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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


PPSMI has been discussing in many forums, events, talk, TV shows and so on. Lots of blogger also wrote about this. Some people seconded while some object.there is pro and cons. Our government must has motive behind while other party who objected also come with reason and perjuangan !

Each of us has right to express what we think. But the only that make each of the thought is different is whether we speak base on research, survey, emotion, personal experience or fact (eg examination’s result )

Thus, is a 'hot from the oven' issue. PPSMI bring me to my old school time memory. When I was in primary school. (early 90s-no PPSMI rules yet and no Science subject, we only studied Alam dan Manusia ), I moved from SRK ( Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan in urban area ) to SK ( Sekolah Kebangsaan in outskirts area ) due to my family moved. I can clearly remember I was the only girl who wear pinafore in the class on the first day while others so ayu with baju kurung ..(huhu malunya) Luckily mama sewed me baju kurung uniform to be wear on Friday, so the next day I wore that baju kurung la..bye bye to pinafore world . But If I was still in my former school, wearing a pinafore until Standard 6 in not a big deal as we have a mixture and balance of races in the school. Even my best friend from standard 2- 4 is a cute amoi. heheh ( We lost contact after she moved to Australia. miss her )

Ohho.. I’ve deviated my topic . Back to PPSMI. When I was in this SK , most of the student are Malays and very little from other races. But my class teacher who also taught us English , Math and Seni is a Chinese teacher. (My school only have 2 or 3 nonMalays teacher that time ). She just came back from confinement and my new friend threaten me that this teacher is garang macam singa, always ask student to talk in English . As we were from Malay Medium group, to talk and learn in English is not easy.

Yes, is true. She emphasizes on English a lot even in Math’s class. Everytime she entered the class, we would start the lesson by recite sifir in English . “One time three , three, two times three six …” .Afterward she will randomly call the name and ask any sifir 1-12 in English . After class, she scheduled us to meet her at staff room to memorized the sifir also in English . Each of us carry buku 55 with sifir inside. So once we successfully memorized the sifir , she will noted in that buku 55.

She tried as much to teach us Math in English and use as many English vocabs during Math’s class . We were not allowed to talk in Bahasa in her class. ( so kami cakap pelan2 or bisik2). She fined student talk in Bahasa during her class ( 10cents/fine) . At the end we collect so much money that can organize year end party. I had an experience when I talked to my next desk friend in Bahasa and she heard it. As a result, besides 10cent penalty (since both of us prefect), we need to stand in front of the class and loudly, repeatedly said “We will talk in English next time” ..something like that la…I can’t remember the exact sentence

Another rule is to speak English to school clerk cum Koperasi cashier ( also a nice Chinese lady). She told the clerk, if any of her student speak in Bahasa when buying at Kedai Koperasi, (the clerk knew most of students) inform her and get fine again . until that extend…huhu…So we have to say” Auntie N, can I have the pencil, how much is it..?? “Auntie N, I want to buy this eraser” and etc

These are some of memories I had with her. I thank on her effort. If not because of her I don't think I have courage to speak English (errr…writing my blog in English with vocab&grammar yang tunggang terbalik) as my family seldom use English in our daily interaction . Is not that I am so passionate/so good about English and neglected the Bahasa. I am also from Malay medium family that love Bahasa and proud of it. Just our Ministry hasn’t come out with such rules that time. Is just her own effort to help us.

And until now I keep in touch with her and she still teaching at the same school for ages ( she already there before I joined the school ) . She asked for transfer to SRJKC but with a concrete reason, the headmaster disapprove it.

To Teacher S.. gazillion thanks and I truly appreciate it

And for my current condition, my job requires me to speak,write English, everything English so mau takmau kena tau la jugak kan biarpun broken .heheh. But still we communicate in Bahasa for informally / non related work stuff/borak2…. .We are Malaysian whaaat !!!

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kakyong said...


some Engliah teachers really put their best effort to help the student to be able to speak & write in English..

however, despite all those teachers effort.. i only have confident to speak in English when I in university. Among malays frens, they r kind of sceptical & annoying when we trying to speak English.. kata kita berlagak & so on.. so in Uni i met a lot of chinese & indian frens.. so i practise my english with them..

& i really salute my english teacher in matriculation, Sir Zahrin.. i remember him telling us, to fluent in English.. u need to dream, to think & even to feel (ckp dalam hati) in English..

Hanz said...

I owed my grasp in English to my Teacher Helen when I was Standard 3. We were required to read one book at least for one week & make a Book Report. The layout for the Book Report must include vocabulary (words that we dont' understand with its meaning) & summary. This is where it started how I fell in love with English books till now. We even had to memorize antonym & synonym after she made us copied it in the writing book & we can only sit if we answered it correctly when she did the quiz.

I would say, English Teacher during the 80s is very dedicated & passionate unlike English teacher nowadays, even pronunciation pun tunggang terbalik & make redundant mistakes!!

Dayah said...

KakYon and Hanz
Thanks for sharing ur experience and opinion.

It make me think few times initially when I wanted to hv my own blog.tulih BM ka BI.

Chose BI bukan sbb nak belagak ke apa ka, just an intention to improve my BI. BI saya sungguh teruk. U all can judge from my way of writting kan!!

precious innocent said...

kite suke baca blog yg tulih english pasar nie, sbb senang paham.. + boleh improvekan my own english..

mu father penah pesan, xyah gune bombastic english, simple pun dah ok janji org faham..

tp, sy nie, takat speaking tu boleh la, tp writing? xdak confident.. huhu...

-mama emma-