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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kabinet Baru

I hope is not too late to congratulate at the same time express my condolence to our new saff kepimpinan of 2009 Cabinet .Congratulation of the trust given,title,$$$ and pity them on the load of amanah they are receiving

When I was in school, we were familiar with saying..whoever hold a title/responsibility, one of your leg is in neraka. -not sure from where is the source but to describe how difficult to be someone up there. And we always received wish of 'takziah' bila dapat jawatan.

I got this from MAZA

“Kamu semua begitu bercita-cita terhadap jawatan kepimpinanan, ianya akan menjadi penyesalan pada hari kiamat. Ianya sesuatu yang nikmat pada permualaannya tapi keburukan pada akhirnya” (Riwayat al-Bukhari)

Some of the cabinet ministers are well known, some are new face ( for me who is very naive in politics arena). Whomever they are, we hope that we will carry out the duty as Pak Menteri or Mak Menteri with full of accountability , jujur amanah,fathonah,tabligh. Am sure most of us knew the new saff ,if not 100% at least we know who is Malaysia’s PM, Deputy PM and few VVVIP ( Very X 3 important/popular portfolio such as Education Ministry, Finance, Defence ,Domestic Trade &Consumer Affair and etc)

After the lists released, for sure there is “sembang2 kedai kopi” expressing their unsatisfaction with the new cabinet…Why Mukhriz who lost in UMNO election is appointed as Deputy Minister, why not Khairi

Why remain those loss in UMNO election as Minister and even loose in national election PRU 12 as Minister ?

And Perlis start complaining about no Rep from Perlis in Cabinet..pulak.Does Penang have..? Ada..Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Penang’s ex CM ( walau tidak berjaya dun batu kawan) as Menteri di Jabatan Perdana menteri taking care of Hal Ehwal Perpaduan dan Pengurusan Prestasi. While Borneo can smile with their several Reps in cabinet include new Puteri UMNO Dato’ Rosnah replacing Dato Noraini Ahmad as DM of Health( I think one of the reason might be due to her illness-hope she will recover soon… **prayer** )

They must be a reason why our PM appointed si polan and si polan. Only he knows…Since I am not directly connected to them in terms of work, so I am not able to judge their performance. Just last week our PM introduced KPI ( Key Performance Indicator) to evaluate his subordinates’ performance . KPI is not new. It has been practicing in many organizations. Is good to have for our saff kepimipinan while normal people been practicing it for ages. We down here is struggling for our KPI for seciput kenaikan gaji . Must so for group of people above there.

And I listened to IKIM.fm this morning , most of caller agreed that KPI to be published out and make known , so public can be the reviewer. Bukankah tugas mereka2 di atas utk berkhidmat utk rakyat jelata ini…? One caller even suggested that Opposition party should be the person who monitor their KPI. You will know how is the review if this is materialized :)

Wahh..looks like I am into polithinking larr..

Politics is one of favorite topic during our breakfast time at workplace. And I represent Nisa’. :)

P/S: I’m proud of my MP .That is enough for tiny me.

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