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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bersalin di Tempat Kerja

We have a newborn baby boy in the company yesterday ! The first in history. One of our contract worker gave birth in our company premise.. Actually by chance I arrived from another building at about 5.15pm and saw an ambulance entering the company and parked at entrance. We are very sensitive to ambulance as we just had a fatal accident last 2 weeks. So, what’s next ?

I was on my way to clinic for a pumping routine and I suspect the GH (Penang General Hospital ) staff also heading to clinic too. So I followed them and is true enough. I was informed by the guard “ ada orang nak beranak”…

At clinic, our in-house nurses and doctor with mommy-to-be is ready . They brought her on stretches to ambulance . Our inhouse clinic handover the case to GH staff. Therefore, I started my pumping routine as usual after they had cleared the clinic . Halfway pumping, clinic received a call from informed that “ Kepala baby dah keluar.Kena patah balik klinik.sambut kat sini. “ They are still at entrance area which is 5 minutes from clinic

The clinic staff ‘ kelamkabut’ prepare the things back la.. I have been chased out by the doc “You better run away from here and continue later” she joked. So, I went out to my colleague ‘s cubicle . About 10 minutes later, I went down to clinic to see what’s happening. To my surprise, clinic was clear and the doc told me that baby boy safely delivered in the ambulance .

To cheer-up the crowd I joined them at the entrance area . Our ERT team (Emergency Response Team) is there to help. ( tapi depa ni lelaki- buleh jadi ‘midhusband’ je la )

Our HR snap a picture and baby is soo cute . Senang sungguh mak dia bersalin anak sulung. The ambulance went-off at 6pm and I continue my pumping session at clinic while carry on keypochi-ing activity with nurses.

The doc and nurses were calm. Yang riuh kami2 ni la , macam jakun tak pernah bersalin

By right we don’t allow contract worker to work if they are expecting. Because these worker is short term service and they were supplied and interviewed by agent. Somehow, she managed to escape in when she was 7++months pregnant and nobody notice . She’s wearing sweater all the time and to the fact the baby also small. Moreover, she declared herself as ‘single’ in application form. Perhaps she need the job badly as current economic is not promising .

Wallhu’alam whether is she single or married.

If she is our permanent staff, the baby will be sponsored until he is 21 years old.
Am I keen to deliver my next baby in company premises because the baby will be sponsored… ?? I don’t think so lah…

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8 sharing:

ummu_abdullah said...



teringin nak dapat pengalaman cam dayah.. eheheeee....

Dayah said...

kebetulan saya ada di 'tempat kejadian'..kalau ikutkan ofis saya juah dari klinik, tapi sbb mmg dah time kena perah susu, kena la gi klinik tu..taksanga ada kes emergency.nak bersalin pulak tu..riuh lerr.. :)

kakyong said...

Alhamdulillah, ibu & baby selamat.. senang nyer bersalin tanpa komplikasi... kakyong ni tingin lagi nak ade sorg lagi baby.. tp kdg2 takut juga bila dah dekat 40 ni... Almaklum lah, kita ni nak kata senang beranak tak lah jugak.. heheh..

Dayah said...

tu la kakyog.maknya sakit dlm pukul 3 camtu, pukul 5 lebih dh bersalin..

suak jugak la staff klinik kami tu sbb bukan ada peralatan lengkap sgt nak sambut baby.tu yg ambulan kena mai.

kakyong blum 40 lagi..buleh aihhh.. :)

@Salwa said...

Wah best lah pengalaman Dayah kali ni
sy sendiri masa nak bersalin kan Aisyah, sakit semasa jam pukul 7.45(waktu Maghrib)
tapi saya boleh tahan so sy tak bising la
tetiba pukul 8.30 gitu rasa sakit sgt2.
sy panggil nurse, dia dtg lenggang je sbb sy baru sekali je komen sakit..dia nak check VE, tgk2 kepala Aisyah dah keluar
pukul 9 selamat bersalin.hehehe

Dayah said...

anak kedua cepat skit kot kan berbanding anak 1st.

tapi tu la..lain org lain pengalamannya.sya sendiri lama di labor room dari 7 pagi - 3.30pm

kalau ikutkan kompeni saya ni bagi cuti awai 1 minggu dari duedate sb takut kes gini la ..nak terberanak awai.. maknye dlm crita ni awai 2 minggu...

ummu_abdullah said...

seronok juga baca kisah org2 bersalin... ehhe....

Saya pon pengalaman yang kedua ni very amazing... ehhe, seronok pula bersalin... Doktor tu siap suruh tunggu2 lagi, jangan kuar lagi.. alhamdulillah 2x je push dah kuar, *alhamdulillah*

Dayah said...

Ummu, alhamdulillah..senang..tapi bila kena yg sakit tu..sakit yg tak dpt digambarkan ..sbb tu la kot org kata, sakit yg paling sakit adalah sakit masa bersalin