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Thursday, March 11, 2010

M'sian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program

I am not in the mood of writing blog these few days due to the busyness and tiredness but for the sake of sharing and hope that this entry will not be ‘basi’ , I forced myself to.

Just to story about what happen over the last weekend . I had the opportunity to attend Malaysian BreastFeeding Peer Counselor Program for Northern Region from 5-7 Mar 2010. What is the programis all about ? Well, is about being a peer support in breastfeeding to our community , sound so nice huh..! but is not easy actually.

We learnt about basic of breastfeeding, benefits, human anatomy, communication skill, handle a support group meeting and many more informative module. If I were to describe each and every activity, I don’t think I have time and this will be lengthy. So let’s us look at some photos snapped during the course.

Overall, I feel great to be part of the team. Thank you to the organizer MBfPC Administrator especially our trainer for the days ( Kak Kamariah owner of SusuIbu, KakShida SlingMeMama, Dr. Kak Faridah and Yusrina Hata, Ibu Az shoppe) for all the taughts , guide and friendship. To my dear participants frens , Afni,Hana,Lina,Zah,KakNida,Syu and Akin ( from Hosp Pantai Mutiara), Dr. Nazrah (from Manjung Hospital who check on my false labor contraction during the course because I was suffering from bad stomach ache ), MeiFern ( munbaby ), PeeChing and Annie ( our nutrition experts), Sara,Aida,Revathi ( from WABA), MMPS frens Sabrina and Vasu- is such a wonderful moment to get to know all of u.

The program is not ended there. We brought back a huge responsibility to be in our community, to support BF . Is not an easy task. If this has been easy, we don't need to a have a support group and everyone will BF since day one.I 'd like to mentione here, is not about getting a training/ 'licience' then only u'll become a peer counselor. Anybody can be one now. And I believe many of us has been supporting BF to another person even without 'peer counselor program'. Hey..look ! Your already a peer counselor !

I do hope to keep the spirit strong in promoting BF especially to my nearest community. I know, you also can be one.

Lama pulak tak menulih dalam bahasa Inggeris, so layan je la ye apa yang saya tulih kat atas tu. Lama-lama tinggai kang, menambahkan karat yang sedia ada pada Bahasa Inggeris saya.

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3 sharing:

mirah said...

wah bestnya dapat join program tu.. :)

Ammi Sara said...

Bagus2..keep up d good work.
English pun bagus, dah macam baca journal pulak, hehe..

Dayah said...

april ni dia buat kat Central region pualk..jgn lepaskan peluang

Kak Sara
nak menten spirit ni yg susah..huhuh
English bagus..?? tapi takleh lawan org tu yang dok Reading bertahun2 kan..