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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wear your baby

Do you familiar with a woman carrying baby in kain batik panjang or synonym with MakIndon style. This is what we call babywearing . Babywearing is another attachment parenting method . ( I got this from Hanz’s .Thanks Hanz)

Now is not only Mak Indon but also anybody can practice this . The trend is starting to be spreaded to our community especially with new modern babywearing style.

"Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a sling or other form of carrier. Babywearing is far from new and has been practised for many years around the world. In the industrialized world babywearing has gained popularity, partly under influence of advocates of attachment parenting, however, not all parents who babywear consider themselves attachment parents. Babywearing is a form of baby transport. "

Babywearing type various from sling, pouch and ring, mei tai and some others. I only familiar with pouch sling and yet to try other types.

I started to wear Shukrina when she was 6 months and until now ( 1 year 3 months) still carry her in my pouch sling for certain occasion like at night market or doing house chores . Previously when she yet to walk, I always carry her in the sling especially when only both of us on the go. If abi around, definitely abi will carry her –normal dokong as abi is not convenience using sling and my sling can only fit me , S size – so cannot share :)

What is the advantage of babywearing from my point of view. You can get more advantage from related website
1) The baby will feel more secure and comfortable as she is close to her mother/father
2) We as mother also feel the same way as our baby is attach to us. U can shop without
qualm, not like if your baby in stroller . You have to watch her out closely and your
concentration of shopping is interrupted ( This is me , am not sure other mother )
3) 2 in 1 activity. Shopping/walking while carrying baby with hands free
4) Baby can breastfeed and sleep on the go.
5) Tiredness is less compare to normal dokong because it not your arm support her, is your
upper body who support the weight
6) I think if the baby can talk surely she will express her happiness because she is
sharing the same view as us. She see what we see, she turn when we turn . She tend to
touch what we touch .Unlike letting her in the stroller , she kind of stagnant inside

For instant, while shopping or walking , one of your friend call / say hi to u from the back, of course u will turn to see. And automatically your baby will turn also and she observe her mother and friend talking . Don’t u think this will increase her…what is the most prefect word.. exposure ..??

I observe the different when I bring Shukrina out in stroller and sling. She is more interactive in sling compare quietly in stroller . ( I din’t say stroller is not good. I do have stroller and it's helpful )
7) …. You ca refer to any website related to babywearing or join Malaysian baby Wearer

I involved in babywearing after attracting to KakShida 's way of carrying Anis and after some research on it I chose pouch rather than ring. The first pouch I have is Mylovelycloset but as first time everything seems wrong.I consulted KakShida and according to her different brand different size. And material also play an important role .She gave me her Littlepod to try ..ooowwhhh…love at first feel.

Then I grab handmade pouch from Ridz is from Japanese cotton and suit me well. Until now I’m using this .

I do have desire to have a mei-tai style and new Littlepod but considering the $$ and I already have my pouch , I reserve it first. Wait for 2nd baby la kot2 abi approve the budget.hehehe

I can't upload any pic.. :(

P/S : UmmiSalsabeel inspired me to write this entry . Thanks. Should write more why prefer sling rather than normal baby carrier later

Ummu Imtiyaz
Permatang Pauh

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4 sharing:

mama-qaisara said...

thanks for your comment on my entry 'tips menyusukan baby dipublic'..anyway, i also love babywearing.till now still wear my baby..but she's 7month old lagi..hehe..but my doter mmg suke kalau i 'wear' her instead of letak dia dlm stroller.hehe

Hanz said...

Thanks mentioning me in this post (blush,blush). Great post to introduce ppl to BW. I'm not yet love & do BW but I support BW.

I only got MomsInMind RS year 2004 & 1st son does'nt like it so the RS kumpul habuk...tomorrow MBW mini gather, I'll definitely will try the new Littlepods SSC & Snuggbaby Mei Tai & perhaps Scootababy? Hope bb Hambali & hubby are into it.

Wish u around KL & can be there as well.

kakyong said...

salam dayah

kakyong pun guna gendong..
ada satu picture.. gendong tu jiran sebalh yg kasi, import dr acheh..

refer kat entry kakyong yg ni;

Dayah said...


Hanz..I wish I can b there.tapi sok turn balik umah MIL..perharps u can share the story in ur blog later la aa...

gendong.heheh, kami org penang tak reti guna bahasa gendong..