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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last Sunday I brought my brother and my girl to RFC ( Radix Fried Chicken ) located at Sungai Petani. This is my 2nd time there while 1st time for my brother who just came back home .

Both of us are K$C fans since kids because papa always brought us to K$C. ( that time the one at KOMTAR is famous-nak makan K$C kena p sana ).When we grow up , we don’t opt for K$C anymore and my brother likes to buy ayam goreng pasar malam ( yang kalau tengok minyak dalam kawah dia, sangat la gelap kalernya ).

So by having another brand similar to it, we wanna try. Not bad.. as good as K$F but of course in 1 year business, there are room for improvement. Overall, 4.5 stars out of 5. The food, the facilities, the worker ( semua tutup aurat , berbaju labuh jingga ke lutut and bertudung ekin J ) . My first visit, I kind a feel, this is an ‘soleh’ restaurant because you able to see customers coming in cover their aurah properly, u can see the fathers with kopiah, mom with tudung labuh/ besaq. I mentioned it to my brother and asked him to observe during our visit this time.

This time the same thing. Is not 100% la..some of them is also bertudung biasa but nobody open their aurah. I can only see 1 Chinese family and a group of tourist from Indonesia ( siap tangkap gambaq kat kaunter sebagai kenang2an). Am not sure about other days. But I believe lots of people from all different races, religions come to taste it.

*Shukrina was eating RFC Kid Delight*

Why is it so ? Why the this fast-food restaurant is different from other fast-food restaurant in town ? From my thinking, one of factor that contribute to this environment is the effort by the Manufacturer/ owner of RFC. U know the tagline of “ Mai secawan’..haaa.. this is the owner of all Radix business network such as RFC, Radix Chicken Rice, Radix Original recipe . All these are their restaurant.

How HPA Management really emphasize on halal, suci. Prior to perform work at their premise ( restaurant or plant ) the worker is ‘berwudhu’ and ‘berdoa’, read mathurat and perform Solat Dhuha. Even the capsule that used for making their pill are also from suci/halal source.

I was exposed to HPA back in 2003. I registered as a member and during that time they don’t have many products like today. Am proud of HPA that grows this far and of course support from customers. The big boss has a clear direction where to bring the company. The modus operandi is also suci, bersih, halal and they really mean it.In achieving their goal, they always look for Allah’ s bless. We can see from the way they run the business. They practice Islam as the way of business life from the material supply, production, output, manpower , sales and marketing.They even rear their own organic chickens in own farm. The most important, they offer us the consumer with halal& suci products so we have alternative in the market.

U can found more info bout HPA in jawiherbshop.blogspot.com and read their story in this July Anis magazine

P/s: can't wait for new RFC branch in Penang.

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17 sharing:

el said...

aku pnh mkn RFC tu...
besor kan ayam die..puas giler mkn
tpi aku suker lg KFC..kahhh
yelahhh ayam organik ni sihattt sure x bape nak sedap kan..

ye ke nak bukak kat Pg..bgs sgt lah tu..leh mkn ayam hari2 tpi sihat.hahahaha

eh wid..asal eh aku tgk blog ko ni..pic ko sgt2 lah kekurangan..kehkehkehkehkeh

Bed said...

ok HPA ni..siap ade plant sendiri tanam tumbuhan herba....produk2 pun murah compare to others..

suealeen said...

bila la RFC nak mai KL? kat tempat kami ni ada gak RFC - razlan fried chicken. tempatan dan dia buat kecil-kecilan. 4 ketul = RM10. rasanya sebiji cam KFC ori recipe.

dah lama boikot KFC, McD, Pizza ni.. & masih istiqomah!

nasz said...

tak penah nmpk lg RFC ni kat area ampang...

ar.nie said...

Saya pernah buka blog founder HPA nie. Salute dgn keazaman dier utk hasilkan 'Islamic way' products.

Dgr citer, kalau agents HPA attend kursus apa2 pon, siap ader solat Tahajud di mlm hari nya. Bagus nyer. :)

strawberi @ mamadira said...

bila la RFC ni nak mai KL..
khabarnye RFC ini akan mengatasi yang "sehingga menjilat jari" tu..

precious innocent said...

product hpa yg emma penah pakai, jamu lepas bsalin tu.. hehe.. morah!!!

-mama emma-

Rozy said...

RFC sedappp..
Radix Cola dia pun best kan..

Dayah said...

saiz dia mg besaq..lebih kurang la dgn mana2 ayam gorang komersil..yg penting organik..

muka aku tak byk..kan aku habaq kat hang..aku ni pemalu..nanti kita jumpa live masa kenduri Syafa ok..ms tu tatapla wajahku ini puas2 ..hhahahaha

Dayah said...

itula..depa cuba tanam, bela sendiri product2 depa..so, leh monitor la halal n suci tu..kan lebih baik..

tunggu mai penang dulu baru p KL..heheh..saya rasa tak lama lagi la tu sbb KL kan ramai bumi,mesti sambutan menggalakkan..penang ni ciput je...takut tak mendatangkan hasil lumayan. hopefully setiap negeri ada la kan...
alhamdulillah..akak sekeluarga msih istiqomah..

saya terbabas bila dgn kwn2 ofis sbb ramainya tak jaga..kita pun join sebangku...tapi husband salu mengingatkan..alhamdulillah, skrg semakin tinggi kesedaran...

Dayah said...

mana nak nampaknya..baru ada kat Sg Petani n Aloq Staq..sabaq noo...

mmg depa ni soleh2 belaka..mmg salute

insyaAllah one day akan p jugak KL..bukankah KL tu market sgt luas...

Dayah said...

saya pun mcm nak try set bersalin dia nanti..insyaAllah

sedap kan...Cola RAdix pun sedap.semua pun sedap...

AieZa said...

camne rasa RFC?? sedap ke?? diorg kata nk bukak kt bangi bln april.. laa ni nk masuk julai dah.. xde nmpk byg punn..

kakyong said...

kakyong jd ahli HPA since year 2000 lagi, tp kan dah lama tak g mbeli brg2 HPA.. kwn akak ckp, bgtau jer nama & ic nanti depa bleh check semula.. konon2 ala2 nak renew lah..

RFC ada kah kat Ipoh?

Dayah said...

Aieza..yeke kata nak bukak kat Bangi...yg terbaru kat Aloq Staq la..

betul..saya pun tah mana2 kad HPA..salu bel bagi nama n ic, mmg leh trace balik

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