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Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st event- WBW in Penang

The first event conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week I attended is organized by Penang MMPS ( Mother to Mother Peer Support ) this morning.

It was held at USM. Supposingly to kick off at 9am but heavy rain, most of the participants arrived late. Guest of Honour, Mr Yuesof Omar from UNICEF ( he's not Malaysian ) reach on time but with handful of audience, organizer waited until the hall is almost 60% occupied.

Mr Yusof and VIPs

The program started at about 10.10am and was hosted by Mr Taiff ( we have male emcee for Breastfeeding event ok! ). Mr Taiff navigated the program leisurely . On and off her daughter came to him until he decide to carry her up while emceeing. Audience were served with several clips on MMPS and BF during disaster ( is the world's theme for WBW- BF- A
vital emergency response).
Male emcee on BF program ??
This is a way of men show their support

Next, the most significant activity was "1 minute simultaneous BF" where all BF moms were called to the front and BF for a minute. I guess about 30-40 moms took part in this activity. Me and SI was one of them but SI nursed 5 minute earlier and done even before the "1 minute" activity started. This is our 2nd experience .Last year we got 63 moms to nurse their babies
all moms are getting ready for "1 minute simultaneous BF"
SI- BF in action
The program continued with opening speech from Mr Yusof, followed by USM Rep, Dr. Aisha where she told us her BF experience. MMPS also invited one of rep from ( apologize I am not sure where she was from ) but basically she talked about BM and how FM manufacturer try to manipulate and to portrait a bad message of BF to the world, how should we react and how BF can be a life safer during disaster . Unfortunately when she was talking , I took SI out form hall because she gave me a signal of " Ummi, I cannot stand inside here any longer because I could not understand what they are talking. Besides I am still hungry even after eating bun and raisin". I was out of hall until end of the program. ( because is not allowable to eat heavy food inside, so that is the reason why we were out ). There was another speaker from MERCY( I think ) continued with next topic

SI playing and let ummi pay an attention to the talk

Towards the end of program, there were 2 games for audience, one is Father and Kid dancing on a piece of newspaper. 2nd is baby crawling contest.The program end with a photo taking session, banner signing, announcement on total # of BF moms participated "1 minute simultaneous BF" and lunch. We have around 343 moms took part and BF their babies at the same time all over Malaysia - if I am not mistaken or just Penang ( I dun think so as Penang is too small to gather such a huge # of BF mom in one event)

To wrap up, I would say, this a a very knowledgeable and interesting event. Beside making new friend , I gain new knowledge and info especially on how BF is a vital emergency response. This is 1 Malaysia where all races get together for one mission.

Thanks to MMPS especially KakShida and Novia for inviting us. To Rozy , I really enjoy the time with you and Hadiff, Aisyah ( yang sempat bertegur sapa masa nak balik). Till we meet again for the same event in Aug 2010 !!

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12 sharing:

Ummi Hanie said...

Oh kak Dayah .. sorry me x dpt attend..yupmaybe should suggest supaya next time buat event ni kat USM Transkrian plak..sng Hanie nk mai..

anyway,nice event!Tahniah dpt attend..

Anonymous said...

wow, this is fun & educational. nak pulak there are fathers in the room. those kind of support is what the journey of motherhood needs, kan?

Bed said...

wow....bestkan dpt attend program mcm ni...bagusnye SI buleh behave with mainan...kalau shasha jgn haraple...

Dayah said...

ok lain kali leh suggest kat Shida buat dkt transkrian..heheh..
yup is such a nice and informative event..tapii tu la takleh 100% bagi tumpuna sbb mai dgn anak ni kan..mcm2 la..

Dayah said...

yup, most of them came in pairs..except me...heheh..abi SI menyusul ptg sbb pagi ada hal...

and the emcee did a good job. event he cannot elaborate much on BF, but he prepared himself jugakla..he make the program alive...very informal. he carried his daughter while hosting...other kids lari sana sini sbb hall tu carpeted kan..so best la budak2 tu buang kasut n main..

organizer even prepared a kid corner with projector and silk screen , showing Barnye CD... books, lego all sorts of toys for kids to play...

Dayah said...

Bed..awai2 tu behave la..pastu dia pun buang kasut p sana sini, cabut daun dari pasu bunga...hehehhe

nasib la program tu tak formal..semua budak2 pun lari sana sini

Lady Qay said...

diorg ader wat announcemnt kt usm tp jauh gilerr la nk pi..huhuh

AshAnas said...

kak dayah... sori jgk km sekeluarga s dpt gi hr tu... shira je yg beria... hubby n my mom xkasik gi takot H1N1... hm, nxt week kt mn lak ek?

Aishah Megahasz said...

Tahun ni tak join yang 1 minute BF tu. Insyallah tahun depan boleh join dengan baby baru... :D

Dayah said...

Qay..hang la organize kat HUSm tu..

this week Fri-SAt kat Jusco Perda tapi slot utk BF starts dari 4-6ptg SAbtu tu.kalau ada kesempatan, mai la..

Definitely next year Aisyah BF dgn new baby !! tak sabar nak tunggu baby Aisyah..laki ke pompuan ??

Hanz said...

envy u have this event in penang..will definitely attend the one in kl but unsure how's it gonna be...

Dayah said...

KL mesti sama meraih dgn Penang.. nanti story mory pulak ye..