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Monday, February 23, 2009

ISO Audit

This 2 weeks is Internal Quality Audit for ISO 9000:2008 ( new standard that just released end 2008 ) activity in my company . And will going for recertification for ~15th year this April by externaI body. I would say most people at my place ‘hate’/’afraid’ this so much. People think that Audit is for Auditor to find wrong (policeman inspect you) but actually when all the works/ procedure is carried out as per plan/per documented procedure , data is record and keep properly ,should be no worries. Even if there is something wrong, it must be supported with justification. At least, when the person in charge left, new comer knows how to operate or continue rather than the resignee bring along with him all the info

When we try to beat system, skip procedure , ignorance, non-compliance and think that nobody will find out.Ha ! This is the time you will get trapped . Provided the Auditor is smart enough to dig..dig..dig until root.

This round I will be involved again as one of internal auditor and still buddy –up with senior auditor ( the most powerful & experience auditor in my com) . This is 3rd time me partner with her. Even sometimes feel cannot get along, but she taught me lots of tips in auditing ( I had never been audited before, just now how to audit people..hahah )

So when audit time everybody will be preparing their own area. Try to housekeep and update document, make sure all procedure compliance , get some data ready, prepare answer for predicted question and so on. Me as an auditor, learn and polish my auditing skill so that they will reveal whatever should be ( especially if something goes wrong ) .

This is about workplace. Sometimes I just wonder, why during audit time everybody keep busy preparing and feel afraid. Why ? There are many reasons that I’m not in favor to note here. And is not my main discussion

How about audit at home … ?? have you ever thinking of perform audit for your own house ? Will it be important as much as our organization concerns to get certification with ISO 9000 la, 14000 la… ??

I shall stop here because time/condition constraint . I have lots of document/procedure to read /digest before perform audit this Wed. Will continue with Home Internal Audit soon

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2 sharing:

mirah said...

my institut pun kena audit esok ni dari sirim qas bhd. Kelam kabut bertungkus lumus dari mid of last year lagi.
ya audit kat umah macamne pula yea??

Dayah said...

Mirah nanti saya tulih psl home audit..suka2 je saya boh nama tu..saya bagi satu lontaran supy otak saya ni berfikir skit..hehe