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Friday, March 27, 2009


I think now Shukrina is entering a tantrum stage. She knows and always scream/yell whenever we get things from her hand . Sometime when I disallow her from doing/holding something , she will start to make noise. Either by saying ‘ait’ or crying . Is not a normal crying but she will lay down and repeatedly push her leg. And her face shows an anger.. Alamak, anak ummi kecik kecik dah pandai bebai ( bebai in northern slanga = Bebal )

I’ve experienced this several time at public place ( mall, market etc). Sometime I feel like what else I need to do ? already coax, spoke softly, give her favorite thing , try to bring her out from the situation.
At a time, I try to just ignore but I can’t hold looking at her continuously crying/screaming

I did some reading on how to handle toddler’s tantrum. some summary

Ignore the behavior and do not establish eye contact
Remove the child from the situation if necessary
Give your child positive attention when he is being good
Redirect your child's attention for milder tantrums
Do not give in to the child's demands during the tantrum

And here is some tips from BabyZone.com
"For many toddlers, the world seems to end when they don't get their way. How should you deal with these outbursts? "Ignore them," says Dr. Muscari. Your child is screaming and yelling because he or she wants your attention. You're only encouraging more tantrums in the future if you react to them now. Try distracting your toddler—mentioning that it is almost mealtime or asking her where a favorite toy is can take her out of a difficult situation and help her move on."

When those difficult days come, remember that parenting is a learning process for both you and your toddler.Beside all the guides by Expert, what I need the most is patient and passion in nurturing my kid. Just remember we might did the same thing to our mother before or even worse. We should feel proud and appreciate all those experience, good or bad

I believe is not only me experiencing all this. I wish more mommies out there can share their experience and some tips to me.

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4 sharing:

Mommy Lyna said...

salam Dayah,

Hehe... budak kecit ni dah start tantrum ya...

kita ada draft post about tantrum in children tapi tak terpublish2 pasal tak siap2 lagi. hihihi.

tapi adala sikit2 cover kat sini http://mysuperkids.net/hafiy-goes-to-supermarket.

hmmm actually me susah nak komen, .. but i believe each child is 'patented' utk each parent, so cemana2 keadaan budak tu pon mesti mak ayah dia leh handle punye la. hehehe.

kakyong said...

salam dayah..

anak2 fitrah nya suka & mahu diberi perhatian selalu, & suka explore & favor pd satu2 brg yg ade ditgn utk 1 jangkamasa..

memang satu 'tamparan' kalo tetiba brg kesayangan di tgn di ambil @ tiba2 nak 'dirampas'.. sort of ganggu dia punya kawasan selamat & rasa 'kebahagian' dia.. tu yg tetiba ngamuk sakan..

jadi lebih haru bila kat public/mall/Smarket.. kakyong lalui ni dah byk kali, so kalo dia amik brg yg kita tak mau.. tak per, bior jer dia pegang.. tp bila part nak byr nanti, put aside.. so bila dlm kereta dia cari, ckp la cashier tadi lupa nak masukkan dlm beg.. huhu.. (tipu anak plak.. dah tu nak buek camno..) fikri okay la bila explain dia bleh faham..

Anis plak (anis tua bbrp bulan dr Shukrina).. apa dia nak, bg jer dia pegang.. nanti nak byr, put aside.. selalu nya dia tak tanya ballik pun, sbb dia sonok nak pegang jer.. tp tak tau la kot yg jenis pegang2 tak mau lepas.. haru jugak tu...

anyhow, like mommyLyna said.. u'll know ur kid better.. kena byk2 sabor..

Dayah said...

Lyna and Kak Yong

actually anak saya ni baru2 belajar..hehe..tapi saya rasa tak teruk lagi la stage dia ni,setakat ni alhamdulllah leh handle jugak le..cuma takut melarat..

anyway..thanks for the feedback and tips

mirah said...

Dayah, anak mirah pun dah makin byk karenah skrg ni. Very lately tau. Sebelum ni dia ok je, agaknya dah makin besar ni memang mcam tu kan.

Dulu, masa age imtiyaz, memang kalau dia nak apa2/ menangis kami selalu tukar attention dia pd benda lain. It did works. Cth nya kalau dia nakkan sesuatu, then kita tunjukkan sesuatu lebih menarik, ok je. Tp skrg ni, ada juga dah tak dilayan. Old trick agaknya dia pun dah tahu .. hihi..

anyway, mirah pn tgh study more on parenting ni.