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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Colleague Leaving Us

My 3 &1/2 years cubicle mate has left me !!

Well, is a norm, people come and go in an organization. And we should be happy to release a person for their good sake, for better future out there.

This entry is just ‘saja-saja’ , because I feel empty , something missing when I stepped into my cubicle this morning.

I had been his cubiclemate for more than 3 years. Yes , him. Actually I am the one who ‘ceroboh' to his cubicle when I first joined this department. After 3 years, we had move to 3 different cubicles together. Even 2nd last cubicle we share with our boss ( temporary he was sitting with us) and now the last cubicle we had to add in one more person , total is 4 .

Even is 4 people, the cub is alive if only left me and him. Since the first cub. Two of us is enough to cherish up the cub. Actually is not him who pretend to be a good listener but is more to myself ‘ yang pagi-pagi dah mai buat bising’. And this cubmate is very patient to go along with all my karenah. Certain morning I come with a good mood, some days with bitter face. And he never fails to listen to all my stories including gossip. Well, banyak sungguh gossip dan rumours di sini. He is too good to be involved in gossiping but he is not good to avoid from listening it from me. Kalah perempuan. Hahaha.. Well, I know he just want to entertain me cause if not, surely I’ll get mad.

I refer lots of thing to him since he is senior and experienced. Sometimes, small matters like sending email pun nak refer. I admit, he is good in writing report, presentation and etc. So supaya saya tidak malu di kemudian hari, baik saya suruh dia perbetui awal2. Even the credits will go to me, I think he is sincere enough. Selama ni berapa kredit sangatla yang ku dapat.huhu !

We can talk about any topic..politic, religion, life. Most of the time he ‘s the one who come out with points, fact while me talk nonsense...Huhuh. Perhaps our interest is different. Man with their politic, world, technology,car, share and stock market. While me , women more to shopping, clothes, entertainment, kids, jewellery . Even is different but we can complement each other. When he talk about share price, I will look like excited and ‘faham’. Same goes to him I think…

I guess beside my husband, he is another person who get most of breastfeeding (BF) knowledge from me. I wish he is another mommy who is learning about BF, surely he’ll meet at least 6 months of exclusive BFing target. Unfortunately he is a MAN ! but I think ( hope) more or less, he convey BF msg throughout our sharing to his beloved wife . I helped to purchase breast pump for his wife, he bought a cloth diaper for his son from me.

Don’ t get me wrong. As if I don’t have any girl friend. Sampai ilmu BF pun kongsi dengan lelaki. For your information, 18 years ago, this company started with 90% male and 10% female. Up to date, even the % for female is increasing but still we can see more males here. We have more men in our dept and since ‘muka dia yang saya dok mengadap tiap-tiap hari’, thus lots of info we shared together. And we take it professionally. Even is about BF and CDing, he take it as ‘ilmu yang tidak rugi tahu’ even he does not apply it and for some men is like “ what the heck your are talking about “ or some like “ hey..this is 18sx story” . My husband can also talk about BF with his colleague and encourage me and his colleague to interact about BF. For my cubmate, he also tell me about his childrens development, indirectly teach me how to nuture my kids.

Ok, I don’t want to drag this entry or end up I will kutuk him more or puji him more..heheh.. He is not reading my blog. He wanted to but I said, if only he is not our employee, then I’ll give you the URL.

p/s : I am the youngest and the only 20-an yrs old staff in my dept. So is either they treat me like junior or buli me like budak-budak . What do you think?

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3 sharing:

mamashasha said...

dayah....itule adat resam kat mana2 private co....people come & leave us...mcm aku ni susah nk get long dgn org....yg mana dah kenal lama buleh le dok gebang pumpang pumpang...tp yg baru2 tu lambat panas sikit...haha...takpe la dayah yg mana baik ambik pengajaran apa yg dibuat tu ambik iktibar...anggap la dia nk mengajar kamo ye..

Lady Qay said...

aku pun ada kwn yang mcm tu kat ukm dulu..dia dgrrr je apa aku mencecer smpi dia pun kata dia kuat gosip mcm aku..hahahaha...kwn mcm tu mmg best wpun dia laki, tp dia memahami kita n tak emo mcm permpuan..hahaha

Dayah said...

Bed...itu la..private ni suke sgt org masuk kuaq kan...

lelaki pun ada yg kuat gossip kan..hehe