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Monday, May 18, 2009

SI.com Utara Picnic

At last, our plan comes true. SI.com Northern Gathering 2009 was held on May 16,209 at Youth Park ( Taman Belia ) from 9 am -1pm (after 2 round of postponement since March)

I was very busy since early morning preparing 3 types of sandwiches ( tuna,sardine and egg ) and dressed up Shukrina . Doing all these alone as abi has to work that day.Luckily my brother is here to help out.

We headed to island at about 8.15am and reached the park at 9am. But due to my last visit there was about 10 years ago, I felt like 1st time going there. Do not exactly where's the picnic location and have to called KakShida few times. I met Wawa wif her husband and little Azra Damia. ( depa pun tersesat). Give them a ride because we were almost at the exit and have to go out again because is a one way road.

Finally we met the group.Few family already arrived. We moved to new location which provide more shade afraid later on by 10 or 11 am we feel the hot even under the trees .

I met new friends there

Rozy with babyHadiff( all the way from Parit Buntaq)

Shida with Anis ( not soo new friend.hihi)

Kak Neeza with 4 active kids

Sue ( we were in same hostel before.patutla mcm familiar )

MamaLIn with babySalihin

Ain with babyNajla

Maziah with tough cute Daryn Nafeesa ( I luv the name )

Aishah with Hadif Syahmi and his brother (lupa nama )

Wawa with baby Azra Damia

Kikie (shikin) with Abd Rahman Amrullah

Hana (IbuFArish) with Farish la.. ( from Aloq Staq nun )

Nina with Arif ZAim ( 2nd time meeting her )

We started the program with talk by KakShida on CD and BabyWearing. Since I’ve started to practice with both of it, kind of not paying attention to her ( Sorry sis). I was dragged into conversation t with Maziah’s mom. Mokcik from Klate and playing with Maziah's daughther Daryn Nafeesa. She was a cute , tough girl survive from her premie baby , 850gm wt at birth and now already 1 year 1 month. Daryn was so friendly to everyone and sit on my lap as if we know each other so long… (Time tu la Shukrina jelous tak buleh tengok baby lain dok kat ummi dia) .Look at pic when Shukrina kissed Daryn (tanda berdamai :) )

Next, we had Dr. Balkees on board to discuss about BF. Is more informal and leisure talk. More interaction and Q&A session. Mommies grabbed opportunity to ask Dr. Balkees on BF concerns and issue. She prepared a handout for us too ! Lots of guides and advises from Dr. Balkees

Program continued with talk on Infant Chocking by AbiFarish ( from Hosp Sultanah Bahiyah). He is a good speaker indeed. We also got chance to practice it ( dengan gaya yang relax, padahal kalau betui2 anak tercekik, mau panic taktau buat apa)

The food is free flowing. We enjoyed eating while listening to talk . Sooo much food . Myself prepared sandwich,Rozy ( cokelat cake),Sue (batik cake),Ain ( nasi lomak ), Lin ( donat&cucuq badak), Hana ( Rojak buah, pudding ), fruit juices, fruits ( special timun (honey dew) from Kelantan brought by Maziah and much more, ( tak ingat sapa bawak apa , banyak sgt )

Throughout the end of session, we have a lucky draw. Prizes for adult and tukar2 hadiah for baby as well.

Shukrina got a teddy bear from Daryn, Thnks Daryn and mummy Maziah ! Hope Daryn also like present from Shukrina ( anak-anak kami tukar sesame sendiri)

Lastly, we had a photography session. Thank you gentlemen yg tolong amik gambaq . U can see most of the kids were half naked due to hot weather. Shukrina only wear her overall while inner blouse has been taken out earlier

We ended up the session with continue eating and tapau some home . While some other kids terjun kolam.Poor Shukrina abi was not around. So umi dare not bring her near to the pool

I would like to take this opportunity to express my high appreciation to all mommies involved . Is really a great gathering . Thanks for the memorable time we spent together and the friendship that we built . Hope one day we can meet again in next program.

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7 sharing:

fazilzura said...

besh nye geth2 nih

Farah said...

amboii susu ibu.com dah sampai utara no...besnyee ramai lak tu yg join..

Lady Qay said...

wahh aku sgt jeles,niii aku nak blik dok penang nihhhh

nasz said...

ni geng susu ibu ye? best nye gather2, bila m.com nak buat gather lg ni...

el said...

nyampah aku!!!!!:)

Dayah said...

tu la..bila nak geder2 ni. El dah menyampah dah tu

Hoi El...
jgn la majuk, jom kita jumpa.ramai2.hang organize, kalau no hal, aku mesti p

ni 1st time tau wjdan jumpa kwn2 forumer..tunggu m.com buat gaht utara pulak..

Dayah said...

Farah.walaupun ahlinya tak ramai, tapi meriah jugak suasana...

Qay...hang organize la satu kat Qlate..