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Thursday, April 16, 2009

When a child speaks

A friend of mine was telling me about her 8 year-old daughter. Their family just moved to a new house a month ago and adjusting to the new life.The daughter is a cheerful, friendly girl and easily make friend with people around her.So as a new neighborhood, she likes to greet people and start a conversation. Even she initiated relationship more than her mother.

Besides her friendly character, there were 2 incidents which make the mother like to gum the daughter’s mouth. The first happened when one of their neighbor just moved in. This lady stays alone but on that day her parent from kampong came to help. So , my friend’s family greet them and have a chit chat while helping .Is a normal when older parents like to say “ tolong tengok-tengok anak macik ni no… dia dok sorang ja.” My friend just about to reply, out of sudden, her daughter said..

“ Nak tolong tengok apa..kakak ni dah besaq, bukan baby lagi…”

Maknya terkedu sebentar

2nd story

My friend's house is on the left wing while most of residents in right wings are Indian&Indian Muslim

One day when the daughter back from Quran class, one Indian Muslim lady neighbour on the right wing were asking her, where she went for class? who teach her ? all about her Quran class . After the daughter replied, is her turn to ask to the lady.

"Makcik ni Hindu ka Islam...?"

**Hindu in Penang is referring to Indian (race) not the religion**

She got confused looking at the lady. Looks like India but asking her about 'mengaji' and informing the daughter that she wanted to send her daughter to 'mengaji' too.This story was told by the Indian Muslim lady to the girl's mother..Alamak..

As for India Muslim in Penang, some people might think they are Indian..This community is 'peranakan'. they also known as mamak.And most of them fuent in Tamil. Some place call them 'mamak keling'. I think if in KL, keling refer to Indian. am I rite ? For a young girl like her, she yet to differentiate between Indian, mamak, mami by merely looking the face. Over the time, when she grows in Penang community, am sure she will know .

This is kid, they are straight, never tell lies and just say what they think in their mind.In this kind of situation, is unfair to punish them directly . Ya, we might feel ashamed for our child's openess for instant in this situation. But they are just a kid and still learning.Parent should correct them by providing an explaination... and it' s normal for a child to ask why..why..why..and parent should ready to entertain each of the question in order to make them understand.

Even at my daughter's age ( 1 year ++), I should not neglect to her question/ query/talking even I don't understand. Just answer and talk to her in' adult way of communicating' and avoid
'bahasa bayi' . Baby sign is much helpful.

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4 sharing:

kakyong said...

salam Dayah,

anak-anak skrg semakin bijak.. mcm2 soklan genius yg ditanya.. so pepandaila ibu2 belajar jadi genius.. :D

Dayah said...

salam Kakyong
itule...mak2 nye kena genius gak nak menjawab.. pastu tau teknik2 menjawab..buakn sekadar sediakan jwpn je..

Lady Qay said...

aku sllu kene dgn bdk2 or aptient kat wad as aku jaga wad paeds...
"dkt gigi tu ada apa?knapa pakai besi kat gigi...knapa gigi huduh.."

ces..n sllu ada la yang mak2 cubit or tampaq anaknya..hahaha

bdk2 mmg lurus..tp aku tak kisah sb aku dah besa..so aku cakap la.."haaa..sb tu la kena rajin gosok gigi..kalo tak nnti kena pakai besi..." kdg2 ada gak yg bls... " ooo..doktor dulu mls gosok gigi la eh" gulp...hahaha..tkena akau balik...hahaha

Dayah said...

aduss..pedas jugak klu tak tahan ckp budak2 ni kan...nasib la hang dah mangli