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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

After a year

** This entry was published on 8 Jan 2009, but somehow as a newbie in blogging world , I've unintentionally deleted it off while doing some housekeeping of this blog**

Shukrina is already 1year and 8 days ( the time I wrote this entry ). As passing her 1 year , she started developing and conquering skills. As of today she able to :

1) eat on her own ( with no doubt ummi has to sweep the floor after letting her feed herself and change her cloth –baby bibs all not work for this lil’ girl

2) she cant see cloth folding nicely in cupboard or basket, definitely she will help to rearrange ( or in other words, get ummi to do extra and repeated job- fold back the cloth )

3) same goes to magazine/books in the designated place…

4) among all the books, she prefer Steven Covey 7 habits, she will pull the same book from the shelf and start to( read??)

5) walk..even bit slow but progessing well…from the very first step now until 7steps then jatuh ,.ok la tu..

6) new hobby.. bergayut at craddle…standing and hold the craddle and practice to walk … ( but this one ummi has to watch u out as ur tendency to fell down is high)

7) anything related to pressing- cpu button/ tv/remote/hp

8) chef in the making- helping ummi with all the senduk/spoon/bowl

9) able to catch up few words~ ummi, ba( for tokba), book, when ummi say one, she will continue two,babai

10) know where is nose and mouth

11) comb her hair ( not perfectly done- just put the comb behind her ear as if combing hair)

12) talk thru hp ( same – the hp is not place properly at ear but behind the ear

13) when we say Allahuakbar, she will put both of her palm to the ear-like muazzin perform azan –

14) some more skill that need ummi’s time to figure out…

since this is my first child, I ‘ve no idea whether is her development is ok or bit slow compare to other child .. except can just refer to some guideline. ummi doesn’t want to compare bcoz ummi believe in you..soner or later, u will just like other kids …can eat , can run, can read, bla..bla..bla…insyaAllah.

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