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Monday, May 4, 2009

Breastfeeding with Abundance Mentality

FM- Formula Milk
BM- Breast Milk

When I decided to exclusive BF Shukrina and continue to BF her until 2 years, BF is among the topic that always been chatted among our family and friend. I feel like one kind of satisfaction ( do not read as ‘riyak’) when I can talked about BF and is a way for me in promoting BF to people around me .I would say there are some who seconded me and some were pessimist . Maybe to BF the baby without FM is somehow is new environment to some of them. Even to myself. I just got to know about BF and the whole concept /practice when I delivered Shukrina to be exact after my confinement

I’m not alone facing all these people that come with their own thinking . My husband also sometimes drag into this issue. Luckily he able to counter even he is not 100% equipped with BF knowledge .

Fortunately, I did not receive very harsh comment like some other BF mommies. As far as they concern is not about why 100% BM , why bother to go an pump 3x/day , why so stingy to buy FM BUT more to how long I can achieve it. Is kind of competition between me and them/their wives. As I draw a line at 2 years , they keep asking either me or my husband . “Dok menyusu lagi ka”, “ Dah campoq susu tin ka”. “ Susu ada lagi noo”. Oho..I am not competing with anybody. Is just my personal goal.

The person that asked the question is somehow is not exclusively BF and the baby has wean before 1 year old because of some reasons such “susu dah kering” , “ p kursus 3 hari, balik anak takmau dah” , “ ni anak dah no.3, susu kurang compare masa anak 1st

I even received a challenge .
“Saya nak tengok Dayah nak BF sampai anak no. berapa. Nanti anak seterusnya mesti tak buleh nak 100% sbb experience saya anak 1st banyak mai anak ke-4 dah tak banyak”- dalam nada yang bukan encouraging but mencabar and to make me down

Hei, suka hati saya la nak BF sampai anak no berapa ka sampai bila ka ..? ( kata hati saya sudah mau mengamuk tapi berjaya cool ). But I accept it positively and take up the challenge.

Sometimes I argue back ( read as "debate in good manner") but sometime I just let it go..no point of arguing

We can’t predict our next BF journey as we never know the future. We might not know for instant if we will be on medication that disable us from BF our next baby. What we can do now is to ‘pasang niat’ to xclusively BF all our children and to appeal to Allah may He give us an ease journey and rezki ( abundance of BM ).

What is the motive behind the question ? I am thinking that they might be :

1) jealous as I can BF up to date, while they can’t – because they know the benefits of BF

2) OR I got myself into trouble with pumping gear,pumping rountine, baby ‘bergayut sampai tak buleh buat apa” while they are 'free'

3) OR they just think I’m too ambitious and don’t think I will achieve it because they prove that they can’t

4) OR they just wait for me to say “ Saya dah tak menyusu Shukrina sbb susu kering OR “ Saya dah tak larat.bagi botol lagi senang".

5) OR they just want to motivate me to carry on , Go Dayah Go..
( ni ayat utk bersangka baik, tetapi kenapa ia berada di point terakhir ??)

BF is not competition.Who achieve 2 years is the winner, while less than that is looser. But if some people still treat is a competition , it should be a healthy competition .We don't want scarcity mentality but what we want is abundance mentality. People with an abundance mentality believe there are enough resources available to accomplish their goals. They also believe that their success doesn't mean failure for others. On the contrary, the more successful they are, the more others are affected in a positive way.

We would like to encourage everybody to BF as long as they can. We don’t look down to mother that can’t BF but we are lending a hand to help and share our experience &knowledge

Set your goal, gain knowledge and go for it. For those who meet the target, congratulations! I know is not a’ bed of roses ‘ journey. I admit that I have no guarantee to 100% supplying Shukrina with BM until she is 2 years as I have no more stock in my fridge and my pumping output today is for Shukrina tomorrow’s input .Everyday comes with hard work to pump and doa. But I do hope that able to BF her until 2 years.

