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Monday, April 6, 2009

What A Day

Monday is always be a boring/lazy day to start a week for me. But when comes to Tues, Wed, and Thurs I am energetic and workaholic ( is it ..?? ) and eagerly waiting for Firday turn up as I treat Friday always as weekend mode yet still finishing my work and seek for a illegal longer lunch time.( I am not a good example of employee to follow, dear friend . J )

This morning was really miserable . I was afraid that I fail to reach office or at least to drive thru the 13.5km of Penang Bridge as my fuel level is at ‘kelip kelip” mode… ( Dalam hati geramnya sebab abi kata sempat lagi ). Abi is the person to pump my petrol and he guaranteed me . But he forgotten that I went out for lunch on Friday and visit Baby Safiyyah on my way back + heavy raining and terrible Friday jam .

I don’t want to be a person that create another problem to other Penang Bridge users ( Monday morning jam is 1st trouble) if I have to stop ( or auto stop) my car due to “MINYAK HABIS tengah2 jambatan ”

Instead of taking a normal route to office, I ‘ve to turn to another route which is near to petrol station after bridge. Alhamdulillah, manage to get there before a sudden stop . I am a loyal Pe*ro*as customer but in this emergency situation , Ca*%ex is the nearest ..belasah je la.. another things when looking at the nozzle, which one I should use, the yellow or the red ? Dgn muka tak malu, I asked the cashier after made a payment . Smiling, he answered me .”Kuning Kak “ ..hehehe

Reached office , my boss already there ( aiit, salu I lebih awai dari dia ), I seek for his permission to attend funeral of demise Tok menakan nearby. I missed my breakfast even I brought MIL’s capati but I gave to colleague .

And consequence of not having breakfast, perut + kepala sudah masuk angin..
The whole afternoon, I wish I can just lie down on bed because I can’t concentrate at all.
Even after heavy lunch, still angin2 tu dok bergaduh dlm kepala ni kot

p/s: I’m the one with lot of angin inside.picit je, brpp, erkk…smua bunyi keluar
currently I’m taking HPA pil angin (on and off ,ingat2 lupa )–forgot the name , so far ok la..tapi angin dlm badan ni degil...kalau sekali menyerang, KO

Moral of this entry for me :
1) Make sure fuel is sufficient for any journey
2) Do not miss my breakfast -at least standby something in the car
3) Disclipline on medication (vitamin, pill angin )

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8 sharing:

*HeRdA* said...

sabor wij..sabor..hehehe..

kakyong said...

salam Dayah

pil tu memang kena disiplin, spashly pil angin2 ni.. mak2 ni gamaknyer memang kuat 'berangin' kot. kakyong pun masa anak 1 & 2 selalu lupa, la ni dah no3, kira always on time.. tp berangin juga kadang2.. mlm2 minta che abe picit2... :D

Mummy HnH said...


Kalau minum air dried-longan, just tambah halia dalamnya, boleh buang angin dlm badan.

BTW, saya pon slalu bedal jer mana2 petrol station yg berdekatan, dlm situasi2 sebegini... hihi...

Hanz said...

I'm just like u one time dulu. Selalu angin naik kat kepala.
What works for me keluarkan angin is don't miss breakfast (same like u) & exercise a lot. Once in a while, I'll go for massage & sauna. And, x makan benda berangin & my biggest pantang is terung. Avoiding ubi, pulut, kobis too.Sorry but I don't believe in pills coz I takut the side effect for nursing moms like me...

Lady Qay said...

pil tuju angin la dayah...hehe..

Dayah said...

terima kasih kwn2 ku smua atas tips yg berguna..

teh berangin tak ? saya kat umah minum teh...klu tempat keje, air kosong je la..

tu la makan tak jaga sgt...sbb tu ber'angin'...

Nur said...

salam kenal...
teh pun berangin gak..nescafe lg byk angin..

take care!

Dayah said...

salam kenal Nur
dulu masa awal2 pas pantnag, pantang jugak teh ni..lama2 ni minum gak..