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Friday, January 8, 2010

Toothache While Pregnant

I just read Ibu Arifa 's posting about ' check gigi' and I wanna let you all know, is coincidence...

I am suffering from a bad toothache for 2 days already !!

Am not sure what the causes but probably calcium deficiency in my body. I admit, I seldom drink milk compare when I pregnant to Shukrina.

There is no hole, but there is quite a big gap between teeth. And I try to check whether this tooth ' goyang' or not and yes, 'goyang' a bit laaa..huhuh. Me no longer comfortable chewing food using this painful side.

I am just afraid to see dentist as I have been influenced by common misconception that having dental treatment performed while pregnant maybe harmful to your unborn child.

But after further reading, I think I shall make an appointment with dentist tomorrow because I cannot tahan already !! Moreover, it is billed to my company, so why should I bother and let myself suffer , kan.

Here go some info that bring out the courage inside me to see dentist.

Pregnancy toothache relief

Having a toothache is quite common during pregnancy. Many pregnant women worry that the dentist won’t be able to treat their toothache due to their pregnancy, however often this isn’t the case and many dentists are now able to use toothache relief treatments that are safe for pregnant women.

Pregnant women are more susceptible toothache pain from sore gums and inflamed teeth. The effect of these conditions feels very similar to a toothache as a result of a cavity or hole in the tooth and if left untreated may get very painful.

Pregnancy toothache relief methods

Book an appointment with your dentist to check the source of your toothache, in the meantime you can use safe, natural toothache relief methods to get toothache relief while pregnant – some of these methods may even cure your toothache pain.

Pregnancy toothache relief due to sore gums or inflamed teeth

Probably the largest cause of pregnancy toothache, fortunately you can get toothache relief from sore gums and inflamed teeth naturally and easily.

Try rinsing the mouth with ginger, honey and lemon tea, all these ingredients have good anti-bacterial properties. Also regularly rinse the mouth with warm salty water to remove harmful bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Sage tea or oil is also very effective and can provide pregnancy toothache relief. Use dried or fresh leaves and make a tea by put leaves in boiling water for 5-8 minutes. Then use as a mouth wash and spit out. You can also do the same thing with peppermint leaves.

Also use a soft bristled toothbrush and floss between the teeth regularly.

There is also a very effective natural toothache relief and sore gums treatment available. It contains 100% natural ingredients and is very effective in providing toothache relief. The product is called the ultimate gum solution. Click here to find out more about the ultimate toothache relief and sore gum solution.

Pregnancy toothache due to cavity or hole in tooth

Unfortunately a visit to the dentist is required, but you can get natural pain relief by using toothache home remedies. Start by swilling the mouth with warm salty water to draw the bacteria out of the gums, then apply a block of ice to the side of your mouth or to the infected/inflamed area for some temporary pain relief.

For longer lasting pregnancy toothache relief apply clove oil or powder to the tooth or make a tea using fresh peppermint leaves and swill the warm brew around the mouth.
Pregnancy toothache due to blocked sinuses

Many pregnant women suffer from toothache due to blocked sinuses, the pain from the blocked sinus is referred to the mouth or teeth. Try putting a your face over a bowel of steaming hot water with a towel over your head to stop the steam escaping. This will help draw the blocked fluid from your sinuses.

Pregnancy toothache due to calcium deficiency

Often pregnant toothache is caused by a calcium deficiency. The baby is using calcium as it develops bones and teeth and the pregnant mother is left deficient. This can weaken the teeth and cause pregnancy toothaches.


So, advice to myself :
"Your dentist is the only person qualified to deal with dental pain, and has sufficient training to take your pregnancy into consideration. The alternative of pain-relieving drugs is far more harmful, so go and see your dentist, please!"

Hopefully, nothing worse and shooo the pain away soonest possible . Kawan-kawan, doakan saya ok !

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10 sharing:

Sitisifir10 said...

tak pernah pulak dengar time ngandung tak elok cabut gigi...rasa2 dah banyak kali sangat cek gigi time preggy..so far alhamdulillah nggak papa

mirah said...

yes no harm visit the dentist during pregnancy. I've experienced once when carrying the aisyah. Just let the dentist know. Eh btw, it's good tau check up time pregnant ni...

moga semua ok tu.

mamashasha said...

adoi sakit nye aku dengaq...alhamdulillah during my pregnancy tak kena sakit nih...cuma bile gosok gigi kadang2 berdarah....sabar ye dayah...blh g check ngan dentist...

Dayah said...

Kak Pijah...saya dok dengar org kata..tapi la ni dah modern..tadi doc tu pun kata, klinik desa tak bagitau ka kena check gigi wktu peknen..tak la pulak

Dayah said...

Mirah..dah selamat p tadi...yup, mmg beter consult dgn dr dari kita sndri buat andaian

Dayah said...

Bed..mmg sakit...aku tak tahan dah..sbb tu aku p jgk..so far aku ni bukanla jenis p jumpa dr gigi ni sbb jrg ada mslh..alhamdulillah..tapi sekali sakit..mak oooi.sebenarnya tak sakit pun kita kena p check kan..

Mummy Harith Hannah said...

Dayah, dah okey ker?

Haa, mmg rugi tau tak fully utilize benefits company tue. Ekeke. Ehh, baru teringat, saya tak visit dentist langsung thn 2009. Rugi2. Last visit akhir tahun 2008, cabut gigi bongsu (sakit giller!). So, kena pergi laa dlm masa terdekat nie.

p/s : Calcium intake tue mmg kena jaga lah dear, esp now that u're carrying baby, and soon lactating pula. Sila rajin2 minum susu. Hihi.

Dayah said...

Arnie...dah p treatment..so far ok la..tapi msh sakit2 lagi.after a week kena follow up..

saya mmg fail bab menjaga pemakanan..nak kena hire sorg personal dietitian ke...hehehe

thks for advicing..akan ku pastikan calsium mencukupi..

huds said...

mmg sakit kan Dayah klu sakit gigi time preggie nih...aku dah nak masuk 2 minggu dah dok meraung terpekik terlolong sebab sakit gigi...asal gigi sebtg je yg sakit skrg ni jiran seblah dia plak yg sakit...yg tensennya dentist tu bleh ckp apa kat aku"gigi awak takde rosak pun saya tgk.." habis ti yg sakit tu apa????aku memahamimu...hukhuk

Dayah said...

awat dentist tu kata gigi hang tarak apa2..tkasih kerana memahamiku Huda..heheh