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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag from Mama Herrr..

Tag from MamaHer, marvelous cupcake baker in Penang

Dou you think u r hot??
Suam2 kuku.. hihi

Upload a pic of u...

Herr..jgn mare...
Why did u like this picture?
It was taken by a professional photographer ( my ex-sub now businessman when Shukrina 5months - and it was candid !!

When was the last time u eat pizza?
Last month..with colleague

The last song u listen to?
the TV3 theme song...

What r u doing rite now beside doing this?
taking supper

What name you prefer besides yours?

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MUMMY ILA said...

aku ada tag ko benda ni tp x sempat nak bgtau sbb internet ngok ngek..kahhh