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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Mini Meet-up for Penang Babywearer

Last Sunday I had a chance to meet otai-otai from MBW ( Malaysian BabyWearer). The mini meet-up was held at SlingMeMama’s place a.k.a KakShida’s house.

I wrote about Babywearing and my experience here some time ago. My confession, I left BW (babywearing) more than half a year after SI able to walk on her own and doesn't want to be carry anymore when we went for outing. But I still visit MBW at least once per week ( if not everyday ) just to update myself with latest BW news / carrier and enjoy stories and photos from BW mamas.

Now, expecting my next baby, I started to feel that I need to refresh myself with BW knowledge . I just can’t wait to wear my baby again. This time I would like to try another type of carrier. Unlike when I wore SI, I only have a loyal pouch sling with me. A frugal and sewn by Ridz even before Ridz has her own e-store and own brand. This no-name or no-brand sling made from Japanese cotton that help me to comprehend my interest in wearing my baby. I did try Littlepod SSC which I review it here but I din’t buy it.

I learned lots of things during the meet-up. Even is 7 of us; KakShida from SlingMeMama, Liza from Snuggbaby, Kak Fatin from Apootaern, KakNita from MBW ,Mizan , Iffah and me, I enjoyed every single moment spent there. The less the better because, the sifu ( Liza,KakShida, Kak fatin ) able to concentrate on one student each ( me, Iffah and Mizan) :) besides can listen to jargon word during conversation with the carrier manufacturer ( liza and Kak Fatin). From the materials,measurement, type of ring, fabrication bla..bla..bla..

I had opportunity to wear RingSling (RS) , MeiTai with buckle and Pouch . Even has to wear it for short time ( me lack of energy to carry SI + 6mons expecting belly ), Alhamdulillah I experience it and know the tips and trick. Thanks SI for your cooperation to be worn. This is the time I can try different types of carrier. ( kalau nak beli semua jenis, jenoh la ). Me salute the otai who really have a deep interest in BW and willing to spend on it.You ‘ll be surprise to see their stash and wondering, dah berapa banyak yang mereka laburkan. Is not a waste, is just like BF when you bought a pricey gadget , is an investment and a way in practicing Natural Parenting . Is just like other things, once you already fall in love with it, for instant your are shoemaniac, you don’t mind to spend more on that, right! Especially for the otais, they have many carries is not only to benefit themselves, this is also for other. Once they try , they can help to review and guide other people to understand and wear it correctly. Don’t u know that they also willing to lend their BW for you. They are more happy to do that. Visit MBW for details.

*lihatlah koleksi carrier yang berlonggokkan*

As for me the amateur but still learning, I am satisfied with what I have now. Just plan to add 1 new RS for newborn. Still eyeing on which brand should I grab.The rest I can loan it from KakShida ( kalau nak try , kan KakShida kan… hihih). Forgot to mention, they were plenty of foods served. Larit sembang sampai makanan pun tak terusik sangat. Thanks to the host, KakShida and the rest of members. And to cute Anis, Asri, Afya,and Haziq, they really made our day with their cheeriness. Hope that we can meet again next time with some other members.

*Afya,SI,Haziq the models*

p/s : ingat ke Rozy and Aisyah turun..depa ni active Penang MBW members

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Aishah Megahasz said...

Nak pegi tapi Hadif Syahmi demam. Takpa akan diusahakan pergi yang susuibu punya program 20/2 ni...

Rozy said...

xtahu lak ada mini gathering..huhuhuhuu
lastweek memang kat penang pun.

mamashasha said...

wahhhh berkesempatan aje dayah ye...well mmg bagus pun at least leh motivate each others kan..

Dayah said...

Aisyah..oo anak demam..takpa la.nanti kita jumpa masa program SI

kakshida invite pakai FB..

berkesempatan aje aku ni..hehe

Faten Rafie said...

Thanks for the raving review... Glad to have met you too.

Jangan lupa join apootaern giveaway kat facebook :)

Anonymous said...

Thank for this great post, i like what you