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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

H1N1-Vaccine is available by year end

Horrayyy !!

Glad to hear even though after 772 were infected.Govt baru booking..hopefully booking belum penuh

read more here thestar.

I have 3 colleagues just come back from
1. US ( business trip) and his cubicle is just next to mine.huhu
2. Australia ( family vacation)
3. Bangkok ( 29th honeymoon) -this is my lunchmate. Haven't go out with her yet after her return..bukan takut just dia sibok dgn keja yg ditinggalkan

Up today 3 of them are at good condition. And regularly visit our in-house clinic for check-up.

my 1st colleague getting mad when one after another came and aski him bout his health. We thought we were just joking but he take it seriously . that's it. nobody dare to ask him

Our in-house clinic also busy receiving calls from employee asking
" Nurse, kalau nak p Sabah boleh tak ?" , " Nurse, kalau nak p Bali la ni bahaya tak?"

Memo on rules , procedures, awareness is out to give info to employee. And visitor have to go tru several procedure and check-up before entering our premise.

p/s: Harap2 semua pekerja sihat la ye..jgn bagi ada 1 kes pun..

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4 sharing:

ppb_ppkp said...

hadoiii..bila la nak berakhir benda alah ni..huuhu..penat wei

Bed said...

mintak2 kite sumer dijauhkan dr selsema babi nih!!

Anonymous said...

here in melbourne, almost 5000 cases. siap the goverment bg statement "if u have winter flu, surely u r having swine flu".

tp alhamdulillah, flu yg sampai aussie ni bukan stand yg ganas cam kat mexico tu. the death related to swine flu kat sini are all of people who's already had health complication or children below 3.

today punye news said that why swine flu worse than normal flu is coz normal flu virus serang nose, mouth & tekak, but swine flu serang lung terus. so kalau org yg badan lemah or mmg lemah due to other illness, mmg susah la lung nak berusaha lawan penyakit.

i hope strand yg sampai msia tu stand yg lemah cam kat australia ni. di katakan swine flu yg kat mexico tu ada gabungan 4 jenis flu, 2 jenis human flu, swine flu & bird flu. tu yg kuat penangan dia tu. yg kat aussie ni katanye 3strand or lesser.

anyway, pasal vaccine tu..by the time siap vaccine tu, australia dah summer dah..kui kui kui..so no more flu season, insyaallah takde dah swine flu...so maybe boleh send vaccine tu dulu to msia utk guna. nnt i bg tau australia gomen, kalau dah ada tempah stok sebelum next winter, elok hantak kat msia dulu eek. kasi pinjam..

Dayah said...

mama-miya...hahah..good luck, give us here dulu since M'sia takde summer ni...you an miya, take care ok

kesian hang no..berkhidmat utk negera betui