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Monday, August 3, 2009

2nd WBW event and Ziyyad Birthday Bash

Since we have 3 WBW events in Penang, so please don’t get bored to read my entry. I have another 2 more events to update you.

After the 1st event in USM, we have another one organized by Kangaroo Club, Penang Adventist Hospital. It was held at Queensbay Mall. The agenda basically about BF talk, Testimonial from BF moms, BabyWearing show, Contest : Father in Babywearing , Kids Fashion show and Cert Giving for BF mother more than a year.

The program started at 2pm at I was supposed to be there to receive the >1 year BF mom. But sad to say., due to unavoidable incident happened at home, we only managed to reach there at about 3pm. So, I miss the cert giving ceremony.Huhuhu…Luckily They still pass me the cert down stage. ( eventually dapat jugak sijil walaupun down stage ). When I arrived, there was a father wearing sling contest. Is funny to see all those daddies ‘terkial-kial” wearing a sling.

After the contest and announce the winner, then the real and correct way of babywearing show by MBW team. Variety of carriers were demonstrated on the stage. Program continues with testimonial from BF mother. I only managed to see Debz ( MMPS President) delivered her speech on her BF experience with her 2 kids playing freely on the stage. ( I was looking for battery for my camera-conk pulak masa tu )

*2 out of 3 of my BF cert*. *Debs and kids on stage*.*Abi and SI walking together*

I did not wait until end of event as I need to attend another function on the same day. It was Izzul Ziyyad’s 1st Birthday Celebration ! We rushed to Sg Ara as the party started at 2, But already inform Ernie a.k.a AnasFadilah that we gonna be late. Confidently, I navigated abi the location but to my surprise Balai Raya Sg Ara that mention by the host is empty…nobody there. Mula la gelabah takut2 silap date.

I don’t have Erni’s hp #, I tried to call one of my friend asking her “ ada lagi ka Balai raya kat Sg Ara ni. She directed me to the correct venue. Is Balai Raya Sg Ara, Kampung Baru. Fortunate enough, we found it ! ( Penang ni tak besaq mana..sesat pun at last boleh jumpa jugak )

Happening ! The only word that best describe Ziyyad Birthday party.. Punya la ramai budak2..and by the time we reach there. The kids are having fun with games….and Erni’s FIL ( Tokwan Hassan ) is very talented to handle the game..At last I met AnasFadilah, the famous NursingCover maker – sungguh comel, muka awet muda..memang muda pun mak budak sorang ni…

We enjoyed bihun sup, pulut kuning & kari ayam, kuih muih and fruits. SI kind of shocked ..too many kids playing happily around. At first, SI malu2..but then she knew how to enjoy herself even the kids tak berapa layan dia sbb depa dah besaq… Look at her in the picture below..sampai terduduk kat lantai syok tengok orang main.

Perut kenyang and SI dapat belon, we made a move. Thanks AnasFadillah and family for a great treat and Happy Birthday dear Ziyyad! Hope you like the gift from SI.

*Tuan rumah AnasFadila ( lady in black)*.*Happening party*.

Wait for my next BF event entry next week. Hang on here soon.!

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9 sharing:

NaDiaH SiDeK said...

kalu kite ada kat penang, harus smpai jgk ke ziyyad punya b'day party. tp apakan daya..tgk gmbr je la. nnt syukrina 2 thn tak nk buat ke dayah?

Anasfadilah said...

awet muda..hehehe..memang muda pun la dayah..hahaha..terima kasih datang,terima kasih juga atas pemberian hadiah yang comel itu..wording atas kad dayah tu..nak ketawa pun ada nak rasa sayu pun ada..hehehe..terima kasih datang


Bed said...

dapat cert lagi ye wijd?baguih2....

Rozy said...


Rozy pi sat kat queensbay tu amik pam dari Suli.. depa paksa hubby masuk sling contest tp hubby rushing laa nak balik... sempat sembang satja dengan Shida dan merasa gak pegang Medela Harmony...hehehhe

ar.nie said...

Bestnya Dayah, dapat tambah koleksi certs lagi... :)

el said...

kalo xpi..nak cert tu bleh x..hehehehe
rajin tol ko pergi ceramah2 ni eh

Dayah said...

Nadiah..takpe..nanti balik sini bermastautin jugak kat Peanng kan..masa tu leh p birthday adik2 Ziyad pulak kot.heheh

hehehe..saya pun taktau mcmna leh tulih camtu

Dayah said...

a'a dpt cert...best jugak le..

selain dari sijil sekolah, cert ni aci bwk utk gi interview keje tak ?? heheheh

Dayah said...

tu la .kakshida haabq Rozy mai sat ja...

kena p la baru dpt sijil..sapa nak bagi hang free... :)