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Friday, August 7, 2009

Grooming Class

Last Wednesday afternoon, I have attended the grooming class that I’ve mentioned in my previous entry. We started off the class at 1pm. We have 4 trainers that taught us about make up, table manner, and personality corporate etiquette . One of them is the sexy Miss Malaysia Queen 2008 ( I do not know exactly what the beauty pageant name ) . All of them from KL..

First session was make up. 1 man and 1 lady’s volunteer to be make over. This time was thrill because knowing me that not soo aware on make-up2 things , what should you put for first layer on your face la.. types of powder la.. how to wear eye-lashes tiruan and so on

Next is table manner course. She covered the very basic of course. She demonstrated on table arrangement , how to eat properly and etc.

The last course was about personality, how you walk, how to walk with evening gown ( yang meleret – leret ditambah pulak heel yng berinchi2.. ) _ how you sit, eye contact and bla..bla..bla… banyak jugak la dia cover. This Miss Malaysia Queen beautiful is the presenter. Tau tau saja la bila Miss Malaysia ajaq berjalan..dia jalan cantik catwalk..kami2 ni mcm duckwalk

Of course the best part is when most of our Big Bosses were very sporting on the day , willingly to be the model , walk on the stage , been make-over.

I think that’s all about the groom class .Even is not what we expected ( we are more interested to know on how to behave in front of VVIP, how to eat together with them, what should we chat about..) as if we gonna attend social party and towards the end of the class, the presenter macam dah mula merapu ..

He posted a question “ Is anybody in this hall wear a nice underwe*r to day, raise up the hand ? "Girls, Did your mom teach u to change your br@ every day … and many more ( yang tak sanggup saya revealkan kat sini ) . Looks like the male presenter macam g*y..opppsss !!

Afterall, I did enjoy the class especially informative session. Yang merapu tu, we just ignore it . Mungkin depa jarang2 buat training utk corporate sector kot… and rasa sgt tak berbaloi we spend about belas2 ribu for this kind of class. After the course, our MD guided us on how the day looks like. He taught us things that we expect from the trainer. ( rasanya dia pun rasa this trainer is not adding value )

p/s : Kalau jemput macam Norma Norell ke mesti rasa berbaloi-baloi….

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4 sharing:

Hanz said...

Bestnyer attend grooming class fully sponsored..

Dayah said...

memula excited jugak..tapi bila dah ada dlm tu..tak best pulak rasa..mungkin different consultant different style kot..

el said...

dah mcm nak jd MSIA TOP MODEL lak siap nak ajar cara jalan bagai
weiii xde ke gmbo ko makeover...kahhhh

Dayah said...


aku tunggu cameraman download gambaq dia sbb aku tak bwk kamera..tah bila dia nak download ...