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Monday, June 8, 2009

Kenduri Kahwin

I love attending kenduri kahwin. I do not know why but I just loved it. School holidays is synonym with kenduri kahwin. And last weekend, I had attended 1( on Sat )+ 4 ( on Sun ) kenduri kahwin.

Let me see, what can we dig out about kenduri kahwin

Basic thing that we can find at kenduri kahwin are :

1) Khemah but some people prefer to have it in dewan. So no khemah needed.

In kampong, we still can find khemah is divided into 2. One for men and another one for ladies.( orang dulu2 kan beradab, tak campur laki perempuan ) No mix. But nowadays guest can sit anywhere especially those held in dewan

2) Menu nasi minyak, nasi hujan panas and etc. Some choose to have additional light course such as bihun sup, laksa, variety of bubur. Is a good idea especially to serve guest that already full with nasi minyak after attending 2-3 wedding in the same day.

3) Bunga telur… New version of bunga telur is not telur, they substitute it with either handkerchief or soap or muffin. To quote one of my uncle say…"tak berseri kalau kenduri kawin tadak bunga teloq”…

4) Another new practices is to distribute goody bag to dedicated guest. ( tak semua org dapat, salu kawan baik, kawan sekerja, saudara mara). Goody bag consist of kuih2 kering ( bahulu,pulut kacau,cok meneram)/bunga telur/souvenir. Some also presented buku surah yassin. Is good idea rather than giving away souvenir yang at last either the person keep nicely or tah mana mana pi nya. I still remember my wedding day, my goody bag run off very fast. My auntie was wondering “awat cepat sangat goody bag ni habih”. Then they saw my uncle happily distribute to everyone.. patut la habih cepat, semua org pun dapat.

5) Pelamin. Some have but some not..I don’t experience bersanding but I like to see how people decorated pelamin

6) Bilik pengantin di hias indah. Abi just wonder why I like to visit bilik pengantin everytime I attended kenduri. Dia kata busybody..Hahah.whatever la.. I guess is not only me have this kind of ‘habit’.Well after all we are women whaat.. love to see beautiful things. Even my wedding was held at dewan, my bilik pengantin still dihias indah by arwah mama.

7) Bunga manggar. Kalau takde rasa macam bukan kenduri kahwin. Lagi ori cucuk kat betik muda and guna batang mop.heheh

8) Hantaran. This is another thing I like to keypochi..Hehe.I just loved to see how it was decorated and what are those gifts. My time, I did it together with arwah mama. Initially we plan to send for people to do it and is not cheap. Easily can go to hundred ringgit for a tray. Then mama say why not we do it ourself . Afterall we have so may example to follow in magazine. The lace/ flower/bakul and other accessories for decoration is also costly .And my hantaran were presented during my akadnikah day. Since my akad nikah and kenduri day is not the same day . We don’t have hantaran during kenduri day. Afterall is at dewan..jarang orang bwk hantaran p dewan kan

9) Pasukan kompang, DJ and lagu2.. Some even bring band and penari2 tradisional. It depend on the budget and how you want your day to be. I just hate enjoying nasi minyak near to speaker where lagu gedebam gedebum. Nak sembang pun tak dengaq. Next time if I have chance to choose my seat, make sure far from speaker/ DJ. Sometime, I have no choice especially during peak hour where you have to wait for empty seats

10) Another new practice is to have banner or bunting for publicity ? or announcement ? where both bride and bridegroom happy face was printed on it.If it is just place at rumah kenduri still ok. Some can be seen at roundabout Seberang Jaya yang besaq tu.. Ini dah macam iklan konsert artis or poster undila saya…Apa apa aje la..

11) Inai…is not only the bride but sepupu2, makcik2 and tok all with red fingers…I remember my childhood time, whenever relatives getting married, I also sibok2 nak pakai inai. Nowadays inai become a product. Upah mendekorasi inai mengikut corak bunga la and etc. Me , my bestfriend a.k.a my pengapit help to put on me and is a real from pokok, giling punya. Only during akad nikah I wore the one from Makkah coming in a tube. That one, couple of hours wearing dah merah gilerr.

I would say this is only part of wedding ceremony. I guess many more that I missed to list here. And not to forget different state will have different culture, so they may have other additional things. Maybe you can help me to recall

For those who gonna getting married, am sure, they have come out with details list so that they wont miss any important stuff.

But for rich people, they no need to mess up their head with all this. Hire a wedding planner and just pay . The planner will do everything for you. Senang kan! You just dream and they will realizes it for you. Nak berarak dengan kuda, garden wedding with thousand of fresh roses

P/s : My favourite slot in Nona is wedding slot . U can just got to know new update stuff from pelamin until baju pengantin for kenduri kahwin because most of it hire Pak Abu, Kapas ,Radzuan Razwill, Putra from Butik Cosry that turn your wedding dream comes true

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8 sharing:

en_me said...

sonoknyerr tengok orang kawenn kanns.. salamms

Lady Qay said...

tp, wpun pning n pnt prepare utk wed sndri, itu yg indah kan n dikenang2..btui dak?

ar.nie said...

Benda yg plg saya suka kalau pi majlis kawen ialah.....

'Air Sirap orang kawen'

Siap ader gelaran lagi tue. hihi. Ntahlaa, tp, rasanya mcm mmg lagi sedap dari air sirap biasa. Ekekek.

Dayah said...

yelah..mmg besh tengok org kawen

itula kenangan terindah...walaumcmna jadi pun majlis kita, kita tetap bangga..hahah

sirap org kawen..heheh..siap ada nama..kenduri kawin mmg sinonim dgn air sirap or oren..itu je..

Farah said...

aah laa..saya pon buat sendiri je hantaran..lagi puas hati dan menjimatkan..walaupon tak kreatip sgt tp jadiklaa jugak hahaha

Dayah said...

yup..mmg pueh hati walaupun hasilnya tak la setaraf dgn kedai buat kan...

kakyong said...


la ni cekai2 kenduri kahwin pun tetap gah.. tak sama lah style daku kahwin dulu.. tp masa kahwin tu lah detik terindah.. bior tak grand tp tetap meriah dirai oleh sanak saudara... :)

Dayah said...

itu la..cikai2 pun kena siap beribu2 jugak...kita ni kekdg rasa nak besederhana, tapi tula sanak saudara by pulak tukang nasihat..soh buat itu, buat ini, baru grand konon..hehehe

last2 duit kita jugak yg deras keluaq, bukan sanak saudara yg byk komen tuh...lalalalalala...