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Friday, February 6, 2009

Nursing Room

As promised, I would like to share my company's support towards breastfeeding for female employee. Alhamdulillah, so far our environment supports BF. Even it is not spell out in any form, but by having a very comfortable and approriate nursing room, I would say the company is positive towards this.

I had chat with one of our senior nurse with regards to the nursing room. How actually it been built ? ( just wanna find out is the company really supportive or .... ). According to her, there is a legal requirement when a company with x number of employee ( unfortunately I do not have an exact figure ) , must have FEMALE REST ROOM ( not only toilet ) - a private place for female employee to rest and etc.. Possibly by increasing of demand from nursing mothers or for any other reason, our Medical team took this opportunity to build a nursing room in the female rest room ( just a small corner ) and it well designed by one of 'mother' engineer... * thanks Kak Sue*

Not a vacant room , but our nursing room is completed with fridge and sterilizer !! plus some other basic necessity such as heater, sink, power point, cabinet for storage .

** Can u spot my cooler bag, sterilizer,power point ??**

Beside the amenities, I dont see any objection from management. ( neither my boss nor other nursing moms' bosses). One of my colleague can spent about 20-30 minutes pumping , 3x a day ( not including pump preparation and clean up after, storage ) as long as you know how to manage your work.

Up to today, I think whatever basic facilities for a company to support BF is already provided by my company. Step furthur I'm hoping that one day we can have some sort like a campaign on BF awareness and 24x7 lactation aids ready for any mom to seek for advice. We do have health awarenes/ check annualy, but BF is not in agenda...

and what's my role for community service there ?Slowly started to give an awareness to colleague- dakwah bil hal dulu ( still at the crawling stage..not aggresive..what a shame !!! )

p/s : Mirah I still owe u BF circle if concerns, and influence write up. gimme some more times..

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7 sharing:

Mummy HnH@arnie said...

owh, finally... dapat juga lihat ur pumping room... mmg well-equipped & nice! thanks for sharing...

kat ofis saya pon ader pumping room, tapi ramai yang guna, mostly chinese... kena Q, plus kena booking laa plak... siap ader time-table kat luar room... saya malas nak tunggu & nak cepat, tue yang pam kat surau ajer... =)

eh, ur S3 problem ker? kat penang kan ader charantya (her fren), yg boleh service S3 kan?

Dayah said...

tau kak shida Charantya ade kwn yg leh service..tapi tu la,mls nak nganto.. hihi

mirah said...

bagusnya ada nursing room mcm tu kat ofis. kt ofis mirah ni, takde lah mcm tu. But i can freely pump kat my desk je. Nak simpan susu kat freezer pantry pun blh tp i prefer letak dlm cooler beg kt my room je..

dayah, it's ok. take ur time..

Dayah said...

Mirah,company saya building dia besar, so mmg ada space la nak buat nursing room camni..tu pun berkat usaha medical team yg prihatin dan sambuatn ibu2 sama

Ina Hashim said...

bestnya dengar company yg supportive camnih

Dayah said...

Kak Ina..
nak kate company supportive 100% pun , idak le juge..tapi dia just buat satu nursing room je sbb request from in house nurse..heheh

tapi syg, tak ramai sgt pun guna kemudahan ni..

m@Ri@ said...

senang skit kan ada nursing room..tp dok berebut gune plk..huhu..