without bother/ know she need to browse and search for related topic). I know, I should pump the milk out, keep it in fridge for how long bla bla bla…but still I din’t keep much stock during confinement.

As a result, I supplied Shukrina with 2 bottle of EBM+ standby FM first day of work ( 2 EBM is not enough OK!). I can clearly remember, she refused to drink from bottle bcoz I taught her at very late stage ( 1 week b4 work) . What to do. Need to take half day off on my 1st day working . ( this was planned leave bcoz I need to settle some stuff at Land Office on the same day ) .

I admitted , the 1st workweek is the bz time for me to receive update /passdown from colleague ( after 2 month away and big changes happened at my office) , and I only pumped milk once per day.
But this was also the moment I spent time to really digest all important topic in SI and with help from someone who really lend me her hand in consulting & advising & introducing me to lactation world..

I shall put a full stop here. Will introduce who is my lactation counselor in next entry… till then.

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2 sharing:

Mummy HnH@arnie said...

Terharunya namaku di'mention' di sini... *hugs*

btw, saya 100% agree about your 1st impression on SI forum... I felt the same too... So, I did't blame new momies asking the same Qs by oepning new topics.. I was in their shoes too, cuma takder guts nak buka new topic ajer... heheh...

Dayah said...

Ye le Arni..
saya pun takpenah rasa nak start new topic...just go with wave ... need to spend some time ( bukan sedikit ) to read thru all the topics