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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Satisfy with your job ?

How is your level of satisfaction with your current job
(regardless your are
Full Time Working Mom -FTWM, Stay-At-Home Mom -SAHM, Working –at-Home Mom – WAHM, Small-Office-Home-Office Mom –SOHO )

Rate it 1 to 5?
For me 3.

Why ?

Because I think another 50 % is out there for me to explore. Since this is the 1st industry/ sector I joined after school, there a abundance of opportunity out there to be adventured.

The 50% I gave is because, I thankful to Allah that fate me to be here. I am nobody in the company, no title like you all but I am just happy to be here.
But still lots of other things that me make not so happy ..
biasa la manusia ..ada ja yang tak kena..

What make people satisfy with their job ( not in preference order )

- Do you think position play a role ? If u have a degree yet working as a clerk, am sure your are looking a position that match your paper qualification right ?

- Every year your are getting promotion , walla…

Salary & Rewarding Environment
- Salary does matter . For instant I am an engineer but my pay is like technician . This really disappointed me!
- If you have chance knowing salary of a person who likes to jump from one company to another , is no surprise their salary is higher than you that have been loyal to the company with the same duration time. One of reason people jumping . I jump u jump?

Company/ Organization reputation
- Does your company is listed in 30 best company to work with?
- Company reputation also one of signal of security especially to the employee . Even I am a janitor in the office but the company satisfy my need and I am happy with the reputation , they always make money and share the profit with employee

Job excitement/ passion
You are a medical staff but your feel working around sick people make you even sick. Sooner or later, u will loose passion

But for a teacher who loves the field very much, teaching ABC everyday is fun for her. No boredom at all

Less Stress

Live healthily whether at home or office. I am sure we are not happy working under stress as if people push you to the corner until no breadth .
Tapi stress skit2 kena ada baru la move beyond kan!

- I think SAHM/WAHM/SOHO mom will vote for this. How bout FTWM ?
Your are allowed to go out during lunch, fetch your child from morning school, go out for a while to bank ,
lari settle hal peribadi and etc. Hilang from workstation and nobody question

It will be happier if no punch/scanner in the company to record down what time you are in and out. There is such a company- big company, believe me !

Only 6 points. But more points can be the reason whether u satisfy or not.

How you rate your job satisfaction ? 1-5 ?
Any other points to add in for those available 6 ?


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6 sharing:

Hanz said...

All in all, I'm happy & grateful with my current job now, the only thing that make me stress because of the distance from our house to the office. After we take care of it (moving house very soon, yay!!! so it will be 15mins away instead of more than 1 hour), our life gonna be blissful. Workload? Not much...unless out of the blue, the bosses need me to do something urgent. Pay? Just nice & increment & bonus is available without anticipation. Status cum paper qualification? Does'nt matter here coz everyone is working with each other even boss do clerical/despatch work! he, he...
Flexibility? I got the green light to bring my elder boy twice a week to the office so that I can homeschool him. What more can I ask?

Dayah said...

thk for the comment..
beshnya can bring son to office.
Me too, travelling is a tiring part. keje tak tara mana, travel yg letih banyak..heheheh.

I'd rather choose a new company rather than move to another house near to my current company..hihih, I just loved the residents here.

kakyong said...

salam Dayah,

I get my job satisfaction after i jump to the 3rd employer.. why? sbb kat 3rd company tu, kakyong dah jd bos.. 2nd bos actually, not HOD. tp a lot of thing I need to manage & most of the decision is ON me..

masa tu the 7 years experience really a good helper & guideline... lagipun kakyong dah merasa buat kerja serendah kerja kerani.. so bila dah jd 2nd bos, nak mengarah staff buat itu ini sesuka hati daku jer..

kalo depa komplen, i will explain balik.. if i can do the job within time limit, i expect them to do/complete it at least 80% drp masa yg kakyong spent.. anyone dare to challenge me?? if u spent more than my expectation time.. then jgn nak question me time appraisal nanti... hahahaaa... best tau jadi bos...

so dayah & Hanz.. ay this level, pick up sebanyk pengalaman.. ade peluang lompat ke sy lain yg lebih baik & get hire post & salary.... & be a bos pulak.. but make sure u jd bos yg lebih baik drp ur former bos..

selain boleh buat kerja, u mesti pandai nak lead, pandai nak bg training, sabar dgn kerenah staff, pandai PR dgn staffs (stff ni memang byk jer putar-belit depa.. i dont read pepl mind, tp i pernah berada di tmpt depa.. so i sort of knew what they r thinking...)... & earn ur staff's respect... respect is very subjective.. just bcoz u r the bos jgn simply ingat org akan respect u.. unless u respect ur staffs too... mulut jgn celupar tak tentu hala.. nak marah pun bior ade point & pengajaran... heheh.. macam ngajar anak lah jugak kan..

all the best to all of you....!!!

Dayah said...

thanks for the very valuable advise..panjang lebar dari seorg yg berpengalaman...

tu la kakyong..saya ni baru keje setahun dua..dh rasa buhsan...blum lagi post yg mencabar cm kakyong jadi boss...saya ada 2 subordinates tapi tulah depa dua ni lagi tua dari saya..mcm pangkat mak dah...

kakyong said...


kakyong pun penah ade subordinate yg pangkat makcik ni... memang susah, sbb depa dah jd keras bak buluh memang tak leh lentur dah.. cuba2 lah berbaik2 dgn depa, kenalpasti baikburuk depa & nak assign job pun tak leh nak push sgt2.. cuba la berdiskusi & berdiplomasi... memang susah, tak dinafikan langsung.. tak pasal2 depa tikam kita kat belakang (depa p report kat bos la.. konon2 kita ni yg teruk...

Dayah said...

saya ni nyk juga jaga hati depa..sbbnya satu faktor umur, kedua sbb depa ni senior kat kompeni dia..n depa ni pulak mengaku depa dah dlm comfort zone..so hint la kat kita..

tapi kalau kdg2 naik darah, angin jugak saya..hehehe