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Monday, March 30, 2009

Does cow smoke?

Have u ever seen cow smoking ( apa punya soalan nih) ? But why Tuan Guru Nik Aziz said Muslim smoker is similar to cow or even worse than cow..oowhhhh… am sure smoker out there naik darah’ if we call them as cow…. But what Tuan guru trying to tell us is cow ia an animal that have no brain, cow is synonym for dim, stupid. They can’t think which is good or bad.

Do not expect cow to stop crossing the road when they see you speeding on the road . And when they cross the road is like nobody business…don’t your ever honk at them or end up people will call u bullshi* , not the cow

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Smoke is not good for our health. Everyone knows.. Neither my husband, my brother no rmy papa smokes . Alhamdulillah. But Papa was a heavysmoker before and left this habit about 12years already ( after all the hard work together with arwah mama-is not easy you know. I saw the rehabilitation process )

This afternoon at my workplace, everyone was surprised looking at one white tent set up out of our building ( out of fence actually). We were guesssing what is the purpose and most of us got the same answer . Tent for a smoker!

Actualy,we have nice build-in smoking corner attach to the building ( I wish I can snap some pic). Very nice as if your are hanging around at Starbuck. Hence , this encourage our employee to smoke. And during breaktime you can see 'berdoyon2' male employee walking to the corner.

And I heard there is a plan to bring smoking corner out from building and that's where the tent is

After all awareness campaign held in our company still the number of people smoke is maintain ( from my observation). But there might have people start to reduce the frequency ( e.g my cubmate ) or totally quit

I remember my conversation with our nurse while I’m doing my pumping activity.
Our medical team is fighting for another proper nursing room (similar to here which located in Building B). Currently nursing mother in building A use our in house clinic-equipped with all necessity for pumping ( for me is good enough rather than no place or pumping at surau which really inconvenience. ).

The nurse - “We are fighting for it for so long … we should have similar nursing room like Building B but the reason given is space constraint Why should have double standard between building A&B . I know you all must be uncomfortable pumping here. Even our clinic also is not a good design for a place to call clinic. Is small ”

In my mind . :Err…actually we are ok . Nursing mother will find place to pump and never easily give up even have to pump in toilet ! yes some of them experience this . thank for whatever we have but if our management consider to build a dedicate nuring room.. Nyiru tapak tangan, stadium nasional kami tadahkan …..

The nurse - “ Management can approve to have a nice 5 star smoking corner but reserve for another nursing room. Smoking corner encourage our employee to die fast but nursing room is to give the best milk employee’s baby and very prideful ”

OO..ooo..the nurse get emotional. I know they have been advising employee to stop smoking whenever this group of employee come and mengadu about their health

Smoker, you are burning you money and quietly killing people surrounding

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Hanz said...

Nice one u have it there. SmokerS, be alert!

precious innocent said...

eee... bestnye ada nurse yg prihatin mcm nie....

-mama emma-

MUMMY ILA said...


Dayah said...

tempat kije kita ni smua ada smoking corner ada , nursing room ada..tunggu gimnasium bila nak ada ...??