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Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheeky girl know how to 'korek idung'

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Shukrina is very cheeky nowadays… I am happy to see her day-to-day own activity in her own world. Sometimes, I just smile to myself thinking of her at office.

Am sure all FTWM ( FullTime Working Mom) will feel the same as I do when we are away from home. But when we have chance to be at home whole day, we start to get headache sometimes especially with active kids helping out ‘house chores’.

For those having baby that yet to walk, life is rosy when the baby passing their time sleeping and playing in playpen. Wait until they got their ‘kaki’. House is so happening.

As oldies say “ Bila belum boleh berjalan, dok tanya bila nak boleh berjalan” Bila dah boleh berjalan, tak larat nak kepung pulak”

Shukrina’ s favorite activities are pouring out the talcum powder. She now manage to open the cap and now how to turn it open. She will put it on her face until become ‘opera cina’ and will laugh when I show her face to mirror.

Besides she loves ummi’s purse very much. Don't ever offer her my purse. She will dig out all the cards, money, coins. Selectively, she never do this to abi’s wallet or any other wallet offered to her. I have no idea why ? Perhaps this is the bonding between mom and daughter! And is tied by BF

She is now entering phase of ‘punggah memunggah’. Her wardrobe, kitchen’s drawer. Sometimes if ummi overlook, dustbin pun dia nak punggah.. But she will cooperate with me if I ask for help to tidy up the place. If she mess up her plate, just need to give her one kain buruk /mope definitely she will clean it. I think ‘punggah memunggah’ is a kids’ nature ‘skill’. I look at my cousin also even maha dahsyat skill memunggah

And now, she discover how to ‘korek hidung’. I should address it as ‘jolok hidung orang lain’. She like to do this especially when me / abi lying down or during solah. When sit for tahiyat, is just nice to her height and with one aim..nahhh… sakit ooo..with her small tiny finger it really can go deep high up in our nose. nak tegur pun kita dok solat.. she so envy of our nose’s freedom..

Sometimes,I ‘saja nak balas dendam’ just to show how she did it to us. Try to do the same thing. Unfortunately, my not so small finger cannot go through her tiny cute nose…huhuhu… Tak baik sungguh ummi nak balas balik..

Parents will go through all this moment with our own kids' style. Sometimes is just good to let them explore just like abi advise but we as the mother. Letting them to explore is one thing la.. to tidy up the mess is the matter..If they exploring bad thing, still you have to avoid them by doing so.I think myself is immuned looking toys/books ‘berselerakan’, When having surprised guests, I how to clear it in a minute .heheh

How bout other mommies..?? Are you in the same shoe with me ( how to share one shoe? ) or might be different shoe but same brand? Let's share your experience

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5 sharing:

Ummi Salsabila said...

hihihi.da pndai korek hidung.cute gak tu.hikhik

*beselah kte ni asik dok riso jer.bila nak merangkak.nnt die stat pndai kite plak mengeluh pnat.hihi.

mcm ummi asik ckp bilala aufa nak gemok..cptla gemok..bila baby nak chubby & gemok2.bila da besa xsuka dia gemok.msti kena kurus..heheh.gitulah sbgi mak..:)

Lady Qay said...

jgn kata anak ko, aku teruna aku sorg tu pun teramt la rajin mngemas dpur esp periuk2...tak pun buka ttp kabinet dpur jnguk apa ada..rmh bsepah tuh?pejam2 mata aja la...tak larat dah nak kemas..dia mcm anti tgok mainan buku susun elok2 dlm bakul dia..msti nak punggah balik...huhu...wat to do....pasrah je...hehehe

kakyong said...

salam dayah...

ANis is so much terer bab2 selongkar,punggah.. & dia ni memang tak leh bior dok sensorang.. tp tak leh nak kwal pun, bila ibu dok BF aliya.. dia mula lah xtvt dia.. kalo takde kesabaran yg tinggi.. memang hangin ler.. la ni dah pandai panjat2 kerusi pulak.. dok selongkar brg kat atas lemari pulak...

Aliya pun dah mula tunjuk talent mcm kakak nyer... kepimpinan melalui teladan kan...!

Hanz said...

Boleh geng ngan baby hambali bab punggah memunggah..kalau umah kita dekat, boleh ajak shukrina punggah2 buku kat our cozy area sama2 ngan hambali...ekekekek

mau pengsan lor dibuatnya

Dayah said...

salam semua

itula kita ni mak mak kan..bila anak blum pandai apa2..risau..bila dah pandai, jenoh pulak nak kawal.

rajin anak teruna hang..buleh jadi chef sok besaq..heheh

Kak yong
kita masa kecik pun mesti rajin selongkar kan smpai pening kepala mak kita.. la ni anak kita pulak..mmg skill punggah ni turun menurun

rumah Hanz lagi banyak buku2 kan..syok la baby HAmbali memunggah..umah saya buku tak la byk mana..punggah takpa, jgn sampai dok koyak.