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Friday, February 20, 2009

Rubbish vs Janitor

Each of us contributes, working hand in hand to meet our organization’s goal. Regardless you are CEO, MD, Director to normal employee, Janitor. And do not think that you are in the high position that even a small rubbish you create, other people has to responsible.

There is one janitor working in my company. Our janitor varies from local Malays, Chinese , Indians, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Myanmar. This one Malay guy janitor is well known because his size, his unique name and among all, he is the one ‘special’. In Bahasa we address as “kurang cerdik”. I don’t think he is down syndrome patient, but he looks like one. Actually he is from well-to-do family. His father own a business but insisted him to work with other people to gain experience, be independent and grow mature

But he is a nice guy, hardworking and always say hi to people whenever he passes by. His main job is to clear all rubbish and throw into main bin .

One day while I was sitting waiting for shuttle , I saw him as usual pushing a big cart full of rubbish bags. I intentionally teased him, just to create a conversation.

“ Banyak sampah noo..hari hari pun kena buang banyak sampah”- me

“ tu lah..hari hari sampah”, he replied

From there on, everytime he sees me, he will say

“ Sampah..sampah..tiap2 hari pun banyak”

Until last week, I saw him talking to another janitor. He looked at me and expressed the same sentence. I was about to go and suddenly I changed my mind and turn back to him. He was grumbling about the sampah thing..

“banyak sampah la Kak Long ".( Kak Long referring to me )

“Takpa..lagi banyak sampah ada lagi byk …. Dapat pahala. Allah sayang kat orang yg tolong clear sampah2 ni..besaq pahala tau” -me

I stopped there. He is kind of shocked, why suddenly me talking to him like that. Actually is just came out from my mouth. I never think of/ prepare my words

But this is one of Influence I can work on. Rather than sympathizing to him because clearing the sampah ( sampah is a concern) , nothing much you can do to reduce it. So better to work on Circle of Influence ( I’m in the mood of elaborating the previous topic ). Give him some motivation that can re-direct his perception to his work.

After talking him, I remember when the time arwah mama is still around. She knows that I am not in favor for cooking. I rather clean toilet and will try all sort of detergent in store to satisfy me while she cooking alone. ( sekali panggil takmau mai, 2 kali panggil, mama malas dah nak soh..but not all the time la) .I love cleaning toilet because I remember there is one tazkirah from one ustaz…Allah likes people who clean their toilet because this people love cleanliness, hygiene. And Allah much much more love people who likes stay hygienic .

"Innallaha yuhibbut tawwabin wa yuhibbul mutatohirin"
Sesungguhnya Allah suka kepada org yang bertaubat dan suka kepada org yang menyucikan diri.

Ummu Imtiyaz
Permatang PAuh

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