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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Audit

Whether we aware or not, we do perform audit at home. Is just something informal goes on and repetitively happen. Is no standard to follow no element/ clause to log if any Non –Compliance Issue except following the al-Quran and As-Sunnah.. Everything we settle in as a family.

I am not sure if there is people who carry out a formal and serious home audit. Scary !

To simplify it, I shall categorized in into :

1) Objective/Policy/Mission/Vission

2) People- Authority/ Responsibility

3) Process/ Activity

4) Environment/ Infrastructure.

I may or may not do this. Is just something I think about and if good/practical , I shall initiate for my family 1st.

1) How many of us come out with our FAMILY MISSION ? I am sure, we came across talking husband and wife about what we want for future. How should we navigate our family and where should we heading? Is good to have discussion , better to complete it and set a mission and best to write it down as FAMILY MISSION and STANDARD , keep it nicely and always refer and update for changes. Am I too ambitious, or ridiculous..??

2) A family is an organizational unit. Let me take a basic family , let say consist of a father, a mom, and a child. Each of us knows our responsibility without concerning to jot it somewhere. How should we audit this ?? Some of us need to be reminded for certain thing .. for instant remind husband to pay bills, or just check out whether has he paid or not ? Asking whether has our kids perform solah ? then continue, when ? ( This is real inspector I tell u) . Reminding or checking out must be in a situation where is not to picture us ( auditor) always right and look at other’s people( husband / kids) weaknesses/mistake . Do it with love. Just as check and balance .

3) Process/ activity. This will be lengthy point. But let’s us KISS it ( keep it simple and short ). Have you ever experience when u was a school kids or u have a kid in school, when u get home , there must be some question posted by parent to you. Eg. What did u learn today? How’ school ? Got any homework ? Are u going to tuition after this ? and etc.. and especially for busy parents..keep asking ( to show u also concern even don’t have time to spend) and sometimes children know what are the question again tomorrow and just prepare a ‘ standard’ answer. This is also audit. But audit without closure. My opinion for process audit, ya..as a parent, you should know what your kids are doing , at school/at home . Don’t ask for the sake of asking but asking to create emotion /love / care. And when at 1st place , they admit their mistake…don’t directly scold them . audit trail is you will continue asking without assuming and make your own judgment .

For instant, when you ask your child whether have they done their homework or not? Let say the answer is not yet? I believe some of us will straight away yell and say p la buat.awat malas sgt ni..? ( macam cerita drama TV ). But I also know that some parent will continue to probe . Why u haven’t start ? any prob or any topic that u don’t understand ? and varies your intonation. Do not use the same intonation .Intonation when asking will give a n impression to your kids.. mak aku ni marah atau mmg caring nak Tanya… what I mean is not that u totally cannot scold the kid but look for answer and make a wise judgment. If they are obviously wrong then up to you.

4) A house and the content is an infrastructure. Some of us having their own schedule, when to do laundry, mopping the house,cooking, change bedsheet and etc.

For me, I determine the schedule , I set my days & activity . I don’t do laundry everyday. I have my certain day ( but sometimes not follow the schedule for certain activity eg balik holiday and bring back load of laundry to do)

So, how we audit infrastructure. Is more to maintain the infrastructure and cleanliness Sometimes we do miss to do something and usually ( for me ) I will saya. Baju tak basuh lagi.. or dah 2 hari tak mop lantai ni. This is also an audit. We ask ourselves on the chore that usually or suppose to do.Check on it.

There are many more examples that I believe u will know better. They key words in auiot is PDCA. Plan Do Act Check. Whenever we plan, we do , if something goes wrong, we Act, and we check on the effectiveness of the corrective action

And I would like to remind myself. The most important AUDIT will be in hereafter.. with Munkar and Nakir and u are answerable for all that u have done in front of Allah the Al-Mighty..

Ummu Imtiyaz

Permatang Pauh

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acu aza damia said...


Nice thought...

Dayah said...

salam acu aza damia..huh panjnag ney nama..
tahks dtg sini,,nati saya terjah blog acu lak ok