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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

A very quick entry in the morning. Just wanna wish Happy Father's Day to :

My beloved husband , abi to Shukrina

and my papa

Abi is not around this whole week, so I managed to get a gift for him last Friday and presented earlier before he depart. This morning I've called him to wish again . Abi siap tanya, hari ni ka..?? not really sure when is the actual date :)

For papa, I 'll go out today with my bro to get something for him. haven't decide yet

Not to forget to all abi/abah/ayah/papa/daddy/walid/appa in the world, wish u all

Happy Father's Day too !

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2 sharing:

suealeen said...

Happy father's day.. pada semua penyumbang gene XY. kalo tak de deme, tak de la anak kita.. unless kita terpilih menjadi seperti ibu Nabi Isa ra.

p/s : husband akak terpaksa kerja hari ni. ada launching di site.

Dayah said...

takde deme, takde anak kita, takde kita sekali..heheh

takpe, biar father2 ni smua keja kuat2, cuti pun kena keje sbb nak jaga seisi rumah kan...