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Saturday, August 8, 2009

3rd WBW Event in Penang ( Jusco Bandar Perda)

This will be the last entry for World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) in Penang. As promised,the last event was held in JJ Perda today organized by Hospital Bukit Mertajam collaboration with UMNO Bhgn.

I was at work this morning ( rehearsal Gabenor nak mai Isnin ni ) and afraid that I couldn't attend this event . Luckily Novia, one of MMPS member who lead us today told me that our slot is only start at 5pm not 4pm as per earlier plan.So I manged to reach JJ at 4pm just before talk by Pn. Zuraidah Pegawai Pemakanan ( if not mistaken ).

A few booths were set up at the venue. One is from Hospital Bkt Mertajam itself, 2nd we have goody bags booth ( banyak sungguh goody bags and giftaway ), we have cosmetic company doing their promotion, we have diaper booth ( got free 1 sample each), and some more that I haven't got chance to hunt.

Myself, Vasu (MMPS) and Wawa (SI.com) were bit surprise to see the crowd. I mean the crowd not that huge but the place is big and when you talk thru microfon, macam satu JJ boleh dengaq. Three of us never expect to have our sharing session in this kind of condition..Ingat ke biasa2 je.. Malu la beb...

Pn Zuraidah ended his talk after an hour. Then the mics goes to our team. Novia, the emcee for our slot talk first. Basically she introduced her self and share her BF experience . 1st speaker was Vasu... ( yang putih manis orangnya )... gubra because she afraid cannot converse in Bahasa, tapi bila mic dah dapat kat dia..macam cikgu BM pulak Vasu ni. Very interesting, informative and drawing people's attention ...She share her BF experience she faced some hassle for her 1st to latch on.How she overcome it. Her experience BF in public/on plane for long hours and many more.

2nd speaker was Wawa. Her topic is interesting. BF experience with premature baby.Her daugther Azra Damia was born at 8th month of pregnancy. How Wawa decided to give her best even her prem baby unable to direct feeding yet. She pumped the milk out consistenly and now after 6 months, Azra Damia is a healthy, strong girl.The husband must be very proud when Wawa announced which one is AzraDamia and each of the audience turns back to look at both Azra and daddy ! To Wawa's husband if you read this...congratulations. I know Azra keep consuming her Ummi's milk until now never be a great journey without her daddy's support ! This is one of example how a father can support BF... there are many other ways if u guys can figure it out ..( To abi, thanks for your supports all this while- sat lagi lupa pulak nak greet husband sendiri ..hehehe )

And the last speaker, of course la me... :) My topic was about BF mom cum career mom.Basically I share my experience pumping at office, intially how I seek my boss permission to 'runaway' from desk -15minutesx3times/day for pumping routine. How may company really care nursing mothers' need. Can read my office nursing room here . How I explain and come out with a simple way for my babysitter to understand FIFO( First Come First serve ) concept in giving out ebm to SI. ( I numbered SI's bottle from 1 -4 or 5,depends on how may bottle I supply for that day just tell the babysitter to use no.1 first , then follow by 2..3...etc. So the babysitter is not confuse which one to use first ( almaklumla babysitter SI ni pangkat nenek, takut tersalah pilih ebm, jenoh pulak nak suruh dia tengok tarikh la, time la kat botol tuu..

I also cover stock preparation during confinement, BF gadget ( pump and cooler bag ). I told the audience some of us even play kut pam susu. Depa gelak..tak pernah dengaq lagi orang main kutu pam susu...hehe. That were some of the points I cover in my sharing...

We ended our slot with Q&A. We received about 4 Qs and Novia help to answer it.(nasib ada pakar ). Not to forget variety of souvenirs, food ( nasi kandar tu..), goody bag for us to bring back.

To wrap up, everything went smooth. Walaupun kami berempat, tapi semangat tu kuat..sbbnya org2 hospital yang involve utk kumpulan sokongan ibu pun bukanlah yang muda2...so kami ni spirit of young generations gitu...hehehe..

p/s: terkilan sgt sbb takbwk kamera..so no pic la..yang dlm hp ni pun blur semacam

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8 sharing:

KiKie said...

wah.. bestnye. sy ade kursus koperasi kat safira sampai sok. sbb tu xdpt nk g tgk. huhuhuhu... ape2 pun, TAHNIAH!

sue said...

x dpt pi.. again!! event kt usm x dpt pi.. kt qbay pon x da rezeki jgk!!
nway... dayah keja kt mana ek?? dlu sy pnah keja kt hosp bm ngn hosp sbrg jy.. dah tercmpk kt perlis ni ssh sket lah..
1st time jenguk blog dayah ni.. tau thru SI.COM
salam perkenalan... =)

Dayah said...

Kikie..next year buleh join..masa tu boleh bawak baby baru...

saya bukan org hospital *wink*. attend yg kat perda ni pun sbb atas paltfrom SI.com and MMPS....next year leh la dtg sini lagi..

Ibu Mifzal Arsyad said...

cam best je bc dayah citer..syok la..selalu ada event cam tuh..

Rozy said...

alaa... rugi lak xpi ritu.. huuhuhuh

Dayah said...

mmg best sekali sekala ada event besaq camtu..leh bergeder-geder

takpa..next time leh join lagi... :)

Aishah Megahasz said...

Aishah memang nak pergi sangat-sangat. Tapi husband tak sihat. Sorang-sorang pergi nak handle anak-anak memang tak berdaya. Apa2 pun tahniah. Tunggu tahun depan boleh join dengan baby baruku... :D

Dayah said...

Aisyah...yes next year dengan baby baru...harap kali ni girl la pulak