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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fitted Diaper

I should consider to wear Shukrina with fitted diaper rather than using pocket with hemp insert at night. Shukrina's CD collection only consist of Pocket CD (OS + sizing )( because ummi loves pocket sooo much) + AIO. Never think of wearing fitted for her as pocket with extra insert is good enough

Nowadays, I noticed that with pocket CD+microfiber + hemp is in vain for her . If Pocket CD+Gad microfiber+GAD Hemp sometimes ok, sometimes KO. Cannot last for 8-10 hours compare to previous experience . I think now she consider as heavy wetter ever since she passed 1 year because she started to consume lots of plain water beside BM for her drink.

Why fitted is my choice . Fitted diaper is more absorbent that any pocket diaper as the whole body of the diaper is absorbent. So the reputation of absorbing is proven . and it’s cheaper bit from pocket . But I have to bear in my mind , I have to cover it with Diaper cover (fleece or wool) as fitted not a waterproof material. But I can also get a cheap diapercover available at mall like Pureen,Anakku .

Dear friend, anyone experience using fitted can suggest me which brand is good and worth to buy ??

I may consider getting a Drybees Fleece Pocket Diaper for night time use. I heard that this is also another good CD for night as feel is more breathable compare to PUL

Drybees Fleece Pocket Diaper

I’m now in the stage of facing the adversity in CD journey. Lately I encounter rashes on Shukrina when she wear C*ola*aby CD. Besides the drop wing issue (agreed by soem other CD mommies), I thick I should change my detergent. Currently I’m using TOP as recommended as one ‘safe’ detergent in CD washing. Before this I use Pureen HAD but seems TOP is cheaper or same price but with larger amount Or I put it terlebih2..I don’t think so as I always be cautious with the amount been used. What I’ve done so far is stripping / Soda,/vinegar/sometimes with hot water and bath my wm with hot water too. But not that consistent la..

But I don’t face any problem with other branded CD especially from US. Very rare to have rashes problem. Does brand matter?

I’m excited when started to wear Shukrina with CD ..but after almost a year…I started to face the obstacle and experienced me with all kinds of “treatment” activity . I am still enjoying CDing Shukrina and never think to quit even is not fulltime CDing.

For newbie to CD, enjoy each of the moment CDing your lil’one. U might happy at initial stage but after sometimes, u may face the difficulty which make u creatively think and react your own baby's good.

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7 sharing:

maryaaa said...


y dun u try fitted diaper by Mypreciousbabybyapril. Available at tiny tapir. The cover is also superb! and great designs.

Hanz said...

Dayah, I also want to try more fitted for nightime diapering. Pocket is not good for nighttime. Last time I use Kissaluv Size 1 but too thick to my liking. Drybees Fleece is good when u add hemp with it. Sharine's blog did this. It last but still it is Pocket.

Most CD mommas swear by MPB like Maryaa recommended & Baby Beehind Bamboo OS..Please get good Diaper Cover..skarang dah available OS Diaper Cover at Tiny Tapir. Worth your money. I did with Anakku Cover, u will getting headache coz it's not CD friendly I think.

Actually AIO also good, they said Dream-Eze AIO ok, Starbunz AIO pun but pricey sikit-lah.

Hope this helps.

Hanz said...

Oh, from my oogling, EZmotherhood banyak choice fitted compared to other online stores. Try this:- www.ezmotherhood.com

mamaDhea said...

why not u try BBH hemp/bamboo.. sya penah ada satu & sgt puashati.. tp dah letgo sbb dhea dah tak muat & dhea now consider super duper heavy wetter.. so, plan to buy MPB fitted for her later..

sugar peas hemp pon tidak mengecewakan.. since it's HEMP, it absord more pee/liquid.. i've one to letgo..

drybees bamboo pon quite absorbent.. hehe..

another fitted sya suka sgt, Dream Eze fitted & itti bitti fitted.. slim & easy to pair with diaper cover.. ;)

Dayah said...

CD2 otai..thanks for the recomendation..

Sya..mak tahu awak rajin menreview CD ni kan...heheh

thanks...saya pernah beli CD dari Farah ezmotherhood tu..tapi yg pocket nyer la

thanks for the recommendation

ar.nie said...

Sumer org dah bagi review yg mahal2 kan, saya bagi review utk DC murah pula...

DC by Pureen pon OK, tapi, bukan utk night time... Saya pernah pakai dgn Kissaluv size 1, no leaking at all... ader buat n3 ttg nie sebelum nie...

Worth it (money wise) laa utk day use... ;)

Dayah said...

thanks ..tu la .sapa dpt tau leh pakai DC murah pun bila baca blog Arnie le..tu yg rasa nak try tuh..