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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hunting for job

Last 2 week, there was a Career and Post Graduate Fair at PISA. I was there not to visit but as exhibitor. Actually my company took part in the fair and I helped our HR to be dutied at booth.

There crowd was big but I would say previous years even bigger. Since 2005 until now except 2008, I helped out at our company booth. Even is tiring but joyful. Tiring due to you can hardly sit from 9.00am to 6pm.Continue talking and treating people. Distribute forms and souvenirs and some other clerical job. But I enjoy looking at human’s who are most of them visiting the fair for one purpose : to search for job

When I was at my first year joining this career fair, I was thinking that we able to get pool of resume and candidates to fill up vacancies at our company. Yes, we did it. Every end of the fair, we would bring back thousands of résumé and applications home. But from what Staffing Manager told me. From this pool, actually 80% of it is not what we are looking for. I had the opportunity to quickly went thru some resume. Ya..she is correct. There are not from a outshine employee or high flyer . Most are so-so only.

From my experience working in Recruitment team, I learn a skill on howx to analyze people from their resume , I mean from his position, salary, companies that he joined and project he worked on. I am trying to tell is good employee do not come to career fair to find job. They may either apply it online, thru friend recommendation or headhunter. Those who are at career fair is sort of desperate to find/ change job. But my statement might be wrong. There is a pool of best employee were hanging around at the fair. I met one of my ex-colleague . She is good and always have better opportunity is career life. She was there too.She was there just to test the market. Alahai..macam best je.

So how bout your luck in job hunting. Are you the one who is lucky enough. Easy to get new job? prefer to jump here and there? Or just stick to one company after you feel comfortable with it? I wrote about job satisfaction some time ago

As for me, I hope that I can change my career field but since I am expecting..tunggu bersalin dulu la kot.

p/s : my counterpart is leaving soon. Sedihnya….

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8 sharing:

Anonymous said...

i've been job hunting since august. apply kerja sendiri & even regist with recruiter.

result, in these months, baru 4 interview..and semua no luck.

this friday ada 1 interview..doa2 la ada rezeki. hati dah mula resah dok rumah lama sgt & miya perlu bersosial at daycare.

mamashasha said...

aku selesa dgn job sekarang tp tak bermakna taknak mencari peluang lain...ada le dulu masa frust kat sini mencari peluang lain.tapi setelah difikirkan kembali dr pelbagai sudut..gaji,job task,management,lokasi,rakan sekerja aku memilih utk setia disini....hehe...inilah juga keje pertama ku selepas grad...

kinna said...

aku plak rasa perjlnn karier aku smooth la jugak..dpt keje yg aku nk (cuti byk, gaji ok, bos ok, environment ok)..
maybe rezki murah berkat makbapak smyg dhuha hari2..

Dayah said...

Mama-miya, u are here oredy?? tak tau pun..insyaAllah, I pray for u..mungkin better opportunity skit kot sbb tu lambat skit...

Dayah said...

Bed..aku pun bila dah selesa, malas pulak nak pindah randah.tapi mmg ada org yg suka jump sana sini..gaji naik lagi byk...

Dayah said...

kinah..aku ingat kinna mana la ni...aku taktau pun hang ada blog..dari mana hang mai terjah blog aku ni..hehehe

career life hang mmg senang..grad2 dah join gomen...kami yg private ni jalan penuh liku..huhuhu... rezki murah sbb PAk Ahmad dan isteri solat dhuha ari2..? bagus la..anaknya bila nak solat dhuha ari2..heheheh

Anonymous said...

i'm still in oz la...kat sini mmg unemployment tgh teruk..economy tgh slowly recover. imagine, ada org yg more than 10yrs experienced project manager kena kerja kilang papan.

my luck aje ni la, nak mencuba nasib di negara org.

Dayah said...

Mama-miya..oooh..good la..to find new exposure there. lama lagi ke nak bermastautin kat sana