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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TuTu For Shukrina

Another contest. This time again hosted by MSK collaboration with TutuWorkshop. Is about getting a 'tutu' for my girl. Sounds good and to participate in this kind of contest really fun and make friends too.

Ok, straight to the point. If for the first timer, what is tutu, you can refer to pic below. So cute right. Hey come on and dream your girl is wearing this!

pic from Tutuworkshop

Here are some pictures of Shukrina in a gown with short hair.

During 1 year-old birthday bash. Shukrina in pink head wreath

Shukrina at 1 year-old smiling in head band

Shukrina deserves the tutu because... here we go with the story…

One fine evening ..

Ummi : “Abi, look at Shukrina’s hair. Is just like you. short and curly”

Abi : “Well, like father like daughter”

Ummi : “Ummi just can’t wait to see her hair grow long rather than curling around . Is difficult for ummi to tie her hair. Nak dapat sejem

put pun susah tau ! If we rebond it, surely the hair is long by now . So jealous looking at other little girl with long hair”

Abi : "Be patient, One day it will grow longer"

Ummi is wondering ,how can ummi dress her up so that she still looks cute with short curly hair.

Ummi : "Abi, what about getting a tutu for Shukrina,She looks like little- princess

then." (Ummi explain to Abi what is tutu and show him some examples from

tutuworkshop )

Abi : "Tutu in a short hair..??"

Ummi : "Why not. We can pair up with hair accessories like headband, head wreath, colourful hair clips. She must be cuter" ( Ummi daydreaming on Shukrina in tutu )

Abi : " Okey then. Since she is still little kid, abi allows it. Remember, by the time she should be taught on aurah, we should explain"

Ummi : "Thanks abi..Shukrina definitely will loves it !"

How can ummi get a tutu for Shukrina ?

a) By purchasing a tutu that worth more than hundred

s ringgit ?

b) Ummi sew it myself ?( this idea totally cannot ‘pakai’but good thought for starting )

c) Participate in MSK & Tutuworkshop Contest. If Shukrina’s rezeki, she will win one.?

Hey, Ummi think c) is the best option. Who knows people’s luck.

Shukrina should get one for herself because ummi really want her to look girlish and sweet in tutu despite her short curly hair. Am sure if she able to express her thoughts, certainly she will sing the same song as ummi.

Hello…Tutu is not only for ‘princess with long shiny hair.. all little girls deserve it. Hey, give my girl a

the latest Shukrina

** the hair still short**

1. Describe about the contest with link back to http://mysuperkids.net and http://tutuworkshop.blogspot.com.

Come on mommies out there! Let’s participate on the latest contest organize by MySuperKids and TutuWorkshop. Dress up your girl and make her dream of being a princess comes true .You’ll see her smile and cheeriness . And u’ll touch when she express

“ Thank You Mummy. I really love this !”

Look at those beautiful tutus here. Absolutely it suits your girl nicely . Tutu will make her day rejoice . Get her one by participating in this contest. Who knows, it will be hers ……

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9 sharing:

Ummi Hanie said...

salam kak Dayah ..

nice entry n cute kid . gudluck yer on behalf of ur doter ... kali ni Hanie xmasuk contest tu ..

anyway,ade tag utk kak Dayah yer..sile2lah intai2 sini ;


suealeen said...

anak akak yang sulong tu kan Dayah dulu masa kecik, curly rambut dia tapi la ni dah straight. nak bagi tips pun tak tau. tak buat teknik rebonding pun. Allah takdirkan rambut dia jadi lurus. cuba pi kat entry ni untuk tengok dia dulu vs sekarang.

anak² akak tak dak harapan nak join tutu ni pasainya akak suka bagi depa pakai shirt.

btw, good luck to you eihh.. vote for Ummi Shukrina.

Dayah said...

Umi Hanie
alamak, bila dipanggil kak dayah rasa cam tua sgt2..heheheh

takpa la..panggil apa2pun takpa..insaf skit bila ingat semakin tua

awat tak join contest,s alu kan HAnie rajin join..

nanti p amik tag ...

Dayah said...

kak sue..smau org dok tny awat rambut dia curly sbb abi dia curly gak tapi takla tahap maggi ..heheh.

saya pun tak kisah tapi geram sbb dia dok melengkoi kat situ ja..tak jatuh bwh..kalau tarik mau panjang..


Bed said...

cute nye shukrina.....shasha pun mcm tu rambut tak panjang....kat ujung rambut curly tapi bila mandi curah ayaq baghru nampak panjang

Dayah said...

Bed..tu la kena tarik baru panjang actually..hehehe..Shasha lagi la cute cam amoi

el said...

wei ko sembang ngan laki ko pun ckp omputeh ke..masyok sggh hangpa ni..kahhhh

nk pki kan headband segala band ni kan kena mula dr kecik..sat lag depa dh besor..xmo pki dah..penat jo boli..hehehe

miela77 said...

salam....moga berjaya...

Dayah said...

el...poyo ja laki bini ckp omputih..kueng..kueng..kueng..bukan setakat omputih, arab ka siam ka rawa ka smua sapu...