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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My vote for Earth Hour

How was my 60 minutes Earth Hour last night ...?? As what I planned before ?

I attended one of my old friend wedding in the afternoon. Since I went together with my aunt, so I lepak bit longer at her house (rumah tu bukan asing - is where I lived before-kira kampung saya le tu )

So I planned to vote for Earth Hour at my kampung. since abi is not with us, so why dont I do it with my relatives. In the evening we went our to store nearby to buy stuff for dinner. and I grab 2 box of candles. I was standing next to ~10-year-old boy and saying that I need candle too (looking at him choosing the candle ) .

"Tonite going to off the light"

He showed his thumb up to me ( dalam hati rasanya dia kata..yeah...let's support Earth Hour tonite)

At home, we cooked dinner and began to light up the candles and arrange all over the hall. Called abi to remind him(since he was alone at our home ).Then we had our candle light dinner together at 8.30pm . I was happy to have cousin's children who were very supportive . They also sign the Earth Hour campaign at school and keep reminding their mother adn grandparents to switch off lights. Some of our neighbour also showed their support. Is a good sign even most of the residents there is 'orang-orang lama'

It was raining outside and I decided to go back after dinner. I hope can reach Penang Bridge before the time over. Since the bridge vote for Earth Hour, so I would like to know,how was it ?

Even is not 100% off, but Penang bridge manage to reduce the usage . Since the bridge is still under renovation and for safety purpose ,I would say abot 30-35% lights off along the bridge. But the most significant is of course the Penang bridge trademark ( yang tengah tengah tu-bentuk triangle ).. all the lights were off ...hoorray !!

I reached home at about 9.25pm. 5minutes to go.Our house is totally blackout..I thought abi went outside/ pasarmalam nearby.But he quietly in the house with pc on...alamak.. defeat the purpose la..tapi takpalah..he might be bored alone in the dark house.

So, that was my story. how about you in voting the Earth Hour?

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5 sharing:

Ummi Salsabila said...

hehe.samalah with my abi.hehedepan pc jugak.:) nice to meet u..

kakyong said...

salam dayah...

you can read my earth hour moment in Catatan Ibu... hihi..

precious innocent said...

ala... xdak pixs ke??

-mama emma-

Dayah said...

mama emma.ade amik dgn hp..tapi hp saya cap ayam so tak clear sgt la..tambah lak tgh drive atas bridge tu..

kakyong.nanti saya baca ye..

salam perkenalan..

Hanz said...

Good2! I was crusing that night, checking on people & could see some did off their lights & their house was pit-black. Thumbs up.

But, I've seen McDonalds still bright light & the National TV except 8TV still on... :<