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Friday, April 3, 2009

Wear your baby-part 2

Why I choose sling rather than baby carrier in the market. Very frank answer

1) Attracted to Kak Shida way of wearing Anis and demo during attending MMPS (Mother to
Mother Peer Support ) activity
2) Then, only know normal baby carrier may have affect to your baby spinal stress
3) Some other advantages gain after tried it (already listed in previous entry)
4) Is one of attachment parenting way –lately only discover

For no. 2 reason, I discovered it when reading Jess blog for more pouch sling information during my initial stage of knowing BabyWearing . Jess is the founder (if not mistaken ) of MBW

This article explains which styles of baby carriers promote healthy spine development in an infant and describes the unnecessary stress and resulting spinal condition that can result from using certain carriers.

From the article
"A baby's spine is placed in a compromising position in many of today's popular carriers. If the carrier positions the infant upright, with the legs hanging down and the bodyweight supported at the base of the baby's spine (i.e. at the crotch), it puts undue stress on the spine which can adversely affect the development of the spinal curves and, in some cases, cause spondylolisthesis."

Read more here...

Am not sure where I got this but I read this before from a trustworthy source ."your baby bum should be lowered than the knee"..U can see this in any babywearing example,pouch , MT, RS...the knee bend and place slightly above the bum .Unlike the normal baby carrier, the leg is hanging down and the bum of coz lar above the knee .that's where the stress is.. - correct me if I'm wrong

Is this question come accross your mind ( because it crossed my mind oledy ) why normal baby carrier in the market is much cheaper (~RM25-RM50) compare to a pouch sling for instant 2 piece of cloth sewn worth at ~RM80 and MT above RM100 and some other brand can even go utnil RM200++

I bet is not only because fo the design/pattern but is more to its function and safety aspect

I still can't upload any pic to show. (Lately I'm facing a difficulty with Mozilla and have to use IE. wait for my brother to come back and help to resolve..)

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9 sharing:

Lady Qay said...

dayah...citer la skit camana nak pilih yang mana best sling pouch, ring one bal bla bla...mls nak crik..heheh

Dayah said...

Qay...aku ni bukannya tere..tapi bila byk baca ramai yg suka pouch so aku pun try la pouch.littlepod mmg best aa..kain dia bermutu tinggi , harga dlm 84. nak canggih amik la littlepod SCC..

aku bukan cuba nyk brand so aku taktau sgt brand apa yg beshh...

kwn2 yg jahit sndiri pun rasa nya ok kot mcm Ridz, Big eye shoppe, Jess

Lady Qay said...

littlepod scc???yg mn? ada dlm web dier?tk jmper

Dayah said...

dlm web dia tak nampak pun . ada kat MBW. kat Charantya store pun coming soon..aku takleh post pics..tu yg takleh tunjuk

Lady Qay said...

MBW???mia bambina??

Dayah said...

Malaysian Babywearer..dah jwb sms hang tadi

Lady Qay said...

dayah...aku dah dapat littlepods aku...heheh blik ni nak try..best la kain dia..hehehe

Dayah said...

happy babywearing...kaler apa beli

Lady Qay said...

turqoise la....aku kan suke biru..sdap la kain diaaa..