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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding of the year

I think I should write about this event. Friends,you should know, I am among the one who loves attending wedding. Dunno why, my husband also query. Is not only attend weeding, eat and go back, I will always find opportunity to meet with couples, visit bilik pengantin, hantaran..macam keypochi je kan bunyinya..hahha..whatever la.. as long as I am happy by seeing all the beautiful things specially created for wedding.

Last Sat, I went to my ex-colleague wedding. She just resigned due to getting married.I would say this is Wedding of the Year from all weddings I’ve attended this year. Why.. One of it is because she is a daughter to one of well known Dato’ Seri in Penang.. So can you imagine how is ‘anak-anak orang kaya punya wedding, kan !” Everybody is thrilled to go to her wedding . She has total 6 times of ceremony, started with Majlis Berinai, Majlis akad nikah, wedding lunch ( 12pm-3pm), wedding dinner (7pm – 10pm). Both were at home. Another wedding dinner at 6star hotel in Penang next week. And the last one is the bride side.

Our dear Penang Governor and MP of Tasek Gelugor who is also ex- 2nd Finance Minister, Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yaacob is honorable guests of the day.

Beside the bridegroom is my friend, what make is more significant in this knot is she is married to a person that I will remember to the end of my life, who took care of my arwah mama for about 2 months at hospital. The bride , a Chinese convert Muslim guy , is the most nice and kind hearted medical officer and neuro specialist I ever known. Is not only me. You can ask any patient who has been treated under him, everybody will say a good thing bout him. Is not only to patient, he is nice to patient’ family .At a glance you will think he is a handsome Malay guy but actually he is Chindian. He can speak Bahasa fluently . And now after married , can I say he is Chinndianyu ? heheheh…

After demise of arwah mama in 2007, I met him back in mid-2008 in one of party held at my friend ( his wife now). Both just be a couple that time. At first, he can’t recognize me . Of course. He has been treating thousand of patients but after my friend mention my mama’ s name, then he able to recall. Actually arwah mama is a Hospital staff. And knew him even before she fall sick. That is why when I just mention arwah mama’s name, then he able to recall.

When we met at the party, he also asked about my father and brother. He is very concern.

And yesterday, besides the ‘grand and glamour’ guests, when her wife was introducing him to each of us , group of her ex-officemate , and when I was about to congrates both couple, he said “Ha..this girl I know.” , I just replied as “ Wahh..you still remember me .? I never hope that he can still recognize me . He kissed SI’s cheek.

Enjoy some picture of the day.

Anak dara saya dengan tocang senget sebelah

To both newly married couple, may you have a joyous marriage life for ever and bless with many children !!

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6 sharing:

el said...

comel SI berbaju kurung bertoceng 2 hehehehe...wahh ko kwn ngan anak dato seri
kelasss auntieee..hehehehehe

mirah said...

comelnya shukrina tu. Btw, dayah, perut belum nampak lagi ek? ke sebab pakai jubah tu..

nasz said...

tahniah pd pasangan pengantin..

amboi shukrina, sgt cute ngn baju kurung, tocang lg...

nmpk sgt concern nye pengantin lelaki tu ye. bagus, sesuai ngn kerjaya dia

Dayah said...

el..kalau hang tny OD budak ni, sure dia kenai jugak...dia bleh je keje dgn bapak dia, tapi dia mai jugak kompeni kami...

Dayah said...

dua-dua pun iye..perut tak nampak lagi and sbb pakai jubah longgar ni. :)

NAs,mmg doc tu baik sgt...moga depa hidup bahagia..

mamashasha said...

dayah...standard la weeding org kekaya ni kan..kekadang aku rasa bile dok dikalangan org yg mcm tu terasa kecik je aku ni...deme sumer bagus2 & cantik2!!aku suke SI bertocang 2 tuh....nak pulak dia kan..kalau shasha jgn harap lemas aku tgk rambut dia yg curly tu.....