This is a lesson to learn. I started with zero stock after confinement and rapidly build it up.You can read my experience here. Alhamdulillah Shukrina is consuming ummi’s milk until today.I should be prepared early (stocks) for my 2nd baby. Thank you to all SI members that really encourage and motivate me.

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13 sharing:

Farah said...

tahniah dayah...u still maintan bf ur daughter walaupon byk suara2 sumbang dan soalan2 menyakitkan ati tu hehe...semoga kite sama2 dpt bf our children in the future too..

setakat ni alhamdulillah stok susu saya sentiasa berlebih sbb sudah prepare seawal hari ke 3 berpantang...

Dayah said...

Farah..bagusla ada stok byk lagi..mcm saya ni lambat nak kenal SI, tu yag lambat buat stok...tapi alhamdulillah Shukrina dpt xclusive bf selepas umi dia berhempas pulas buat stok..heheh

Ummi Salsabila said...

congrats dayah.berjaya terus BF & hiraukan kata2 sumbang dr org xsupot BF..mmg org lain xphm..& pelik dgn apa yg kita buat.great job ummi!

Lady Qay said...

dayah,aku pun sama ngan hang,.tak buat stok ms pntang..pstu posa lak tuh..lagi la kurg stok..huhuh..takpa.insyAllah kita Bf smpi 2thun...kwn aku sales rep dutch lady, lagi la..dia bf anak dia smpi 3thun..exclusive..the irony is dia jual susu dutch lady n friso gold..hehehe..tp dia la kuat bg motivasi kat kitrg soh Bf..hehehe

NaDiaH SiDeK said...

sbr je la dayah. terlalu nk dgr ckp org pun takleh gk..buat pening kepala je. yg penting kita dh ada niat utk full BF anak kita...insyaAllah mdh2an BM cukup sehingga anak kita 2 thn.

p/s: mdh2an hajat kite nk full BF Safiyyah smpai 2 thn terlaksana..

AieZa said...

Wijdan.. tahniahh still exclusifely breastfeed eh.. aku kagum la.. hana dulu aku x bf exclusively sbb xcukup.. tp dpt la bg dia 8bln.. alhamdulillah.. bb 2nd nih aku nk cuba sedaya upaya full bf.. doakan aku berjaya..

Hanz said...

Dayah, hang on there! You've done good!

mirah said...

ya alah bisa tegal biasa. Lama-lama org pun diam lah tu. Ya teruskan bf our baby..

mama 'ifwat said...

Dayah,my journey lagi menyayat hati. there were time that I felt so down and I’ve cried alone. As for other people’s comments, I just shrugged them off and continue to do what I think is best for my baby. keep up, dear!

Dayah said...

yup..saya tidak menghiraukan kata2 org..tapi sbb salu sgt berdebat dgn dia ni...gerrrammm kkdg..hehehe

good la kwn hang tu..jual susu moo tapi berjaya BF.

make sure u can do it as u are SAHM.rugi klu tak full BF.cabaran kurang skit kot..hihihi

ko mesti buleh..tanamkan azam..sampai bila biar Allah yg tentukan tapi kita mesti usaha..chaiyok!!

thanks.. I wish it will be better for next baby

bukan setakat tegal.sengal dah ..hihih

thanks for landing here..jumpa jugak hang noo. don't cry alone as I'm offering my shoulder to cry on..kalau tak cukup En Ibrahim punya shoulder la...hihihi..gurau je.. jgn mara

Semua kawan2..thanks..jom kita BF dgn ABUNDANCE MENTALITY

kakyong said...

salam Dayah,
biasa lah kan apa pun yg kita buat yg nampak cam lebih hebat drp 'depa2' tu.. mesti lah ade unsur tak puashati... all the best to all mommies, BF babies at least 2 years.

Dayah said...

salam KakYOng..itu le pasal...tak baik PHD ni..na'uzubillah...

m@Ri@ said...

jeles kot diorg ni kan..maria plk ada yg buat muka sbb bg susu badan kat anak,.siap ckp hanyir lagi susu ibu..huhu