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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Plastic Bag Campaign

Do you have your own reusable shopping bag ? I know Hanz got lots of it , right Hanz ! You can read about Hanz Green Living Way here and here

Just to remind you, if happen you shop in Penang, please bring your own shopping bag. Ohhh..do you aware that we have started implementing “ No Plastic Bag on Monday Campaign” since last year 2009 ?

Normally people will choose to shop during weekend, right. So on Monday less people shopping except me ( normally shopping grocery on Monday during my lunch break). So the reusable bag is always in my car . This is a good start even though Penangites try to avoid shopping on Monday. Maybe the state government doesn’t want to rush in this campaign. So we started with Monday .

I admire people who always bring their shopping bag. Nowadays, shopping bag does not look like cheap plastic bag. Sometimes hardly can recognize it between shopping bag and our handbag with variety of design and attractive color. I wish I can snap few pictures of my own reusable shopping bags. I have different size for different purpose. The biggest I have is from TE*CO ( for grocery shopping purpose). My friend saw me holding it once at office and he said

" Hidayah, the bag is bigger than you lah" .

Same goes to cashier who always ask the customer whether you need a bag or not even is not during campaign days. I just experienced this last Friday. Is not a “ No plastic bag Day” and still he asked me do I need a plastic bag or not after paying the bill. They really put their heart into this. .

During previous Career Fair (the entry was here), my company also distributed this kind of bag to the visitor as souvenir, but the small one la..Jadilah..Ramai yang dapat masa tu kata, wah..boleh bawak p shopping ni..

After a year of pilot run, now state government confident enough to prolong the campaign for 3 days. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Look at what our dear CM said commented about this decision below in The Star 3 Jan 2010 :

I know that this decision will not please every one especially plastic bag manufacturers, but we are ready to accept criticisms.

“The state government also expects to lose its popularity. However, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we are willing to face such risks,” he said

Me as a Penangites is happy and always welcome such campaign. Not to say I am 100% ready for NO PLASTIC BAG as we have been living with plastic bag for so long. Plastic bag gotten from any mall or shop is really useful to me. But slowly I am educating myself to appreciate nature more and to always remember actually we borrow this world from our next generation. So make sure to take a good care of it , thus our grandchildren can live healthily and safely later . Hope with this small effort beside BF-ing and CD-ing, I can contribute to Natural Living as the Way of Life.

Article taken from TheStar Online:

Penang to use iron fist in no-plastic bag campaign

GEORGE TOWN: Shops in Penang that fail to observe the “No Plastic Day” campaign this year risk being fined or not having their licences renewed.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state was the first in South-East Asia to use such measures in its crusade for a greener environment.

“We will take action this year and the date of enforcement will be announced later,” he said after launching the extension of the no-plastic bag campaign from one day to three days a week at Komtar Walk here yesterday.

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11 sharing:

Anonymous said...

here its not plastic bag everyday!! hahahaha..

so i would always have to have atleast 2 cloth shoppingbag in my handbag on standby. if we r going out shopping, i'll be bringing along my shopping trolly & some extra cloth shopping bag.

some shops do provide biodegradable plastic bag, but have to pay 15-20cent. but thats not the case, if u go around using plastic bag, u can feel that many eyes will be giving u the eyeball.

wonder if it will work in msia..jeling2 sebab guna plastic bag.

Rozy said...

i really support this campaign..and I don't mind transferring all the groceries from the trolley to car boot with no plastic bag to hold it... but i'am not really ready to totally give up the plastic bag as i never buy any plastic bag to put my garbage.

mamashasha said...

aku pun suke campaign ni...kat sini baru a few pasaraya yg start ambik langkah2 ni...mcm 99 speedmart kat umah aku every friday no plastic bag....aku mmg g JJ or tesco with our own shopping beg....

Lady Qay said...

our vc msti suke giler dgn campaign ni sb kt usm kn dah kn band plastik, polisterin n straw pun tkde tawww...hihihi

Dayah said...

good, sbb standby shopping bag siap2.. orang M'si kan pandai jeling tengok org buat silap..hahah

Dayah said...

me somtimes dun mind nak transfer, tengok brg yang dibeli jugak la..sbb tu kena standby reusable bag dlm keta siap2..

Dayah said...

nati slowly S'gor ikut cam Penang la..bukan senang nak launch benda2 mcm ni...

Dayah said...

a'a aku mmg syggg USM..dah band sagala lastic bag, polistrin..mula2 aku p makan kat situ pas depa launch campaign ni, tengok apsal polistrin dia lain mcm ja..then kwn aku habaq..
lagipun kan kami ada school of Wood, Paper, Coating..jgn disia2kan bakat graduan2 ini

Hanz said...

Dayah..watson & guardian dah start charge 20 sen each plastic since last week! BAGUS!!! :>

Dayah said...

Hanz..oh really..baru tau sbb jrg ke sana..good la..hei, I refer u kat sini..tak marah ye..

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