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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Breastfeeding Journey –Part 2

As per part 1 entry, besides getting info from net, I also engaged with one of LC – FOC.

She is also never seen fren but get to know thru m.com. A very helpful , knowledgeable friend , answering every single question posted by me patiently.

Here I would like to dedicate my highest appreciation to Ila a.k.a Mummy Izz for lending her hands guiding/ introducing me to BF world. May Allah bless and pay for all her kindness to me.

Once pumping session per day is like a burden for me. In-house clinic is quite far distance from my place. And not that comfortable at first. Continual reading SI, seek for more motivation and help from my LC, I upgraded pumping session from 1 -3 time per day. Writing such long email to my superior ( new boss that time-am afraid that he couldn’t understand-moreover he got no child yet . **sorry boss**).

But Alhamdulillah, he understood and don’t question much when I was ‘away’ from my place.

I enjoyed the precious moment away from work ( 15min x 3 /day), sitting on the bed, relax and started “ummi at work” activity. Not to forget few pumpingmates sharing same bed and chit chating about children , BF and etc. **Thanks ladies for great moment**

While I’m trying hard on hand express ( 5-6oz per session, not bad la my skill ), my LC introduced me one of BF gadget, Spectra 3.

Recommended by other mommies in SI too. So, why not give a try. Purchase it from here during sale. This the only pump that I have . electric + double pumping gear . after falling in love doing double pumping, my Spectra 3 started to misbehave . ( or I’m the one who handle it roughly )… I troubleshoot myself, get new spring, press bit here and there.. functioning back .

Sometime pumping drive me crazy. From Spectra double pumping, I down grade it to double pumping collaboration between gear and nature gift. One using spectra and the other side hand express…it works..the collection is the same. * Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah *

But people might wondering , why trouble urself while u can rely on spectra 3 doing the work and u can just relax. The reason is I started with hand express and it was meaningful and satisfying . I don’t want to loose the skill, so I should think of to continue and improve the skill. Searching back pamphlet given by hospital when I delivered Shukrina as guidance and learn from here , helped me to maintain the skill.

And now after 1 year 1 month, I’m still hand express alone without gear due to my Spectra is having problem and need to service . I’m so lazy to send it to the centre and decided to keep it safely in the bag . Moreover I have 2 hands granted for free.

I wish I could stop but still have lots of memory to share here about my BF journey. Will continue bout my in-house nursing room, BF circle of concerns or circle of infulence, my company's support towards BF. Perharps can have some photo to view later.

Till then...

Ummu Imtiyaz
Permatang Pauh

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3 sharing:

mirah said...

uh that's part of the wonderful journey. Keep writing, i want to know about it further.. :)

MUMMY ILA said...

"Here I would like to dedicate my highest appreciation to Ila a.k.a Mummy Izz for lending her hands guiding/ introducing me to BF world. May Allah bless and pay for all her kindness to me."

aoyoyo..sape tu "Mummy izz"? kahhh aku ke?..eheheh.. xde apa la kita tolong mana yg mampu.

Teruskan semangat & usaha anda!!

Dayah said...

heheh..really appreciate ur help...

This weeek kind a bz..nanti saya cuba tulis weekend ni. saya cuba snap few pic nursing room company saya n show it here..hope ada masa la rini