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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


For the first time Shukrina was admitted to hospital on Monday, 19 Jan 2008. And I have to take full day leave ( initially only half day, later in the afternoon, sms boss informing continue another half day )

The admission is solely on MMR injection. Before she could take the vaccination, I was told by nurse in Klinik Desa, to let her try eating egg. So last 2 months, I gave her a try eating telur rebus kenduri. Less than 1 hour, big red rashes came out, slowly became a lot and made her very uncomfortable… And that’s the sign that she has to take her vaccine at hosp.

The only reason is to observe if any unusual / rashes coming out after vaccinated ( since MMR contain small % of albumin ) and if it happen, doctor is available to give treatment immediately compare if u had it at normal Klinik desa and still u need to see doctor for rashes treatment later on. . 6 hours observation.. what a longggg day..

Alhamdulillah, Shukrina did not face any rash / any medical problem. How were we waiting for 6 hours at the hosp?? Luckily got TV, newspaper, lunch provided for me and few new friend to talk to…Silly me, did not bring any books to read and Shukrina difficult to sleep due to no ‘ndoi’/ cradle ..

And this morning, I found out that her body temperature was so high 39.5°C and she kept crying and felt very uncomfortable . Abi gave her medicine ( I only know this ubat call as ubat cucuk punggung ). Demah all around the body and bath her in warm water.We brought her to 24hrs clinic nearby and during that time , the temperature started to drop to 38°C.

This afternoon when I called up BS, the body still feel warm like her normal fever but appetite is still OK, just like she is stay healthy.

Today after a week++, she is healthy yet with mild flue an cough . but whining (merengek)/ ‘meghap’ is the most part that I cannot tahan ( oppss as a mother I should ban myself from grumbling anything related in rising my child ) but as normal human being.. I do make mistake / unconsciously nagging but that’s normal a child who just recovered from her illness, tend to be with mom all the time and whining for no reason.

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2 sharing:

nasz said...

skali skala shukrina nak bermanja la tu...

Dayah said...

skali skala Nas ..?? dah berkala2..heheh..itu la..anak sorang..nnti klu ada adik, lein skit kot