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Friday, June 26, 2009

Kedai Chomel Giveaway

Another Giveaway for you to try your luck. This time is at KedaiChomel. I wish I can meet with the owner because I know, we are just nearby during working hour but we a far away after work. ( she is in island while me swim back to Mainland) .

If I am lucky enough to win this giveaway,I can meet her personally ( takyah pos pos Pn Erny, kan dah jimat) and will have chance to try her nursing poncho.. ( Tak penah pakai ).

I would recommend you to visit her KedaiChomel and look at her creative nursing cover and other handcraft made by her

Handmade by Anasfadilah

Here goes the rule :
* You must be subscribed to KedaiChomel via email

* You must have a blog, and you have to post about this giveaway on it, using the banner above
* After posting about the giveaway, come back here and leave a comment with the link to your blog about the post
* The comment numbers will be shuffled and a lucky winner will get a Jusco Shopping Voucher, and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho


You have until the midnight of July 5th, 2009 to enter this giveaway!!

* The winner will win Jusco Shopping Vouchers (included in the voucher booklet are free make over with Shiseido and RM50 Hush Puppies Voucher) and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho
* the voucher are valid until 31st July 2009

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9 sharing:

strawberi @ mamadira said...

good luck ye...

ps..kena tag lagi ke??

Ummi Hanie said...

kak dayah

slmt brcontest yer..

Dayah said...

a'a..ade tag lagi..hehe

skg mcm giler bercontest pulak..saja syok2..

nasz said...

tak pe wijdan, semoga berjaya

Dayah said...

thks Nas..mcm bersungguh2 je wijdan join contest... hehehe...

Bed said...

gud luck wijd....

Dayah said...

Bed..terima kasih..hang pun join la..

kakyong said...

ade masa lagi nak join nih..
banner dah naik dlm blog.. n3 jer yg tak sempat nak buat lagi..

Dayah said...

kakyong..cepat..ada byk masa lagi