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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Temperature Scanner - H1N1issue

If you have read my entry on H1N1 vaccine here , alhamdulillah, all these 3 people are healthy. Recently we have one suspected case and he was asked to stay at home . This is due to long fever ( tak kebah-kebah)and some other alike H1N1 symptom . I was told that he got it from PC Fair last 2 weeks. PC Fair @ PISA is well known of its damn crowded! And a few people that work closely with him is instructed to go back too .

Face mask is a common item at my work place and is daily used. With current condition , face mask is not only can bee seen at designated work area but everywhere in our office. People come and go, walk here and there with face mask. Well, benda free, baik pakai for protection. Moreover, the person who incharge of supplying face mask is just sitting behind my cub...anytime can ask from her :)

Our Env, Health and Safety dept worlwide is working hard, seriously and closely to update the employee with info regarding H1N1. Well, with 45k over employee, any chance , anyone of us can be infected. Nau'zubillahiminzalik. The latest email received this afternoon was as below :

Dah nak kena scan sorang-sorang

H1N1 is getting worse. With total 64 deaths up to date, is frightening everyone. Does Government ready to declare this pandemic as “darurat kesihatan’ as soon as this issue reach the bar . Yesterday Utusan report about this ‘darurat kesihatan’.Is only declare earlier if it is reaching the 2nd wave.. ( how is the 2nd wave, wallahu'alam) . What are do and don’t for darurat kesihatan? Is it the same as 'darurat masa perang'??

p/s: sama-sama berdoa agar negara bebas dari ancaman merbahaya ini segera dan kita sekeluarga, sahabat-handai, kaum kerabat dan seluruh rakyat amnya dilindungi...ameen..

amalkan langkah2 pencegahan seperti sentiasa mencuci tangan dengan bersih dan elakkan berada di tempat sesak.mari sama-sama amalkan

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2 sharing:

*MaMa HeRdA* said...

Ya betul..jaga kebersihan penting..tak pun bw le Dettol instant hand sanitizer ke mana2..

p/s: thanks dear 4 ur doa..Alhamdulillah..i'm glad..now everthing is fine..

Dayah said...

alhamdulillah Her...hang anak beranak dah ok..