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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tying Shoelace

Fun activity to practice together with you lil’one. I just brought a new shoes home. Yes brought not bought. Got it for free. Actually this shoe is being use at my company but the new brand is cheaper compare to previous brand. This is cost saving.. To replace my existing shoe which I think is time for its service to be switch to jogging shoe..Hahah

I gave to Shukrina and showed her how to tie the shoelace . She was so happy when pulling the long lace. And guided her again to the next hole.. Ater 3-4 trial and singing my own rhyme ( e.g go to the right, push in there, pull it here, then go to the left ), she able to slot in the lace by herself ( but disorderly la) . Sometimes, she missed the hole and after a guide, she continue . She enjoyed and ‘tekun’ with the activity. But unhappy when the lace become shorter.

And after while, she left the shoe there ( Itula budak, cepat sangat boringnya) and ummi has to complete ( read “re-do”) it.

Is a simple activity kan ( cannot compare with homeschooler la who creatively teach living skill) but is fun to practice it together with you lil’ one. Get colorful/design shoelace even more attractive

P/S: Bila anak besar sikit leh le ajar seni2 mengikat tali kasut. Saya cuma tahu 2 jenis ikatan je..yang silang and melintang. Teringin nak buat yg macam tikar ni dan macam macam lagi.
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2 sharing:

NaDiaH SiDeK said...

bersungguh2nya shukrina ikat tali kasut tu. rs tak sbr lak tggu safiyyah membesar=)

Dayah said...

Nadiah, nikmati setiap detik pembesaran anak depan mata..pasti membahagiakan